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Brett Favre was the rally king

Two consecutive generations of star quarterbacks


Linnea from Leuven, Belgium

Vic, I've read this column for going on three years and I have never laughed as hard as I did while reading your explanation of Larry McCarren's pinky. I'm sure your inbox is now full of a variety of reactions, both gullible and annoyed. As a Pennsylvanian who went to college in the Midwest, I get how (sarcasm) doesn't always translate. This seems like an ongoing issue with your column. Am I right in thinking you enjoy it even more than I do?

I am stunned and sad to report not one person in my inbox took that story seriously.

Chase from Canton, OH

Will you be attending any Pro Football Hall of Fame event this year?

I will be attending and reporting on the induction of former Packers general manager Ron Wolf. By the way, the Hall of Fame announced on Wednesday Ron's presenter will be his son, Eliot.

Rodrigo from Union of Victory, Brazil

Vic, do you agree that to shift Matthews to inside linebacker is a waste of potential at outside linebacker?

If Clay Matthews is lined up at inside linebacker but is used in a scheme of stunts and twists that rush him from the outside, is he really an inside linebacker? Don't think in terms of position, think in terms of function.

Brad from Crofton, MD

Will "Ask Vic Extra" be returning by preseason?

It returns for the start of the regular season.

Mike from Pickerington, OH

Vic, I have some friends who are fans of the Cowboys and others who cheer for the Steelers. They like to discount all of the NFL championships the Packers won. Knowing you're a fan of the men who blazed the trail for today's game, how would you reply to that?

All league championships count, and the league should give back the one it stole from Pottsville.

Jason from Pine Island, MN

Vic, on gameday at Lambeau Field, specifically what part of the day makes you most happy to have the job you have and the life you have?

I love the moments leading up to kickoff. I love the walk to the pregame radio show in the Atrium, I love the people that stop by at the radio show to say hello, and I love mingling with the media in the press box, especially the out-of-town guys I don't see but a few times a year.

Tim from Normal, IL

Vic, the 1978 Cowboys you mentioned yesterday were truly loaded. Unfortunately, my lasting impression of them is Jackie Smith, a highly decorated tight end who was at the end of his career having a sure touchdown ricochet off his chest. The man was in agony. What do you recall about that play?

I remember seeing him having trouble getting his feet under him. That was the first sign of trouble. A receiver catches the ball with his feet as much as he does with his hands because the feet determine body control. I can remember the play as though it was yesterday. It was to my right as I sat in the Orange Bowl press box. Where has the time gone?

Jeff from Milwaukee, WI

DeNiro or Pacino?

DeNiro; he can do comedy, too.

Felix from Dortmund, Germany

Vic, the Titans haven't signed Marcus Mariota reportedly due to the urge for "offset language" in his contract. What does that mean?

No surfing.

Bill from Morris, IL

I think the 2000 Ravens would still have been a playoff team without Trent Dilfer.

That was 15 years ago and prior to two majors points of emphasis that have dramatically tilted the game in favor of offense and the passing game. I don't think the 2000 Ravens would be a playoff team in today's game, with or without Dilfer. They went all of October without scoring a touchdown. That won't work today.

Jonathan from Hamm, Germany

Vic, if you took the worst roster in the NFL (excluding quarterbacks) and added Aaron Rodgers, would that team make the playoffs?

If you look at the teams in the league with the worst records, you will likely see a common thread: uncertainty at quarterback. "The Man" makes all the difference. I think Packers fans understand how lucky they are to have gone through two consecutive generations of football with quarterbacks that are certain to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Sean from Helena, MT

What is your favorite Favre vs. Jacksonville game?

Brett Favre rallied the Packers from a 21-7 deficit in the third quarter to a 28-21 win in Jacksonville on a Monday night late in the 2001 season. I remember expecting it to happen. He was the rally king. That's why Packers love him.

Brenda from Waurika, OK

Vic, sorry if you've answered this before, but why do coaches and players have to have been retired for at least five years before they can be nominated for the Hall of Fame? Also, I think some readers would be interested in why you think the Hall of Fame should be in Pennsylvania instead of Ohio.

There's a five-year waiting period because the Hall of Fame wants to make sure the player is truly retired. I never said the Hall of Fame shouldn't be in Ohio. What I might've said is that when the site of the Hall of Fame was picked, the first professional football game was thought to have been played in Latrobe, Pa. – it has since been discovered it was played on what is now the site of Heinz Field – but Latrobe didn't have the resources to host a Hall of Fame. Canton does a great job, but I've always found the location of the Hall of Fame – up against an interstate highway – to be curious and a little short-sighted.

Justin from Middleboro, MA

What is your opinion on the franchise tag?

I equate it to the atom bomb: It's good to have, but best not used.

Zach from Billings, MT

Not to beat up on you, Vic, but you never answered the crucial part of Spencer's question. How do you turn the casual fan into a serious fan if ticket prices remain inflated in the market?

The casual fan doesn't get enough exposure to football on TV? It's not about the money, it's about the heart. The casual fan becomes a serious fan when it loves a team as Packers fans love their team.

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