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Another go-round should be fun to watch

Thanks for the memories, indeed


Lance from Scappoose, OR

Thank God that cranky old codger is gone. I liken this momentous occasion to that of Uber, whose founder and CEO was ousted for being just too much of a lunatic for his own good.


Peter from Durham, UK

Thanks for the memories, Vic. Insiders, what will you miss most about Vic not being part of this fabulous column? Keep up the good work.

I'll miss the regular history lessons about football in the 1970s. I've read a lot about the Packers of the '60s, and I started watching the game regularly in the '80s. Vic has filled in a significant gap for me since the day I met him.

Ryan from Noblesville, IN

Spoff, it's only natural that you follow up on Vic's last column. So, two things to comment on: 1. In Vic's column picture, why are you so far away? 2. Vic mentioned he had the last "thing." That's vintage Vic, making you think it was still in his old office. We shall miss him greatly but look forward to what you and Wes will do with the column.

Thanks. I never fell for his "thing" reference, but it was a fun gag while it lasted. That press-box picture from yesterday, if I recall, was taken at one of his "Ask Vic" days. I intentionally stayed in the background on those occasions. That was his show, which was fine by me. I just lingered around for when he needed to fact-check something about the Packers. I was his daily resource for the first few years and was happy to help, because I could see from Day 1 how passionate he was about both connecting with the fans and getting the facts right. After that, y'all took over as his teachers.

Steve from Las Vegas, NV

One has to believe in what the Packers organization has been able to accomplish. I feel the Packers are a tweak away from making it to the Super Bowl. The million-dollar question: What tweak or change, in your opinion, will push the Packers over the top?

Getting their next NFC title game at home.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

Maybe Steph Curry should think of being on the Packers roster. Nothing like keeping the legacy of Aaron and his Hail Mary's on and off the football field. What player in a professional sport other than the NFL would you give a spot to on our roster?

I'm pretty sure any football coach could find something for Aaron Judge to do.

Ed from Plymouth, WI

Can you remember a team using a tall WR to defend a Hail Mary pass?

When I was growing up, I vaguely recall the Chargers putting Kellen Winslow in the game to defend a Hail Mary once. That was the first time I remember seeing it.

Matt from St. Louis, MO

Farewell, Vic. Thanks for the memories, which have made me richer. Your wisdom has forever changed who I am as a Packers fan and a person. I wish you all the best. And to look toward to the future, can someone please explain the story behind the picture of Mike and Vic dumpster diving?

Funny one. I believe that was outside a bar in Chicago where we held a Packers Everywhere pep rally. At times, we would shoot our "Final Thoughts" video on the upcoming game "on location" at the rally. Vic was always in a hurry to get those done, and that day he grabbed the microphones, handed me one, and said to Duke holding the camera, "Turn it on, let's go." Duke immediately replied that we can't shoot with a dumpster in the background, after which in classic Vic fashion, not skipping a beat, he moved me over and said, "Of course not. We'll do it next to the dumpster instead. Now shoot it and let's get the hell out of here."

JD from Palm Bay, FL

With the firing of the Carolina Panthers GM, do we start to worry about the Packers losing a front office member again, or does Carolina take the easy route and sign John Dorsey?

I have no idea what the Panthers' plans are, and the timing of their move is curious, much like the Chiefs a few weeks ago. The league-wide respect for the Packers' personnel department is well-documented. Regarding the future, I don't "worry" about the potential loss of another top personnel executive, because you never know what might happen. Ted Thompson left Green Bay and came back, so who's to say?

Mike from Stevens Point, WI

How many page views did Vic get yesterday?

Not enough to break any records, but I think the number of Inbox submissions from Saturday through Monday did. Trust me, that means way more to him.

Steve from Oconomowoc, WI

When I think of Vic leaving, "My lamp burns low, and all is darkness." – Linus Van Pelt

"There's no sense in doing a lot of barking if you don't really have anything to say." – Snoopy

Dave from West Allis, WI

If Vic's office in Lambeau truly still remains vacant, I can't think of a more poignant punctuation on his full departure than to post a picture of his empty barren desk on Monday. The impact of the visible void would likely accentuate the moment for the readers of this column. And Mike and Wes, we love you guys too and the work you do in your own rights, and we aren't going anywhere.

The desk has been empty since January of 2016, so it wasn't quite apropos. As for your last thought, good to know, and thanks. We will do our best to keep you from going anywhere.

Dan from Milwaukee, WI

Imagine Deion Sanders up against Jerry Rice in practice. What's your idea of a perfect training-camp matchup?

Charles Woodson v. Donald Driver was a pretty good one for a few years there. It's not on the same level, but this summer, it should be fun to watch Davon House v. Jordy Nelson. They had some great practices against one another during House's first go-round in Green Bay, and now we get another dose.

Dan from Coon Rapids, MN

Hey guys, love the column! Just a quick tribute/story to how much Wisconsin people love the Packers. About 12 years ago or so, I was driving from Minnesota back to my cabin in Rhinelander during a Packers vs. Vikings game I was listening to on the radio that was real close late in the third quarter. When all of a sudden I'm stopped at a red light and Favre throws a huge TD pass for us to go ahead. I looked around at all the cars surrounding me and everyone had their arms up in the air and were cheering and honking, including myself! Only in Wisconsin does something that cool happen when you know everyone on the road around you is listening to the Packers game along with you and celebrates simultaneously when they score. I don't think that would ever happen here in Minnesota. Do you have any similar stories like that?

The day after my 10th birthday, I was at Camp Randall for Wisconsin-Michigan State with my dad, and Game 4 of the 1982 World Series was going on simultaneously. At one point, the players were all on the sideline during a timeout, and the entire stadium erupted. Robin Yount had just hit a home run for the Brewers, and the tens of thousands listening on their headphone radios were going crazy. It was a great day to be a Wisconsin sports fan. Somehow, that wouldn't have been as cool in the internet age.

Alan from Madison, WI

If you had a son graduating from high school and several major schools were offering him football scholarships, and he had been drafted in the first or second round by a MLB team, what would you advise him to do?

If he were truly passionate about one sport over the other, I'd tell him to follow his passion. If not, baseball is the more prudent choice.

Jared from Fargo, ND

With the decreasing rates of cable television subscriptions around the nation, is there any chance "Monday Night Football" gets moved back to ABC from ESPN?

The contract with ESPN runs through 2021, so it'll be a while before the MNF broadcast rights are up for bid again. If the Disney parent company bids to keep the product, it would have to decide whether the potential for increased ratings on ABC would outweigh the damage to ESPN for losing the games. More generally speaking, could a broadcast network outbid a cable network in four years? Wouldn't surprise me. I could see a significant online component to the future MNF, too.

Stephen from Long Beach, CA

I feel rich. Thank you. Now onto Cincinnati, a team that stands alone in terms of never having been defeated by the Rodgers-led Packers. Does No. 12 have this circled on his calendar? Some great company to be in, no doubt. But let's just hope he never joins Favre/Manning in that stat category.

If Rodgers beats the Bengals, he'll have beaten all 31 other teams in a decade as a starting QB (2008-17). I don't have time to look up who's done it the fastest amongst Manning, Brady, Brees and Roethlisberger, but if someone knows, please pass it along. As Packers QB, Favre vanquished his 31st foe, Kansas City, in 2007, his 16th year. Rodgers also will have to beat the Steelers this year to have a regular-season victory over every other team.

Braden from Brookfield, WI

Atlanta's new stadium looks incredible, but will it be done on time? What are your top five stadiums?

It's hard to rank them now, because all the new stadiums are great, but our view from the press box gets worse at each one. Understandably, the media is pushed into the upper corners and high in the end zones because the better views are prime real estate. The Georgia Dome is a perfect example. While I won't miss the ear-splitting, open-air element, sitting mezzanine level near midfield provided a pristine view of the game. Same with the old Metrodome. Last January, I heard someone describing where the press box would be in Atlanta's new stadium, and I wasn't surprised. So it goes. My press box seat is one reason I love Lambeau so much, and why I'm looking forward to the trip to Heinz Field in November.

John from Mission Viejo, CA

We needed more healthy DBs last year. What position has the most injuries during the season?

If only we knew in advance.

Joe from St. Paul, MN

Hey Vic, I know I am late but I have to say thank you for all you have done in creating a special place on the internet. Now Wes and Mike, let's keep this thing rolling. What are two things the two of you can do this season to stay new?

Last year was new, doing this a few days a week. Can't I get used to it first before I have to be new again?

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