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Get ready for change in Chicago

I want to know what the fans think


Isiah from Germantown, WI

Do you think the younger generation of football fans understand the salary cap better?

They should since they've grown up with it, but I think the majority of football fans regard the salary cap as a necessary evil they can avoid. Most fans only want to know how much cap room their favorite team has, but what they don't understand is a team can have a lot of cap room and be capped out. Why? Because too much of what should be this year's cap has been pushed out to make room for this year, and the bill is going to come due in subsequent years. When you evaluate a team's cap, consider the long-range future, not just the current year.

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, is this draft class lacking in stars?

It has stars at running back but, otherwise, I don't regard it to be an especially exciting draft class.

Jim from Mayville, WI

Why does it take so long to sign John Kuhn every year?

The fullback position has been devalued.

Eli from Boston, MA

It's your pick in the third round. You believe the guy at the top of your board is considered a late-round prospect by other teams. Do you pick him now or take him in round four?

If you think you can get him later, get him later. You'll be adding value to your draft class, and I think the draft is all about value. John Stallworth is the perfect example of what you're describing. He was high on the Steelers' board and Chuck Noll had to be talked into waiting to pick him. "We can get him later, Chuck," is what Coach Noll was told. Noll was willing to pick Stallworth in the second round. They got him in the fourth round, which allowed the Steelers to pick Jack Lambert in the second round.

John from Farmington, MN

Vic, here is why I agree replay is ruining the game. Before replay, I used to celebrate every touchdown. Now that every scoring play is reviewed, I sit on my hands waiting to see if a camera angle will reverse what I thought I saw.

I agree. If a receiver goes to the ground to catch a touchdown pass or is near the sideline or back line when he catches the pass, the first thing I do after the play is look at the TV monitor. It's not a touchdown until TV says it's a touchdown. I'm not crazy about that.

Skyler from Spring Green, WI

Vic, I was just wondering since it's Packers policy not to comment on stories until they are official, do you ever miss being able to break stories to the fans? It seems like that would be very rewarding for a reporter.

I worked for a p.m. paper, which made breaking stories difficult, but league/media partnerships have made it nearly impossible for any independent reporter to break a story. Most of the breaking stories are spoon fed, and that's not the same as getting a scoop the old-fashioned way.

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, what's your opinion on the discussion about changing the extra point rules?

I would favor change. The extra point play is boring. Changing that play to make it more challenging would add excitement to a game that's lost some excitement to player-safety concerns, such as the dramatic reduction in kickoff returns.

Bryan from Gladstone, MI

You have never responded to any of my questions and I wondered why. But now that you say L.T. is the best ever, I don't feel bad at all. He was a one-dimensional player that could not play the run game, as Ken Ruettgers proved. In my book, he doesn't qualify in the top 50.

That kind of comment is probably why I never responded to any of your questions.

Dan from Aspers, PA

From your perspective, how did L.T. change the game?

He made left tackle a premier position. Think of the impact of that on teams' salary cap.

Steve from Salem, OR

When did the definition of a catch get so confusing?

When replay review demanded it.

Blake from Marion, IA

Vic, I love reading all the articles on My favorite is "Ask Vic". I also enjoy reading the comments left at the bottom of the article. At times, there are good points made and an intelligent discussion develops. There are also times things go the other way, and people banter back and forth. Do you read any of the comments to get a feel for people's thoughts on certain topics? My guess is probably not.

I read them. I want to know what the fans think.

Daryl from Springfield, MO

Vic, I love when you tell stories of your career reporting. When you look back on your career, what moment has made the biggest impact on you professionally?

It wasn't a moment, it was a period in time. The Steelers-Raiders games from 1972-76, which were the first years of my career, had a great impact on me. They taught me to detach myself from what happened on the field. Those games were so violent they became disturbing. I had to detach myself from what was happening on the field to be able to do my job. Those games taught me how to be a sportswriter.

Khaled from Tampa Bay, FL

It's obvious we are in need of a cornerback after losing Tramon Williams. Do you think the Packers would draft a cornerback in the first round, possibly Kevin Johnson out of Wake Forest?

I think Johnson is a logical prospect for the Packers.

Ralph from Goose Creek, SC

Do you think John Fox would consider Tim Tebow as the quarterback for the Bears? He would certainly fix the leadership issue at QB and give the Bears someone to rally around until they get their franchise QB.

I don't see that happening, but I was sitting next to Coach Fox at Wednesday's NFC coaches breakfast, and listened intently to everything Coach Fox said in answering questions, and I can tell you this: The Bears are about to undergo change, and it won't happen slowly.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, of all the new coaches who have moved to new teams, which one do you think is the best fit in his new location?

I think Jack Del Rio is a fantastic fit for the Raiders. He's an East Bay guy who has a Raiders personality. I've known Jack for a long time. Success has a way of following him. If he's successful in Oakland, he'll be a great story. I see it happening.

Kane from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Why is it all Green Bay needs is depth at inside linebacker but Ted Thompson continues to avoid free agency, and you see guys like Casey Matthews sign with the Vikings for kicker money.

Maybe he thinks he has a better plan. The results suggest he usually does.

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