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Get ready for 'Ask Vic Raw!' on Friday

I love cooking a brat as I’m being electrocuted


Ty from Whitefish, MT

Until all of the facts come out? More like until all of the drama has been sucked out of the story and it ruins people's lives. All because that's what the masses want, real life drama. The only problem is we are messing with people's lives and families. Stop the inquisition; it makes me sick.

I want the truth, at any cost.

Jon from Sacramento, CA

First it was the read option, now it's the jet sweep. What's next, the Wing T?

No, I couldn't get that lucky. How about the Statue of Liberty play? It could work.

Jeff from Loves Park, IL

Vic, your thoughts on Cam Newton answering all the questions he was asked in a recent press conference with the same response (most of which did not answer the question asked)?

Arian Foster did it first. It's arrogant and disrespectful, not only of the media asking those questions, but of the fans that deserve an answer to them.

Gabriel from Appleton, WI

Vic, their last 14 years in Southern California, the Rams played in Anaheim Stadium.

I know that, Gabriel. I covered a couple of Rams games in that baseball park. It was one of the most awful places I've ever watched or covered a football game. The skin of the infield was rock hard; one player told me it made the artificial turf at Three Rivers Stadium feel like a pillow. I especially liked the crackling sound of the high tension wires in the parking lot. I can't think of a more wonderful game day experience than cooking brats as your hair stood straight up from the electricity that was coursing through your body. I repeat: I reserve judgment on Los Angeles as a football market until it has a stadium worthy of an NFL team.

Steve from Savannah, GA

And what good does it do to get hot if it doesn't count?

You're right, Steve. The Packers must win all of the time. Win in September! Win in October! Win in November! Win in December! Win in the postseason! Win, win, win! There must be no losing. Losing is unacceptable. We must have FULL CONSISTENCY. Big games? They're all big, Steve! I'm still angry about that loss to the Titans in the preseason.

Caleb from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, what college game are you most looking forward to this Saturday?

Georgia vs. South Carolina.

Jim from Janesville, WI

You said in the comments section in today's "Ask Vic" that maybe you should post the questions you receive without fixing them. Are you going to do it?

I made a couple of editing mistakes in today's column. I was taken to task rather harshly by the editing police, so I suggested that maybe for one day I should publish the questions I receive without editing them, so it might provide a fuller appreciation of how much editing is required in each day's column. We could call it "Ask Vic Raw!" Let's do it tomorrow.

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