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Eddie Lacy will help define this season

The time for answers is at hand


Zahir from London, UK

What would you have done if you hadn't become a sportswriter?

I honestly don't know. There is nothing else I've ever wanted to do but watch a football game and write about it. I like to tell people the toughest thing I do all day is drive to work. I was born to eat free hot dogs and write stories on an airplane tray table. In the beginning, I wrote those stories on a Royal portable. Now I write them on a laptop and send them to the office from 37,000 feet. I wouldn't change my work life in any way.

Ryan from Eschenbach, Germany

In November, the team didn't seem to be having fun. It seemed like the team started having fun again coming out of the locker room last week.

I think you're sensing your own emotions. Winning is fun. Had the Packers lost that game, I doubt you'd be describing anything as being fun.

Ryan from Franklin, WI

What is the defining play of the season so far? The obvious answer is the Hail Mary, but I would challenge that and say it was Rodgers' TD run earlier in that game. To me he seemed more confident in himself and his teammates after that. He had been beat down the last few weeks and in that second half it changed.

What if the Hail Mary hadn't occurred? What if there was no facemask penalty? Would you still feel the same way? Never, ever underestimate the value of victory. It's penicillin for the soul. It cures everything. Just win, baby.

Ryan from Franklin, WI

Coach McCarthy stated Eddie Lacy looks rejuvenated. Do you think having limited playing time last week was used as a motivator and sent a clear message his commitment was in question?

It wouldn't be the first time a player experienced a commitment epiphany. Even Joe Greene, the most committed football player I have ever known, experienced such a moment. In the shank of his career, when he was without doubt the most dominant defensive lineman in the game, he took himself out of a game. He tapped out. He quit on his teammates. Frustration overcame him and he was at a crossroads in his career. As Joe was fond of saying, he chose the high road. I have no doubt Lacy will choose the high road.

Dan from Hudson, WI

Vic, I have watched you dodge questions for years. Your recent dribble to another fan about being grateful for the current record falls short. As if we cannot expect a better coaching result. Let's be honest. You are paid by the Packers. You speak the Packers' bottom line. The reality is the current coaching staff is subpar. Have a look at the past coaches that were at Brett Favre's halftime celebration. It is time for a new coach. Possibly a replacement for Ted Thompson. As a Packers fan (from the '70s), one Super Bowl is not enough. I don't think they have that low expectation in New England. I hope you have the (courage) to post this. To put a timeline and criteria for the Packers to win. If we do not make the Super Bowl, then we need to make the necessary changes. If you do not agree, then you are hopeless.


Eddie from Ft. Rucker, AL

Vic, are you surprised to see the NFC East take over where the NFC South left off last year? Another possible 7-9 division winner?

This year's NFC South leader is undefeated. What's that say about the fine line between winning and losing?

Mary from Green Bay, WI

Vic, I work at the reformatory here in Green Bay. Two of my co-workers were walking out of work the night of last week's game and they caught the second-to-last play, the desperation play that ran out the clock. They went through security bummed out about the loss and walked into the parking lot. They then heard what they describe as a massive roar through the three-foot granite walls of both wings of this 100-year-old building. They said it could be heard all the way to Riverside Drive. It was the 1,000 or so inmates screaming with joy and surprise at the catch. I wonder if this team knows how much it means to this town and the people in it. Nothing else like it in the NFL.

We all belong to the fraternity of football.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, who do you think will win the NFC East?

I could see the Cowboys getting hot, but the Giants have that late-season, us-against-the-world look that has been so successful for them in the past. I do not want to go there in the wild card round. Jason Pierre-Paul was scary dominant last Sunday.

Chadd from Antigo, WI

I don't want to play Seattle in the wild-card round. I want fate to give us the ultimate rematch. I want the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field on January 24th.

I keep getting this feeling the Seahawks are going to play at Lambeau Field one more time this season, and I've interpreted it to mean it'll happen in the wild-card round. Maybe I have the date wrong.

Adam from Montgomery, AL

Do you think the Packers still have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl?

Of course, I do, but they'll have to get on a roll to do it. This Sunday's game will provide more information on that roll.

Lincoln from Meridianville, AL

What do you think of Eddie Lacy's chances of starting again, and do you think he'll get his magic back?

I think Lacy is one of the players who will define December, which means he's one of the players who will determine how history will record this season.

Jim from New Ulm, MN

How many times do you watch the game film as prep for your column?

I don't watch game tape. I'll target a play or two to get answers to some questions I have about a team, a player or a game, but I'm not an analyst, I'm a sportswriter. I write according to my feel for the game I love and cover, not according to scheme. Plus, I'm not knowledgeable enough about scheme to know what I'm seeing.

Bradley from Saginaw, MI

Fans brawling with flares and metal poles in Chile and beer cans being thrown at players during the MLS cup game. The line between the fans and the field has clearly been broken. I hope that never happens to our game.

It's of critical importance the line that separates the players and fans not be blurred. I worry about this. The 12th-man mania must be kept in perspective. Fans must understand they are part of the event, but not part of the game, and it's difficult to sell that concept when the noise fans create is as celebrated as it is. I would say this to fans: Your energy has a dramatic impact on the game. You can be the difference between winning and losing, but the field is sacrosanct. Only your voice is welcome. Lambeau Field is the best-behaved place in professional sports. Nobody gets it better than Packers fans, and the Lambeau Leap is the shining example of that.

James from Portsmouth, NH

How has your column/writing changed from the Steelers to the Jags to the Packers?

It hasn't; it's the forum that's changed. I've always written what I believe. Today's forum is a much better platform for conveying my thoughts. I recently Googled a topic to get some background information, and one of my old stories came up. It was from a long time ago. It brought a smile to my face that the words and their arrangement were familiar to me. One day, I think I'm gonna Google a lot of old stories. The Internet is fantastic. It's the greatest memory lane device known to man.

Isaac from Mexico City, Mexico

We saw a great finale in Detroit last week, but sadly the Packers did not play good enough or as expected. Our goal is to win the Super Bowl. How can we do it playing like this? And why did we suddenly start losing after starting 6-0? And are the Packers' problems solved?

The questions are more exciting than the answers. Just watch. It won't be long now.

Michael from Dover, PA

What's with all this trying to find the softest way to the playoffs nonsense? For me, if you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best. I'll take Minnesota in the last game for the NFC North, then Seattle in the playoffs and Carolina for all the NFC marbles. Who should you be rooting for? The Packers. Forget what someone else does. Just do your job.

How about Vikings at Packers for the right to host a wild-card round game between the two teams? Then Packers at Cardinals for the right to host the NFC title game against the Seahawks. I can't think of anything that would give me greater joy.

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