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Good news: She broke his mug

I’m not a fan of gloves


Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, what's the goal for teams in OTAs and mini-camp?

Prepare for training camp.

Jerry from Kent, WA

I just read an article supposing the Jets will implement the "46 Defense" this year. I don't believe it, but could the "46" actually work in today's football?

You need at least two Revises.

Steve from Lubbock, TX

Should the NFL ban gloves for receivers?

I wouldn't be opposed to it, because I think the gloves the players wear in today's game provide more than warmth for the hands, they provide stickum, and I think that cheapens the catch. A one-handed catch isn't all that great when you're wearing those gloves. If you're going to ban gloves for receivers, I think they have to be banned for all players, including quarterbacks. I wanna know who the natural stars are. Just as I don't want to watch a bottle of pills play football, I don't want to watch a pair of gloves play football. The stickum quality of those gloves is a definite aid in throwing, catching and holding onto the ball. Will the NFL ban gloves? No way. Throwing and catching ring the cash register.

Matthew from Kingsford, MI

You mentioned Jacksonville's Field Turf the other day and it made me wonder, why does the stadium use it? I think artificial surfaces should be banned from the league. You brought up the smell of burning rubber and it made me sick. If you can't grow grass, you shouldn't play football.

They had three practice fields and one of them was Field Turf. I'm not opposed to an artificial surface. Green Bay is a unique place in that Lambeau Field usually hosts only 10 games a year. If you're hosting college games and high school games, maintaining a quality playing field outside the growing season is very difficult. You'll likely have to re-sod late in the season, and that can produce lose turf. Field Turf is a quality surface. It's the best artificial surface at mimicking the look and feel of grass. Maybe they could find a way to get rid of the burning-tires smell.

Justin from Titonka, IA

So what is Vic up to on Memorial Day?

It's raining. Writing this column is likely the most exciting thing I'll do today.

Vern from Sherwood, OR

Why are the Seahawks refusing to pay Wilson? I read they would rather franchise him in 2016 and 2017 than pay him $20 million. Can I get your thoughts?

It's about the cap. Everything is about the cap. The cap runs your team. Take care of the cap and the cap will take care of you.

DB Micah Hyde played in all 16 regular season games last year. The second year player notched 59 tackles and two interceptions last year.

Kim from Oslo, Norway

I don't think Ted Thompson gets enough credit for finding a player like Micah Hyde in the later rounds. Hyde is a football player, drafted by a football guy. Maybe Ted knows what he is doing?

Of course he knows what he's doing. Hyde wasn't an under-the-radar guy. Everybody knew about him. Thompson got him where he fit; that's the genius is getting Hyde.

Wendell from Porto Alegre, Brazil

What do you think about playing the Pro Bowl in Brazil?

I think it was Mark Murphy who first mentioned this possibility to me. I thought to myself there should be no doubt the league wants to make this a global game. I'm all for it. I love football, the real football, American football. I'd love for it to be exposed around the world.

Jonathan from San Jose, CA

Vic, you say certain NFL teams like the Packers shouldn't change their uniforms because tradition and identity are important. How do you write for Packers fans then? You don't know the history of our team. You make fun of Wisconsin for the things that make us proud of Wisconsin. We don't have grits here. So what? Go back to the South then. We love family, cheese, beer and the Packers (our other family). Once you understand this, you'll understand the majority of your audience. Any good journalist knows to understand their audience.


Alan from Aldershot, UK

Why are you always hating on soccer? It's a man's sport loved by real men.

I hate it.

Zak from Asheville, NC

Vic, with the PAT rule change, do you see the Packers trying a lot more two-point conversions this season? I feel like we have one of the best running backs in the league for bulldozing into the end zone.

I think what's going to happen is a kicker will miss an extra-point attempt, and that lost point will cause a recalculation of the "go for two when" strategy. That's when we'll see teams start going for two.

Justin from Nashville, TN

Vic, my wife accidently broke my lucky gameday Packers mug last night. Does that mean Green Bay's arrow is starting to point downward?

If you were using that mug during the conference title game in Seattle, then I'm glad it broke.

Eivind from Nordfjordeid, Norway

Vic, I just re-watched the Monday night game vs the Falcons and I heard an interesting quote from Mr. Gruden: "This offensive line is the best kept secret in Wisconsin." Do you have a similar feeling for a player or position group this year?

I think the Packers secondary has a chance to become the next best-kept secret.

Zhoujie from East Brunswick, NJ

Stephen Curry of the Warriors miffed a few sportswriters by having his two-year-old daughter at a postgame press conference with him. As a toddler, she was a mild distraction. What are your thoughts on something like this?

It's no big deal. Why do we have to make a big deal out of everything?

Zach from Delavan, WI

Since you've been watching football, which single player has had the greatest impact on changing the way the game is played and how?

It would be a tie between Mel Blount and Lawrence Taylor. Blount gave us the no-chuck rule that was part of the game-changing rules changes of 1978. L.T. made the left tackle the second-most important player on the offense.

Jon from Fort McCoy, WI

What is your opinion of the Packers purchasing adjacent properties for their commercial development zone? I don't believe the average fan has a clue what this means. The Packers have been somewhat coy but are they looking beyond controlling which businesses can lease their land to perhaps constructing a new Lambeau at some point in the distant future?

Why would you ever think this team wants to build a new Lambeau? This stadium is a treasure. Its history and tradition are a magnet for fans. It creates fans, and they come in droves every day to take tours of the house Lombardi built. The development of the area surrounding Lambeau Field is just another example of the Packers' long-term commitment to Lambeau Field and Green Bay. It's also a means for keeping up with the Joneses. If you want to compete on the field with the Cowboys, you have to compete with them off the field, too.

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