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Davante Adams among the most improved players in 2016

What will Ty Montgomery's move to RB mean for No. 88?


Ryan from Des Moines, IA

Insiders and anyone reading this, get out there and vote for Davante Adams and the rest of the guys for the Pro Bowl. There was a lot of frustration (unfairly) directed towards him due to the woes of last season and it's time for us to show we appreciate him. He's been fantastic stretching the field lately, and truly deserves to be recognized. I've already voted for him 12 times and I hope you all do too.

Pro Bowl voting ended yesterday, but there are Green Bay guys on both sides of the ball who merit consideration, including Adams. He's been one of the league's most improved players. In the same amount of games and starts (13-12), the third-year receiver has 13 more receptions, 414 more yards and eight more touchdowns than last season. He's made some absolutely ridiculous catches this season. Fully healthy, Adams has developed into the player everyone on offense always believed he could be. The best part about his breakout is he's the same guy in the locker room that he was last season. He hasn't stopped to say, "I told you so," either.

Tony from River Falls, WI

The announcers Sunday mentioned that Montgomery might have to change his number since he has been lining up as a running back. Will the Packers have to change his number eventually?

To quote Montgomery, "I'll cross that bridge when I get there." You can't change a number midseason, so it's a moot point for now. Assuming he enters next season as a running back, he'll likely need to change from 88 to a number between 20-49.

Rob from Hollywood, FL

I know it doesn't matter what he's listed as and that we've needed the move this year, but I loved Ty as a receiver and hope he still gets to develop at that position as his career progresses. But if he's on the field, I'm happy.

At the end of the day, it's about getting your best 11 players on the field. This is an opportunity for Montgomery to do just that. It's the same as when he was in high school and the coach asked him to play receiver because he wasn't planning to run the ball much. If you're a skill-position player, you have to be ready to play anywhere in the Packers' offense. It doesn't matter if you're a running back, receiver or tight end. The move has been seamless on the field for Montgomery. All that was missing was the official title.

Jesus from El Paso, TX

I know the coaches and players don't need reminders, but I hope the Bears' performance against the Lions reminds fans to respect all teams at all times. What did the Bears do to give the Lions such a hard time, and do they match up similarly against the Packers?

There are few guarantees in the NFL, but I can assure you the Packers aren't overlooking the Bears. Since its 36-10 loss to Tampa Bay, Chicago has blown out San Francisco 26-6 and lost its other three games by a combined 15 points. John Fox will have the Bears ready to play.

Richard from Hudson, WI

This was my first Packers game in a few years. How did the crowd noise compare to previous games? At its loudest it seemed pretty loud, but it wasn't quite sitting in the student section at Camp Randall.

It was a great atmosphere. You give credit to the fans for their energy in pretty frigid temperatures, but there also was plenty to be excited about on the field. They'll need to bring that enthusiasm to Lambeau Field next week against Minnesota.

Jeff from Shawnee, OK

With the Lions having a better record as of now, do you think they will keep it up at crunch time with Stafford being injured?

I honestly don't know. How much did the finger affect him against Chicago? Did it contribute to his pick-six? We probably won't get a good feel for how much of a factor it'll be going forward until this Sunday's game against the Giants. Finger injuries can be tricky for quarterbacks. You saw how the thumb affected Jay Cutler earlier this season. We shall see.

Jon from Green Bay, WI

Insiders, my favorite play this season is the block Adams had on Sherman on the Janis end-around for a score. What has your favorite play been this season so far?

It's probably a tie between Rodgers' 20-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams in the back of the end zone against Philadelphia and Christian Ringo's 30-yard rush for much different reasons. Rodgers threw that ball through such a microscopic window and Adams played it perfectly. Ringo's play was just wonderful on so many levels. I don't know if I've ever laughed that hard during a game I was covering before. Based on Jayrone Elliott's comments, it sounds like the team had fun with the play during film review on Monday.

Paul from Brunswick, OH

Why did Jake Ryan stop playing on Sunday? Is he injured and will he play against the Bears?

The Packers have been bringing Ryan back slowly from the ankle injury he sustained against Tennessee. With the cornerbacks healthier, it made sense for the Packers to use Morgan Burnett in that "whip" linebacker role against Seattle to help defend against Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham. It seems like the Packers are using a similar plan with Ryan as they have with Clay Matthews. They've used him on a limited basis to make sure he doesn't aggravate his ankle injury. Green Bay is going to need both linebackers for the stretch run.

Justin from Stephenson, MI

What a thorough beatdown of a very good Seattle team. Couple questions. Before the half why didn't the clock stop when Montgomery ran out of bounds prior to the two-minute warning? How is Randall doing? This secondary really needs him to keep this run going!

First, the clock starts after the ball is spotted outside of two minutes in the first half. Second, I thought Randall played his best game of the season. He was menacing from the first whistle to the last kneel-down. His first interception was Randall at his best, finding the ball at its apex and leaping in front of the intended receiver. He's a fun player to watch. Quinten Rollins also seems to getting more and more confidence each week.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

Has anyone mentioned Jeremy Lane running up and giving Cobb an unnecessary cheap shot on the final kneel-down play of the game? It's not the history the Packers have with them, it's things like that play that fuel my disdain for the Seahawks.

There's no place for that kind of behavior. It was obvious the Packers were just heading to the locker room for halftime. I know this came up a few years ago with Tampa Bay and it occasionally happens every so often at the end of games. My two cents is you had four quarters to play sideline-to-sideline and prove you were the better team. You didn't do it. It's a physical, exhausting game. It's uncalled for to take a shot like that to an unsuspecting player. I don't care if it's Seahawks vs. Packers or Ashwaubenon vs. De Pere.

Aaron from Post Falls, ID

I thought it would take way more than one game to make up the turnover differential. I guess the whole "turnovers come in bunches" stuff has more truth to it than I thought!

Things always have a way of working themselves out.

Take a look at the Packers' weekly captains. As per team tradition, the Packers select game captains each week. Photos by Evan Siegle,

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Who stepped up and did the photobombing since Aaron was a team captain against the Seahawks?

Backup QBs Brett Hundley and Joe Callahan were the next men up, and did a fine job.

Edward from Canton, SD

Did anyone ask Mason Crosby why he wasn't able to kick every kickoff to the back of the end zone? I think at least two (returns) were past the 30-yard line, and one was close to 40 yards. Our kickoff coverage is not that great, so why not kick long, low line drives?

As the temperature drops, it's not always so simple to drive every kickoff into the stands. Your question makes it all sound so easy, but any special-teams coordinator or kicker will tell you there's a lot that goes into kickoffs (ball placement, depth, etc). I want my drives on the golf course to sail 250 yards and in the middle of the fairway. That isn't always what happens, though. Instead, I usually settle for 175 in somebody's backyard.

Jan from Cologne, Germany

What is more dangerous than Aaron Rodgers? Aaron Rodgers with a calf injury! But how can that be?

QB1 never ceases to amaze. As he said, you also have to give the offensive line a lot of credit. That's a talented and disruptive front that the Seahawks have. All they could muster against Green Bay was one sack and three hits on Rodgers. The amount of time the line has given Rodgers this season has been impressive.

Emir from Ankara, Turkey

Sunday's win against the Seahawks was great. My question is do you think the Packers' secondary is really healthy and playing good or were they really lucky?

You're doing something right if you can turn Russell Wilson over five times. He had 39 interceptions in 76 regular-season games prior to Sunday and never had thrown more than three interceptions in a game other than the NFC Championship against Green Bay. The talent always has been there in the secondary. Now, the depth is starting to get there, too.

Jon from Warsaw, Poland

Please explain the end-around play and why it has worked so well twice when Janis gets the call.

Janis is an explosive player. Everyone knows how fast he is. I thought it was an interesting wrinkle and something the Packers hadn't really shown at all this season. The blocking on both end-arounds was spectacular and he read his blocks well. It's just another opportunity to get the ball in Janis' hands and it worked out well both against Houston and Seattle.

Jan from Nijlen, Belgium

I understand that Chicago is not going to be the walkover that the standings suggest. What should the Packers be worried about? Can we still rely on Barkley making rookie mistakes against Capers' defensive strategies?

I'd say the biggest concern with the Bears is they have nothing to lose. Teams playing for pride are sometimes the most difficult to handle. This is Barkley's chance to show he can be a starting quarterback in this league. Every snap is going to be his Super Bowl.

Josiah from Richmond, VA

Were you surprised at how close the Bears and Lions game was?

No (Please see previous answer).

Joe from Bloomington, IN

If the Packers win out, and with the Giants in the Cowboys division, is it still possible for Green Bay to get a first-round bye?

The chances are remote. The Packers would need the Cowboys to win out, and Seattle, Atlanta and Detroit to all go into a tailspin to end the season.

Mark from Bristol, UK

Where are those people who wanted us to crash our season and claim the insurance (higher draft picks)? I bet they are on the bandwagon now. I, for one, never want the team to lose a game, deliberate or otherwise. Whilst you still have a shot you have to take it, as the Super Bowl year, 8-7-1 Rodgers injury-hit year, and this year all prove....keep punching until the bell goes. I guess it takes some people longer than others to get it.

It's been more than 40 years since an NFL team went undefeated through an entire season. They'll be back. There's always room for scrutiny in a game with so many variables. It's as certain as the four seasons.

Joachim from Kassel, Germany

No Packers in London in 2017 for me. Sigh...suppose I could always go and cheer on the Browns against the Vikings.

The wait continues. On a personal level, I'm curious to see which scenario happens first – the Packers head overseas for a game or George R.R. Martin finally releases "The Winds of Winter." I've never been to London. I'm hopeful to get there sooner rather than later.

Maximus from Sioux Falls, SD

What do you expect the Bears game to be? What is the key to beating them?

It seems like we're talking about stopping the run every week, but that's definitely the case with the Bears. You cannot let Chicago get the running game going behind Jordan Howard. Something to think about – while the Bears are 3-10 this season, they haven't lost this season when he gets 20 or more carries.

Steve from Grand Rapids, MI

What an exciting game! If I could pick one game for a blowout, that was it. More about the expansion draft. I assume that teams made five players available that did not have leading roles. Did any teams receive compensation for players lost? Did Houston have all the first picks of each round in the regular draft?

Actually it was more of the exact opposite. Many teams exposed veteran players with large contracts. They didn't receive any compensation (at least not that I'm aware of) but it was a way to potentially gain some cap room and not risk losing any young ascending players. Yes, Houston also received the first pick in each round in addition to extra selections in the second, third, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. On a side note, it also made Madden 2002 the best video game of all time.

Cody from Coon Rapids, MN

Insiders, I know you don't like to get ahead of the next game, as it is the most important one currently, but if the Packers get into the post season, I think they have a legitimate shot at another title. Do you agree?

All I'll say is I wouldn't want to mess with a team on a six-game winning streak. There's still a lot of table to run, though.

Wade from Spokane, WA

I say we create a drinking game. Every time Spoff or Wes says "all three phases" or "cognizant," we should take a drink. Cheers to the both of you! Love reading the articles every day.

Cognizant is to my vocabulary what the back-shoulder throw is to Jordy Nelson's arsenal.

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