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Difference between a win and loss for the Packers?- Read Vic's chat Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


Hi, everybody, let's go.

Comment From Mike

How many questions do you get a day during the season?


Comment From Chris

Vic, do you think Richardson could handle the dime ILB role? If so, why not try him there?

If they thought he could, they probably would.

Comment From Eduardo

Do the Packers have another gear?

Yes. It's the playoff gear. They have it.

Comment From Matt

Hi Vic. Who is one player that could really give the Packers a tough day on Sunday?

I think you know the answer to that. It's Kaepernick. You just don't like the answer.

Comment From Guest

Your thought on the Rodgers/Jordan comparison?

What's the big deal. They're both stars in their sports.

Comment From David

Do the Steelers have a Jerry Kramer, meaning a player from their dynasty year who all the fans think should be in the HOF, but hasn't gotten in yet?

Not like Kramer.

Comment From John

Do your friends tell you you are too sarcastic?

No, but most of my friends aren't from here. They're from where it's OK to be sarcastic. We call it personality. The Midwest is different from my place of birth.

Comment From Venky

what do you think is biggest obstacle packers will face this season...??

Injuries. It's the same for all teams. Do the Steelers beat the Ravens last night with Roethlisberger at quarterback? Do they win that game with their kicker?

Comment From Josh S.

How often do you read the "Ask Vic" comments section?

I read it as much as possible, to make sure it stays clean. I will delete a comment in a heartbeat if it's the least bit offensive or uses coded language to conceal its intent.

Comment From Eduardo

Are the Cardinals for real?


Comment From Scott

Do you like Mickey Mouse? (I know Richard Rodgers' answer and now I'm dying to know yours).

I watched the Mickey Mouse club as a kid. I thought Annette Funicello was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Comment From Derek

Calvin Pace, Jay Williams.....I'm going to stump you Vic!!

Wake Forest.

Comment From Chris

Do you ever read Spoff's articles? Does he read yours? The reason I ask is that you and he had different views on the HaHa Clinton-Dix personal foul.

I'm Mike's editor.

Comment From Kulderzipken

Vic, can you come and explain my wife I will be watching NFL from 3pm till 6am next Sunday (I live in Europe)

No, I can't.

Comment From Josh S.

Do you still get questions from Jaguars fans who've followed your career since the Jacksonville days?


Comment From KevinC

Is MN for real, the Jan 3rd game could have great meaning!

I hope so. Teams peak when they're pushed.

Comment From Linda P

Vic, are you Larry's boss too? He's been a great team addition.

Larry's in video. I'm text only.

Comment From David

Would you agree that Elroy Hirsch and Mike Webster had the best NFL careers of any Wisconsin players? Who would you pick after them?

Neil Graf? I'm just kidding, but I remember covering a game Graf started for the Steelers when Bradshaw was hurt.

Comment From Kulderzipken

Is it my Packer's fan anxiety, or does the Packers schedule really look very daunting?

It's rugged, but not as tough as the 2010 schedule.

Comment From SteveO

Would you agree there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance?

No, I know arrogance when I see it.

Comment From MrRoboto

Yale - Brian Dowling and Calvin Hill

Dick Jauron and George Bush?

Comment From Peter

Is the 49ers game going to be a shoot out?

If it is, it'll be one-sided.

Comment From Guest

Does HaHa get that flag if he wraps up?

There are several components to what he did. It's not just about helmets colliding. First of all, you can't lead with your head and tuck your arms. Either one of those is missile-like and you're going to get penalized if you're the least bit high. Secondly, the head, neck and shoulder are all part of the hitting area the league is telling tacklers to avoid. Thirdly, you're trying to find ways to prove it's not an illegal hit, and the league is telling its officials to error on the side of caution. That hit is going to get flagged every time.

Comment From Pat

Are you & Spof in San Fran today?

We leave with the team at four today.

Comment From Jerry

Terry Long and Jeff Blake.

East Carolina.

Comment From Dustin

Does it really take that long to get acclimated to the time change?

I covered the Steelers when Bill Cowher believed in going out as late as possible on Saturday. They won. I covered the Jaguars when they out early on Friday. It was a disaster. I've covered it each way and with differing results each way. I don't know what the answer is.

Comment From Pat

Think the press box food will be different? This is your first game at this stadium, correct?


Comment From Sezer

Did you play football anywhere?

Just high school.

Comment From Berry

Does the team fly out on Sunday after the game or wait until Monday?

They'll leave right after the game.

Comment From Michael

If you were writing for the 49ers, what positives would you focus on?

I would be telling my readers to be patient and give Coach Tomsula a chance to install his program.

Comment From Duane

Who wins this weekend - Denver or Minnesota?

I'm thinking Minnesota.

Comment From Peter

Is Davante Adams expected to play?

It doesn't sound like it.

Comment From David

How about a bar game picking colleges that have sent the fewest players to the NFL? I'd pick Philander Smith and maybe Butte community college.

How about greatest college cheer of all time? Let's go Peay.

Comment From Scott

Le'Veon Bell's speed and agility or Lacy's power?

Bell doesn't have power?

Comment From Wendell from Brazil

Would you like to cover any other team?

I like the team I cover. They play big games. I like big games.

Comment From Scott

Does that mean you'd rather have Bell?

Nope. It means you're trying to find ways to get me to say Bell isn't as good as Lacy, and I'm not going to do that. Bell is special.

By the way, the Packers loved Bell, but he was gone.

Comment From Jesse

What is wrong with Andrew Luck this year?

You mean what is wrong with Andrew Luck through three games?

Comment From Bill

Penn State or Pitt?

Pitt. My mother went to Penn State, my dad to Pitt. I was a daddy's boy.

Comment From Salvador

Do you read on the long plane rides or what do you like to do?

My column. That's what I'll do this afternoon. I'll do Ask Vic Saturday to avoid the time difference tomorrow morning.

When you're a sportswriter in season, you write. It's all you do. You write and write and write. They pay you to do that. In the offseason, I don't write as much.

Comment From BrettGB

What are your thoughts on Michigan so far this year with Harbaugh on the sidelines?

They're on the way back, as you'd expect under Coach Harbaugh. Soon, the Big 10 will be the exclusive property of a few teams. Right now, it's the property of one team.

Comment From Joe

Favorite professional wrestler growing up?

Bruno Sammartino.

Comment From Nathan

I've heard reports slamming the field conditions in San Fran - what positions are most affected by poor footing?

I despise field conditions snobbery. That field last night was spectacular, yet, people rip it because it had a bad night in the rain one time. That was fun!

Comment From Evan

Do you expect Jayrone Elliot to be the young player the Packers need to stop running quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick?

That's a tall order.

Comment From Lambeau Leaper

Have you read the biography of Coach Lombardi, "When Pride Still Mattered?" What a read.

I read it while I was getting chemo for colon cancer. One of the last lines in the book, "Well, Marie, it's just you and me now," hit me hard.

Comment From Joe

Lots of people seem to think that gap control is more "aggressive" than 2 gapping, but isn't the point of 2-gapping to allow your linebackers to be more aggressive and to be the playmakers of the defense?

Yep. It's what you do behind the two-gappers that define the scheme.

Comment From Guest

Why do I feel like Kaepernick is suddenly going to "get right" against the Pack?

Because you're scared of what he can do.

Comment From Jesse

What does Detroit need to do to keep up with the Packers and Vikings?

If the Lions lose in Seattle, they will have a severe uphill challenge in front of them.

Comment From Kevin

Remember the hit a few years ago Clay Matthews put on Kaepernick down the sideline? I enjoy that kind of statement. Do you think a statement like that on Sunday might cause Kaepernick to think twice about running?

Would you enjoy such a statement if it was done to Aaron Rodgers? Remember, the other guys get a pep talk, too.

Comment From Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Do you consider yourself a fast reader?

I don't like to read fast. I read at night for enjoyment. I like to savor a good book. I like to soak it in.

Comment From Guest

Vic, Did you enjoy Tucker's comment after the game last night, "I saw their fans leaving as we lined up the kick."

There was no doubt in my mind he was going to make it. It didn't appear he had any difficulty with that turf or that vicious 4 mph wind. What were Simms and Nantz trying to tell us?

I don't have to do that. I type fast.

Comment From Michael

Vic, Aaron Rodgers in interviews frequently says one thing with his words, and says something else with his eyes and smirk. Is it difficult to express in writing what he is really trying to communicate?

I try.

Comment From BrettGB

Did you like Tomlin's call not to try a long FG in OT?

Yes, the kicker would've missed. I thought the error was in not committing to a four-down approach. They needed to run Bell more often. He was ready to break one.

Comment From Scott

That kick tied the longest kick ever at Heinz Field . . . but you knew he would make it all along, eh? ;-)

Yes, I was absolutely sure. That's the guy that beat the Lions with that gargantuan kick. He's got a great leg, plus, I'm beginning to believe the ball is juiced.

Comment From Jerry from Wilmington, NC

But the Steelers' play worked. Players not plays, Vic.

I'm not sure what you're saying. If you're mocking me, that's OK, but you're flat wrong and know nothing about football if you think it's plays, not players. The Steelers outplayed the Ravens last night, but it's difficult to win when you're troubled at quarterback and kicker. That's a very bad combination.

What play worked? I'm not following.

Comment From BenC

Should we assume the Packers have a developmental plan for Jeff Janis?

Comment From Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Just having a little fun, Vic. It's Friday!

Of course they do. that's ;for the Janis question. Let's have some fun, Jerry, cause I'm worn out this week.

Comment From Brien

Brown was wide open on the 4th down but Vick missed the throw... players, not plays/

Got it! You're right.

The play allowed him to be open!

That's why it's players. It has to be executed. Jerry's absolutely right. I just wasn't following him.

Comment From Scott

How many people from your department travel to the game? You do a video at the stadium, right? How many people does it take to get that digital production done?

I don't know. It's a big plane.

Comment From Erik

Will we be seeing any more Ask Vic Postgame? Or has that gone by the wayside?

This has replaced it. It just wasn't doable.

Comment From Adam

Anything fun about San Francisco you are looking forward to?

Not really. I stay in my room. I get on the bus. I go to the game. I get on the bus. I go to the airport. I get on the plane. I go home. That's it.

Comment From Chris

Is this the best defensive line you've seen since you've been here?


Comment From Salvador

Do you think will see a big return from the packers either kickoff or punt this game?

Mike does.

Comment From Patrick

Don't you mean is this the best defensive line after 3 games?

That's right.

Comment From Pedro

Two hours before you are on a plane to Cali... And you are doing this? MVP! MVP!

When I finish, I'll pack my laptop bag and go to the airport. I like to get on the plane early and write.

Comment From John

Ever run across the Devo boys in college?

I have no idea what you mean.

Comment From Cameron

how many articles a week Vic?

On Monday, I wrote Ask Vic, Ask Vic Extra, first quarter update, Ask Vic Halftime, third quarter update, bulletin game story, game recap and editorial.

Comment From Raym

Vic were you inspired by anyone to write

I was not.

Comment From Ryan


Yes. Please don't use all caps.

Comment From Adam

Were you sad to see September go, Vic? It's about to get cold...

It comes quick here. All of a sudden, you're cold and the heat is on.

Comment From Louis

When people use all caps, do you read it in your head as if someone's shouting?

That's a good way of describing it. LOOK AT ME!

Comment From Linda P

Vic, I just read that the hurricane might impact the playing of the Eagles/Washington game. Glad you guys are going the opposite way.

No, it's turning hard to the east. I watch that stuff very closely. I have a home in the low country.

Comment From Jesse

What will be the difference between a win and loss for the Packers?

Stop Kaepernick.

Comment From Dale

Shutters up during the season, I hope.

Too expensive. I use plywood.

Comment From DakotaPackerFan

He may have been shouting LOOK AT ME, but it worked.

You wanna know how many I immediately delete? I used his to send a message.

Comment From Marc

Vic, I see there is 3 minutes left and you have successfully ducked all my questions again !!

I did and now it's time to go. Let's do it again next Friday. Thanks.

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