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Good writers make adjustments

What do you think the Bears are going to do?


Peter from Waukegan, IL

Vic, it appears many teams, including the Seahawks, have someone other than the head coach calling the plays. I have read that McCarthy likes to plan every minute of the practices. Do you think being a head coach and being the play caller is too much for one person? It seems that if a person is designated to call plays, they can devote their entire week studying the next opponent and creating a game plan. I know of your mantra of players, not plays, but I feel calling the right plays can make a big difference.

The game plan is done on Tuesday and presented to the players on Wednesday when they begin practicing for the next game. At that point, the plays that'll be used in the next game have been selected.

Jake from Yorkville, IL

Vic, why do we continue to play mainly zone? Teams are picking us apart over the middle. I see other teams play man to man, and it seems to slow teams down, especially the Packers. Am I missing something?

I think the defensive scheme was pretty effective last Sunday, but maybe I'm missing something.

Tyler from Greensboro, NC

You must be overworked. I've been reading your column since you came to Green Bay, and yesterday's was the first time I've seen typos and grammar errors. Kudos to you for your excellent work thus far, but perhaps it is time to change your writing scheme?

No, I like my scheme. Yesterday I wrote in "Cover Two." Today I'm writing in "Cover One." Good writers make adjustments.

Chris from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, so many of your answers seem to talk down towards either the person asking the question/the fans in general. Why are you so adamant that fans should never question the organization? Part of being a passionate fan is thinking of ways you believe the team could improve. They may be wrong or they may be right, but please stop insinuating we are too stupid to be allowed opinions.


Matt from Dyersville, IA

During my son's fifth-sixth grade football game last weekend, he made a tackle on the opposing running back and got him around the neck to bring him down. The running back's mom said, "You can't tackle him around the neck. Where is the flag?" My response, "Sorry, lady, this isn't the NFL."

Teach your son to sink his hips and strike the rising blow. He'll make you proud of him.

Mark from Darien, CT

Execution. It is not clear from most of the analysis online that our offensive line is one of the worst in the league thus far this season. I bought into your optimism early that this is the best crew we've had in many years. As it is unfair to blame performance on injuries in this case, how do you account for the much larger than expected problem here?

I'm going to assume you mean "clear," not "not clear," so the answer is either I was wrong or time will prove me right and prove you guilty of an early-season overreaction. I think it'll be the latter.

Luke from Marquette, MI

Vic, it seems the Packers are never throwing the ball down field anymore, and of the few times they did, there was pass interference or it was completed. Is there a reason for this?

There was last Sunday, but not the previous Sunday when the Packers completed an 80-yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson.

Pat from Edinburg, VA

There's one good thing that came out of the Lions game: The Bears have no film to study to see what to stop. What do you think?

Mel Tucker has looked at tape of the Jets game and tape of the Lions game. He saw the Jets crowd the line of scrimmage and invite the pass, and he saw the Lions do the opposite. Which approach do you think Coach Tucker is going to choose?

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