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Exclusive 2017 collectible document for Packers Shareholders now available

Available only to current Shareholders, the collector’s item adds to already-popular, exclusive Shareholder merchandise


Following last year's introduction of a validated, personalized document that confirms stock ownership for Packers Shareholders, a new edition has been released for 2017.

The image featured on the new version of the collectible document is from a Wisconsin Air National Guard flyover prior to the Packers-Lions game on Sunday, Sept. 25. The photo is exclusive to the Shareholder collectible document and may not be purchased elsewhere.

In previous years, the Packers have received numerous requests from Shareholders for a duplicate copy of a single stock certificate to be printed in order to showcase their ownership in multiple locations. Because single shares are prohibited from being duplicated, this document allows Shareholders a way to display their ownership status in more than one place, whether in their home, office or elsewhere.

Shareholders and fans should note that this collector's item is not part of a new stock offering and there is no anticipated offering in the foreseeable future. Each year, a new edition of the collectible will be available, with a different image of a significant Packers moment. It has no value and does not double as a stock certificate, but it is official documentation that confirms stock ownership.

These personalized, high-quality collectible documents, exclusive to Shareholders, are printed on heavyweight cover stock and will be redesigned each year. The collectible document is priced at $39.95, plus shipping and handling.

The offer, which adds to the already-popular Shareholder merchandise, is available only to current Packers Shareholders. There is no limit on the number of documents that a shareholder may purchase.

The 2016 collectible remains available for purchase as well through March 31.

Shareholders may find more information and order the new collector's item at or Interested shareholders may also call (855) 846-7225 or email with any questions regarding the collectible.

Because the documents are validated and personalized, Shareholders are asked to allow at least one to two weeks for delivery.

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