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Given the choice, I'd pick the Lombardi era

Game-planning difficult after a Monday night game


Luke from Fitchburg, WI

How does having a Monday night game affect the Chargers' planning and preparation for Sunday's game?

They'll be on a short week, but preparation won't be nearly as difficult for them as it would be if the Monday night game had been played in Pittsburgh, or if they were the Steelers traveling east after that game. The worst assignment in the league is a Monday night game on the West Coast for an East Coast team. It means you won't land until the sun is up, and just in time for Tuesday's morning rush hour. The coaches have to get some sleep on the plane because they're going directly to the office when they land. Tuesday is game plan day and it lasts deep into the night. The Chargers' coaches were likely able to go home and get some sleep after the Monday night game, so Tuesday wasn't the killer for them that it was for the Steelers' coaches, but how do you sleep after losing a game as the Chargers did? This will be a daunting challenge for the Chargers. It would be for any team. Living in the middle of the country has its advantages.

Jeremy from Alexandria, VA

With the proliferation of the spread offense in college, and the fact its offensive linemen do not get into three-point stances and fire out, do you think a day will come when drive-blocking doesn't exist in the NFL?

I think there will be a day when three- and four-point stances will be forbidden.

Eric from Blackfoot, ID

Vic, after the 49ers game, Aaron made a comment when compared to Joe Montana. He said he spent three years behind a pretty good quarterback. I like the respect that is there now. How big is the Thanksgiving game for this franchise? Where will this rate in the history of the Packers?

It'll marry the eras. That's big.

Jerrod from Lakeland, FL

How have the Packers been able to draft and retain all these players for so many years?

They draft good players and they commit to them. How many teams have drafted good players but never found out how good they were because they didn't commit to them? The Packers' fan base allows for the team's commitment. When you don't have to sell tickets, you can practice patience. We never had that kind of patience in Jacksonville. I saw it as a problem.

Damian from Superior, WI

What does it mean when somebody "covers up" someone else? Why does it matter?

If a wide receiver and a tight end are positioned to the same side of the field, one of them has to move off the line of scrimmage or the other one will be covered by the outside receiver. The ends are the only players on the line of scrimmage eligible to catch a pass. Why? Because it's unfair for the defense to have to cover 10 receivers.

Gary from Hatley, WI

Vic, if you could play in the NFL at any time in its history, where and when would you play?

I'd pick the Lombardi era. The game was dangerous, but it was a disciplined and controlled type of danger. The '70s game was over the line. It was borderline criminally violent. I like today's game, but I'm more of a run-the-ball type of guy. I like pulling and trapping. I like sophisticated design in the run game. The guard play in the '60s was beautiful. The guards were more important than the tackles. In many cases, they defined the '60s game.

J.P. from Chesapeake Beach, MD

I was there, Vic. It felt as if the 2011 San Diego game was 90 percent Packers fans in the stands. It was a shootout in abysmal weather. It was perfect.

Yeah, well, Steelers fans were 91 percent on Monday. So there.

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