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Brett Favre's historic speech was something to behold

Sunday's disappointment shouldn't drown out an otherwise memorable weekend


Khanh from Rockford, IL

Vic, I've missed much of the last few months for personal reasons, and now read you are leaving? 1) I hope you are well, and 2) I can't thank you enough for your stories, insight, passion, patience, and humor. You taught Packer Nation to look beyond the green and gold, and to appreciate the essence of the sport. Your words, wisdom, and delivery will be greatly missed...but, sorry, I still don't know why you're leaving.

Perfect comment and time to remind everyone Vic will be penning Saturday's Insider Inbox as part of his day-after-the-game regimen. So feel free to ask any and all questions later this week and look for Vic's column on Saturday morning.

Matt from Boston, MA

Well, we got out of the first preseason game with a tie and zero injuries. Pretty good. What should we be hoping to get out of the next one?

Not exactly how I saw things playing out, but I said during our Final Thoughts video that the Packers win if they come out healthy. They achieved that. With the full allotment of four preseason games ahead of them, all the undrafted free agents and rookies still have plenty of time to show what they can do. Only difference is now the first game will be at Lambeau.

Amos from Ankeny, IA

Do you think they'd have played the Hall of Fame Game if it mattered, i.e. if it were not a preseason contest?

Great question. Only speculation on my part, but I'd imagine they would have tried to move the game to Monday and played it at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland. I don't know how all the logistics would work, but that seems to be the most reasonable alternative if the game would have mattered.

Rich from Manitou Springs, CO

I was at the ceremony's last weekend with my son. We both enjoyed it immensely. The people of Canton were tremendous. I applaud them. As you know, we outnumbered all the other teams combined in support by at least 2-1, maybe 3-1. And I feel most fans were like us and we had a great weekend. It all ended by a very embarrassing round of boos by the fans after the cancellation of the game. I would expect the majority, being that Packer fans were the clear majority, were a big part of those boos. I felt bad for all the officials involved in the decision to cancel the game. To those who were there and booed, shame on you. Ted, Mark, and Mike were all there making the conclusion as were the rest of the officials. I find your character to be self-centered and totally uncalled for. I especially felt bad for Dave Baker, president of the Hall of Fame. He did a tremendous job for the total welfare of the weekend and the last round of boos from you all was totally disgusting. I have no question but that to remind people that a game like that is meaningless in the long run. I look at it like we got a head start of a week of practice compared to other teams. Thanks, and GO PACK!

I can appreciate both perspectives. The problem was there was no viable solution that would've pleased everyone. First and foremost, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, NFL and NFLPA made the right call and avoided making a bad situation worse. It's better that the national discussion has been about the cancellation rather than a player suffering a significant injury due to the field. David Baker is also one of the nicest human beings on this planet, so I felt bad about the boos. At the same time, I understand the fans' frustration. I hope it didn't take away from the overall grandeur of the weekend. Saturday night was something special. Favre's speech was historic and something to behold.

Matt from Winfield, WI

Last week, you answered a few questions about what to watch for on Sunday. Not one response included field conditions. Have you considered expanding Vic's new role to included advanced field scout? He loves grass, right?

We're on it.

Tyler from Vacaville, CA

Guys, I know Favre would be too humble at this point in his life to talk about it publicly, but I have to ask you both. Did Favre, in some ways, save the Packers? I've read stories on this site about the early 1900s history of the Packers being possibly moved and/or folding up shop. Then you look at the late '80s and early '90s and you have a losing team with an aging stadium. The Packers have really done well financially for the last 20 years, enough to improve the facilities, stadium, and surrounding area. Just a thought.

I think you could make that argument. I know it's something Bob Harlan and Ron Wolf have talked about in the past. Favre's arrival created a lot of buzz and excitement for a franchise that desperately needed it. The Packers had been an NFL outpost before his arrival. As Favre said in his speech, Wolf made Green Bay cool again. I'm not nearly educated enough on league finances to know what would've happened if the Packers didn't turn things around. Fortunately, that's all been a hypothetical since Favre and Reggie White arrived.

Katie from Wautoma, WI

As long as Jared Abbrederis stays healthy, do you think he will be playing a lot and making big plays?

Abbrederis is off to a nice start to camp. If he stays healthy, the third-year receiver should get a nice serving of snaps in the four preseason games. That's a luxury he wasn't afforded last year when the concussion kept him on the sideline for a month last summer. He doesn't have prototypical size and he's not a burner, but Abbrederis is versatile and always seems to find a way. The chemistry he's developed with Aaron Rodgers should only help his bid to make the 53-man roster for the first time coming out of camp. Two weeks into camp, Abbrederis hasn't done anything to hurt his chances of making that happen.

Tony from Kenosha, WI

I need to take a moment to point out how good Ted Thompson and his scouts were, when evaluating this year's draft class. Most of us, including myself, wanted Reggie Ragland for ILB. Ted must have seen something that told him to go with Kenny Clark. I know we needed DT when Raji retired, but I questioned the first-round draft choice. There were times last year we couldn't stop a nose bleed without Matthews playing in the middle. Well, Reggie is now hurt and that would have put a real monkey wrench in our lineup. Just wanted to acknowledge how Ted and company have a pretty good draft system in place. Keep up the good work!

What astonishes me on a yearly basis is how often Thompson and his scouting department find someone who few projected them to take, particularly these last two years with Damarious Randall and Kenny Clark. It just goes to show you that even in this day and age where everyone has so much access to scouting reports and expert opinions, it doesn't compare to the knowledge bank of an actual scout or general manager.

Dave from East Burke, VT

One of you said Thompson makes the decisions on who makes the 90-man, etc. I would think Mike would have input on that?

There's always room for conversation and discussion on players. All I'm saying is Thompson has final say on personnel decisions.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

What was the vibe in the locker room when the game was canceled? Was it like when school gets called off at lunch due to a snowstorm or were some disappointed?

It reminded me of the atmosphere after the 26-26 tie against Minnesota in November 2013. No one really knew how to react. There was one image of Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac leaning on some pads during the wait that I felt perfectly summed up the day. It was such a strange and unique thing to be a part of.

Nathan from Scottsdale, AZ

Hi, Insiders. Do either of you have a favorite John Kuhn memory to reflect upon? I liked when we were losing QBs left and right in 2013, and the question arose of who we would put in if they all went down. Why, John Kuhn of course!

That was a pretty funny storyline. My best memories of Kuhn will be from 2010 when he filled in as the featured back during some stretches and finished with eight touchdowns. As I recall, that's when the Kuhn fandom really started taking off. Those "Kuuuuuhn" chants were unmistakable and grew louder each year. It brought a lot of energy to the games. In talking with Mike Spofford, he also mentioned the 2010 game against New England when Kuhn was hurdling everyone.

JJ from West Allis, WI

Do you think they will ever let Cobb pass?

Odds are against it considering it's been five years since his last attempt, but never say never. I wouldn't have guessed they'd throw a pass to Julius Peppers, either. Every year, they install a wrinkle or two that you don't expect.

Jason from San Jose, CA

I noticed the WRs holding a hand over one eye and catching tennis balls. A pirate eyepatch would be way more effective and look way cooler!

That could work. It's all about strengthening the weaker eye. Could wear a hook on one hand to maintain the one-hand aspect of the drill, too.

Jennifer from Milwaukee, WI

So, what's next? Canceling a game because there is too much water on the field, or it is too muddy? In late November, December and early January if a field is too hard or icy, or heavy snow on the field or in the forecast? Maybe there will be more domed stadiums in the NFL!

Well, this problem didn't occur in nature. For the most part, NFL stadiums are equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at teams. The issue in Canton, Ohio, is it had to do with field paint, not frost. It's also not a traditional NFL venue. On the other 364 days of the year, it's a large high-school and college stadium. I definitely see your point, but just think it's a false equivalent.

John from, Philadelphia, PA

Do you believe that professional athletes have a responsibility to be a role model or promote certain values, just because of their ability to reach so many people?

I'm not a professional athlete, so I'm also not going to tell anyone how to live life. What I will say is I have great respect for those who choose to embrace that role and give back. I thought Abbrederis summed it up best in talking about being a role model. "Sometimes you can get wrapped up in football, but you remember what it's about. It's about having a platform and using that platform that you have to be an example." The platform of professional football gives players a great opportunity to make a difference in other's lives. It's up to them if they want to exercise it.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

I've never understood why hockey didn't take hold in Wisconsin the way it did in Minnesota. Any theories?

It's pretty popular in the Green Bay area with St. Norbert College (four-time NCAA Division III champions) and the Gamblers (four-time Clark Cup champions), but I think the lack of NHL team hurts the state as a whole.

Ryan from Green Bay, WI

While the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn't induct a player based on a specific team, it does identify which teams they had the biggest impact with. Will Charles Woodson be considered a primary impact player for both the Packers and Raiders?

It probably depends where you ask. I think his time in Green Bay is what made him a Pro Football Hall of Famer. He won his only Super Bowl with the Packers and earned NFL defensive player of the year honors in 2009. He was voted to the AP All-Pro team in four consecutive seasons (two first-team, two second-team) in Green Bay and was the backbone of the defense in Dom Capers' first three years. Although he was drafted by Oakland and finished his career there, Woodson's time with the Packers is what made him one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Graham from Kansas City, MO

Solid thrones team save for two roster spots. Cersei at CB should be replaced by Bronn. I can already see the practice squirmishes between him and Jaime not to mention Bronn would be a lock down corner. The other spot would have to be Gentry replacing Sansa. Make sure Sansa is at FS too, that guy has to have covered all of Westeros by now and nobody can find him. He'd be picking off QBs like Nick Collins in the Super Bowl!

Some folks didn't like it, but I only answer the questions people put in the Inbox. You're right, though. Bronn and Jaime would make for some formidable training-camp practices. Could see him holding down the slot in nickel and dime.

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