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April Fool's! Today, I ask the questions



It's April Fool's Day, and it's become an "Ask Vic" tradition for Vic to ask the fans the tough questions on April Fool's Day. Here are this year's April Fool's Day 10 tough questions. Only answer one of them, please.

  1. Did Mike McCarthy make the right decision in relinquishing the play-calling duties?
  1. Following the NFC title game in Seattle did you: A. Cry? B. Say a bad word? C. Turn off the TV and go to bed? D. Blame the play-calling? E. Blame the playing? F. Blame Lance Easley?
  1. The Packers should draft: A. Inside linebacker? B. Cornerback? C. Defensive lineman? D. Tight end? E. Website editor/columnist?
  1. Packers fans: A. Are the best? B. Are the worst? C. Are overrated? D. Have the longest arms? E. Don't make enough noise?
  1. Free agency is a trap for fools: A. Agree? B. Disagree?
  1. Will the Packers win the NFC North in 2015?
  1. The Packers' leading receiver in 2015 will be: A. Jordy Nelson? B. Randall Cobb? C. Davante Adams? D. Jeff Janis?
  1. Should Clay Matthews remain at inside linebacker?
  1. If the Wisconsin Badgers win the NCAA basketball championship, should Aaron Rodgers agree to do an interview?
  1. What do you dislike most about Vic: A. He's a Steelers fan? B. He's mean to people? C. He doesn't pronounce Green Bay the right way? D. He's a know-it-all? E. He tells me what he thinks instead of what I think?
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