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Bears win over Lions would be best for Packers

Defense at the test against the Eagles on Sunday


Mike from Naperville, IL

Bears or Lions? Who are you rooting for on Sunday?

I think it would benefit the Packers for the Bears to win on Sunday. If the Lions were to win, they'd have a sweep of the Bears and that could give them a potential tiebreaker advantage. The Packers can even the score with the Bears on the final day of the season.

Donald from Lexington, KY

Vic, you're an old-school guy, which I like, and I'd like your perspective on hazing?

I'll give it again. I hate it. I despise it. I support no form of it. I'm not even in favor of rookies buying fried chicken to take onto the plane. In my opinion, esprit de corps begins with esprit de me. During my years covering the Steelers, I saw no evidence of hazing. If it happened, I missed it, but I can't imagine Chuck Noll allowing it and I know for a fact Joe Greene had no tolerance for it. In Jacksonville, I saw shaved heads in training camp, and I didn't like it. I know of no incidents, I just know I don't like that stuff because I don't want it done to me and I have enough respect for my fellow man to not force it on him.



Frank from Flieden, Germany

Vic, enough of all the sadness. Who is next man up for Aaron's photobombing?

I expect Aaron Rodgers to be on the sideline and photobombing as he always does. What would the Packers' sideline be without Rodgers on it? In fact, I'll even provide a suggestion for this Sunday's photobomb: Wear a helmet with a gigantic facemask. By the way, he wasn't ruled out on yesterday's injury report. It just said he didn't participate in practice. That's not out. Just sayin'.

Mike from West Bend, WI

Let me know when the organization that's paying your bills takes responsibility for screwing up the backup QB position so bad. I've been emailing you this since July.

Let's allow the whole thing to play out and if turns out you're right, I'll acknowledge it. If you're wrong, will you come back and acknowledge it?

Shawn from Troy, NY

Vic, how long until we start having cameras follow players back to the locker rooms when they get hurt to broadcast their medical procedures and diagnoses live throughout the game?

I don't think we have to go that far, but you can't tell the story of the NFL in 2013 without telling the story of injuries. It's the No. 1 story in the league; it has been since training camp. The fans have a need to know.

Lance from Chicago, IL

Truly great teams are tested. This is another test. I'm excited to see how the whole team responds to losing a key player. My vote goes to Hawk or Raji to lead by example.

Without a doubt, this is a test. This is a challenge. I think the greatest burden of proof falls on the defense. Let's see what they've got under the hood.

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