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Did kicking under pressure make Crosby better?

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Kenton from Rochester, MN

I'm beginning to think McCarthy is a psychological genius. After seeing how Crosby – under pressure of losing his job – was a perfect 14 of 14 in practice, I'm now convinced that bringing in competition was just a way of getting Crosby to practice kicking in pressure situations. I mean, we all know he has the physical tools to be successful; his problems were all in his head. So now, after a preseason of pressure kicking, Crosby has finally (hopefully) conquered those internal demons and is ready for the season. What say you?

You might be on to something. Maybe that's why Coach McCarthy made a point of mentioning a scenario that would return Giorgio "Don't Call Me Sergio" Tavecchio to the Packers. The pressure is still on.

Tou from Eau Claire, WI

Why don't they tell us who our starting offensive line is? I would have felt so much better about the situation if Coach McCarthy had proudly announced the starters last week before the Seahawks game. The fact that he's taking this long is making me think we don't have enough (healthy) starting-caliber lineman.

If Coach McCarthy tells the fans who the starters are, he'd also be telling the 49ers. How would Coach McCarthy benefit from doing that? If you've been following packers.com's training camp reports, you should have a pretty good idea who the starters are. Hey, the 49ers know, but these are the games coaches have to play.

Ross from Fond du Lac, WI

Why not bring in "Kickalicious" and give him a try?

If his nickname was "Stinky," would you still want him?

Josani from East Grand Rapids, WI

Vic, I just read that DuJuan Harris is out for the season. My question is who will be the No. 2 back and how can they make the run game more effective?

This really bums me out because I was starting to get into that "Thunder" and "Mini-thunder" thing. The No. 2 running back job is wide open. James Starks and Alex Green would seem to be the top contenders for the job. The best thing they can do to help this team is to be true to their identity. Starks has given me the feeling in this training camp that he's developing into a trusted pass-catcher. I'd like to see him step into that role. Green has shown some long-run potential; last week against Seattle and last year against Indianapolis. The Packers desperately need more of that. Be a role player. Fit into a role and fill it. That's what the Packers need Starks and Green to do.

Lester from Plymouth, MN

How exactly is more Vic on Monday-Friday good news for anyone who wants "Ask Vic" on Saturday and Sunday?

They can wait until Saturday and Sunday to read them. Geez, do I have to explain everything?

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