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Get ready for a green and gold invasion

The hype has begun for Sunday's game


Seth from Des Moines, IA

"Who's to blame? The fans. The fans caused this with their obsession for getting the call right." Vic, I thought you said the rules committee and owners were responsible for rule changes.

Let's go back to the Calvin Johnson fumble play from a few weeks ago. The official blew the call, remember? I had difficulty finding questions in my inbox that were about something other than that blown call. It became a national outrage, and the rules committee and owners almost always react to that kind of fan dissent. The touchback rule governing that play has stood for eons, but my guess is it'll be changed in some way at next March's owners meetings, as a result of fan reaction. Come on, you knew that.

Chris from Sheboygan, WI

Often in short yardage situations, teams will bring in an extra offensive lineman for a heavy set. Why just one? Why not unload your stable of linemen and power your way through? The Packers have nine offensive linemen; why not bring them all in, plus Kuhn, direct snap to Lacy and see if your big guys can make a statement?

Because you're creating a congestion of bodies that can be used against you. I'm not a fan of loading the box with your own blockers. I like spacing. I like to see daylight in line splits and trusting your linemen to make their blocks. The spacing allows backs to run to daylight, instead of disappearing within a pile of bodies.

Rich from Baraboo, WI

Vic, you're a gamer. Nothing stops Vic. Not rain, sleet, snow, below zero or the bye week. You have my vote for sportswriter of the year.

I'd rather just have your respect for being a columnist who values his readers and wishes to provide them with the content on which they've come to depend.

Mikey from Oconto, WI

Who are your Super Bowl favorites at this point? Give me your game pick.

There are no favorites. It's not even Halloween. Ask me in December. That's when the real season begins. That's when we find out who's serious about winning a championship.

Jason from Maumee, OH

With the flexibility the bye week produces, does Coach Vic take his team to Denver earlier in the week in order to acclimate to the altitude?

No, he takes his team to Denver as late as possible on Saturday, and he might even stop in Omaha along the way – Omaha! Get it? – because my understanding from a long time ago is a team is still running on, say, Green Bay blood for 24 hours, but if you go early the old blood is gone and you don't have enough time to get new, acclimated blood. That was the old theory. I don't know if it was true or not, but it sounded good.

Richard from Yankton, SD

We can revisit this, Vic. Janis may not be the answer now but he will be. It's just a matter of time! Look at the time Jordy had. I can wait. Can the Packers?

I'm sure they'll do what's best. I can live with that.

View some of the best images from the first part of the Packers' 2015 season. Photos by Jim Biever and Shawn Hubbard Photography.

Gene from Charlotte, NM

Vic, a league-record five teams are 6-0. Is there anything special you think has changed in the game to allow this, or is it just good football?

At least one will be gone after this weekend's games. Another might be gone the following weekend. I just don't see this as an issue. We've had seasons in which everyone seemed to be .500, and we clamored for an explanation. If there's an explanation, it probably lies with scheduling that has provided the kinds of matchups that would allow for five 6-0 teams. It'll balance out. I doubt we'll have two undefeated teams in the Super Bowl. If we did, that would be a heckuva story.

Wesley from York, UK

Vic, how good can Teddy Bridgewater become? I liked him coming out of college and now with Peterson back and a strong defense, it looks like the pieces of the puzzle might be falling into place for the Vikings.

I agree. The Vikings are formidable.

Eric from Reedsburg, WI

Vic, I see has opened its Pro Bowl ballots. Is it too soon to be deciding who is best of the best?

I think it is, but I'm not a marketing guy.

Gladdys from Rolling Meadows, IL

Vic, the answer to Dan from Prior Lake's question about the Packers' needs in the 2016 draft depends largely on which players the Packers lose in free agency next year.

There's some truth to that, but I submit that should the Packers allow players to leave in free agency, it would suggest they are confident in their ability to replace them.

Ryan from Denver, CO

Packers fans in Colorado are assembling. Ticket prices are through the roof. I realize Packers fans travel well regardless, but with all respect to Broncos fans, this has a feeling of an evenly split crowd Sunday night. Give the ball to Kuhn a couple of times in the first quarter and let the home team feel the Packers fan thunder!

I got an email yesterday from NBC: "Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning meet in historic battle of unbeaten this week on NBC's Sunday Night Football." The hype has begun. This could be the biggest game in the history of the world.

Matt from Little Chute, WI

I appreciate getting calls right. As an official of sports, I get mad at myself when I review games and see I missed something. I know the players and coaches appreciate the stops in play to gather their teams and catch a break, but do you think we will see a rule that only allows x minutes to review a play?

I don't know. I'd like to see a rule that only allows each official to call two penalties a game. Then maybe they'd stop calling unnecessary penalties. Do you remember the first time we had replacement officials and they didn't call any penalties? I liked that.

Dan from Muskego, WI

Vic, why are you stressing out about people calling you soft for taking vacation, or saying you're on vacation even though you're not? This is a hard game for hard men. If you can't handle the criticism, then give it up.


Alen from Tilburg, The Netherlands

Vic, we all know how you feel about sports like golf, American football and soccer. What do you think about a football-related sport like rugby?

I get questions every day asking me if I like rugby, but I've never answered one because I've never seen rugby, wouldn't recognize a rugby game if I saw one, and have absolutely no interest to learn about it. Don't feel bad. That gives you a great advantage over soccer people because I've seen soccer and I am absolutely sure I hate it.

Angelo from Lakewood, CO

Given the stats Rivers threw at the Packers, what chance is there against a better quarterback, Manning, who is even faster in getting passes off?

I think the Packers have a chance to win the game.

Adam from Niagara, WI

Vic, considering the decades you've spent covering the NFL, I imagine football has taught you some life lessons. Is there one in particular that stands out?

Yes. It's important to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, because I have never known anything to cause people to lose their heads as football does. I've also learned other lessons, such as: Be patient, it'll change.

Brian from South Bend, IN

Why did we blitz Rivers a million times when he hits 73 percent of passes vs. blitzes?

Two monks were walking down a country lane, next to a babbling brook. Along the way, they came upon a fair maiden who wished to cross the stream, but it was too deep. In an act of kindness, one of the monks carried her across the stream. She thanked him and the monks continued on their way. A mile down the country lane, the one monk stopped the other one and said, "Brother, we are sworn against contact with the opposite sex, yet, you picked up that fair maiden and carried her across the stream." The other monk said, "Yes, brother, I did, but I put her down on the other side. You have carried her all the way to here."

Fritz from York, ME

Vic, how many straight-on kickers are there in the NFL? If you say few to none, then soccer is a good sport.

If it was up to me, soccer-style kicking would be outlawed in the NFL. If it was up to me, arms would be outlawed in soccer.

Dave from Denver, CO

Vic, as one of thousands of Wisconsin natives living in Denver, I expect Sports Authority Field at Mile High to be over-run by green and gold this weekend. In your eyes, is there a team in the NFL that travels as well, or better, than Packers fans?

Absolutely not.

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