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Bills match up well against the Packers

Remember that game in Dallas last year?


Jocelyn from Crawfordsville, IN

Vic, it's Wednesday, which means it's time to focus on Buffalo. I see this game playing out like the Vikings one a couple of weeks ago – hard fought and decided late. The Bills have a very good defensive line that will cause problems. Your thoughts?

This one is the opposite of the Packers-Falcons game. The Falcons, in my opinion, didn't match up well against the Packers; the Bills do. The strength of the Bills is their defense, which is No. 5 overall, No. 8 against the run and No. 5 against the pass. When you get those kinds of numbers, you're facing a defense that is balanced, one that appears to lack a weakness. Here's the really scary stat: The Bills are No. 1 in the league in sacks per pass play. See what I mean by matching up well against the Packers? It's going to be strength on strength this Sunday. It's on offense that the Bills struggle; Nos. 22, 25, 17. This is a chance for the Packers defense to redeem itself. It needs to carry a bigger load this week.

Bret from Oconto Falls, WI

Vic, Merry Christmas! My dad always said never leave a game early because you never know what might happen. Monday's game was one of those games. Can you remember a team losing a game that was "done" at the half?

The Oilers lost a playoff game in Buffalo that was "done" at the half. How about the Packers in Dallas last year? Hey, this stuff happens. There's a switch in those halftime locker rooms, and if somebody turns it off, the game is on.

Raff from Wallingford, CT

Do you believe the Packers would be favored in Seattle if they played this Sunday?


Troy from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, I think something that got lost in the last win is the Packers were able to play power football and run out the clock in three consecutive games.

Everything got lost in the second half of that game. Packers fans dislike defense. It's almost as though they like it when it doesn't satisfy their expectations.

Gabriel from Philadelphia, PA

Take us inside an NFL locker room at halftime. What exactly is happening in there?

One team is making adjustments to stop what the other team is planning to stop doing so it can do something else for which the other team isn't making adjustments.

Nathan from Naperville, IL

Aren't you glad the game was close at the end? It seems the Packers are blowing out teams left and right.

At no time in the second half did I think the Packers were in danger of losing that game, but I deluded myself into believing the game was on. Why? Because it beats the game being off, which it was at halftime. I don't like blowouts. I don't like sitting in the press box and forcing myself to pay attention.

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