Greg Jennings Press Conference Transcript - Jan. 16

(How different did the offense look six weeks into the season than in the spring and camp?)

It's a lot different. We've obviously spread it out a lot more than we probably even thought we would. It's definitely given us an advantage, opening up our offense earlier in the season with trying to substitute for the running game, then having the running game come on strong in the latter part of the season. It has definitely taken our offense to another level.

(What goes through your mind with the cold forecast?)

It's going to be cold. It is what it is. For the most part, we knew if we got this home-field advantage we all wanted, it was going to be a cold game. The way our fans support us and the way we've been playing lately, I don't think any of the guys in that locker room are going to be too concerned with the weather come gameday.

(What is James Jones like as a teammate and how much does he help you and Driver on the field?)

He's a character, No. 1. I think everybody knows that. At the same time he's a great athlete. He's a great receiver. He's learned rapidly. That says a lot for what he's been through at San Jose State and the coaching that he's had up until this point. It says a lot about his work ethic and what he's willing to put in. How you can throw a guy that young in, it's like I'm talking about myself when I talk about him. It just shows you what going to college for four years will do for you. He's definitely come on strong this year.

(You and Donald messing with him, is that part of trying to keep loose?)

That's pretty much what we do on a daily basis for the most part. He probably messes with us more than we mess with him. It's just that camaraderie that we have with one another. You don't have a sense of uptight guys in the locker room. You have guys that you can do things like that with. They won't get all defensive about little things like that.

(Do you dress any differently for a cold game and how does that affect a wide receiver?)

Me, typically I don't. No sleeves. You mentally block that out. Initially, in pre-game you go out there and you're like, 'Man it's cold.' You talk to the other guy, 'It's cold out here.' Once that game starts, all of that is underneath the turf. You can't focus on that. You can't let that become a hindrance and what the bigger goal is, that's ultimately to win this game. I think that's the mindset of everybody in the locker room.

(How vulnerable is the Giants secondary with all their injuries?)

Honestly, when it comes down to it we're not concerned about the injuries. I think that the guys that they have listed, that are injured, are going to play. I'm looking for Ross to be out there, Madison to be out there, pretty much all of their guys to be out there simply because of what's at stake. When they're all out there, they're a good team. We've seen what they've done and how they've produced during the tail end of the season and what they've done on the road. They have great players in the secondary. They've been able to get the job done up until this point. So who's to say they can't get the job done on Sunday. We're definitely preparing for it, all of them, no one person more than the other. I think they have a great group of guys over there that they are mixing and matching. That plays to their advantage.

(What reassurance do you get as a young player having Brett out there for a game of this magnitude?)

The experience that he brings to the table. Just the fact that you know you have somebody heading your offense, heading your team that knows what to expect, and has been in this very situation before, who's won in this situation, who's lost in this situation, who's been to the Super Bowl, who's lost in the Super Bowl. He brings a lot to the table. Obviously, with him you're not going to get a different Brett. You're going to get the same Brett regardless of any situation we're put in. He's not going to be overly confident. At the same time, he's not going to be under-confident in what we can do as a team. For the most part, when he steps in that huddle, he knows what we're capable of doing. It's all about executing. He knows if he goes we go with him. It's very important that we have a guy like that on our sideline.

(How important is Grant in opening up the passing game?)

Last week he was 201 yards. He's huge. What he can do with running that football just adds that second dimension to a ballclub. He definitely can open up the passing game if he's able to run behind those big offensive linemen, get the 10-, 12-yard gains and those long runs. With what he's been able to do, he's actually rejuvenated everybody on offense. As far as blocking - we blocked for each other before - but there's an extra urge and extra effort that guys put forth because we know he's going to run hard, he's going to give that extra effort. In the game last Saturday he showed that. He had two early fumbles but he bounced back, played as hard as he could and we got the victory.

(How do you feel the new playing surface has held up here, especially late in the season?)

I think it's held up great. Last year, I remember coming out, I think it was against New England, they put down a new turf in the middle of the field and it looked horrible. It was horrible. This year it's held up great. The turf, when we were out there last Saturday, was very good, in great shape. It wasn't too damp. I think what they've done with the revamping of the field has been a huge advantage for us.

(How much confidence do you have when you go five wides?)

As a receiver, we want it out there all the time. Ryan Grant probably doesn't, but we know we can't go five wide every snap, every down. But as much as we can, we definitely would like to. We feel like out of the five guys that are out there, you can't stop all of us at one time. That's our approach to it, and I think that will continue to be our approach regardless of who is out there. Anytime you can spread a defense out and have them guessing on what route a receiver is going to run, and you have Donald (Driver) on one side of the field and Koren (Robinson) on the opposite side of the field, you have weapons all across the board. You can't really double anybody. It just opens the whole playbook up for us when we go five wide.

(On the first touchdown last week did Brett intentionally throw that inside?)

If I could answer that, I really would. You have to expect the unexpected with Brett. I don't know what he gave me. I don't think he knows what he gave me. I just saw him kind of give me a head motion and a point, and I ran and reacted. He threw it, and I was able to make a play. That's what we've been doing all year, and it's been working for us. Until somebody can stop it, I don't see us stopping it.

{sportsad300}(Who do you think has changed more from Day 1, you or Mike McCarthy?)

Probably myself. I think we've all changed in a positive light. I think we've all grown to know one another, grown to build that comfort with one another. But myself, I've learned so much over the past year and this year; what it takes to get through a season healthy. That in itself is a pretty tough task. I think just mentally, the growth and development that I've experienced from last year to this point now has been a vast improvement. I can't speak for other guys but for myself, I've learned so much that I can't really stand here and explain how much I've learned. Last year, 8-8, kind of an up and down season. This year, on the winning side more so than the losing, so you get to experience how it is we should go about preparing for a game and coming out on top, so I've definitely changed over the past year.

(What do you have to do differently as one of Brett's wide receivers as opposed to other quarterbacks and receivers?)

I think the biggest thing is to stay alert and stay on the move. Earlier in the season, I remember us playing in Minnesota. I think it was like the first or second play of the game, and he threw it up deep. I couldn't see where he was at, but obviously he saw me. He threw it up and Darren Sharper ended up picking it off. Luckily we got a holding call, but it's things like that. When you don't see him, typically he's going to see you and he's going to find that open guy, and he's going to make a play. It's best on our part as a receiver to stay alert and stay on the move, and I think Coach talks about that all the time. Just be continuously running and don't give up on your routes because when you have a guy like that who can improvise, anything can happen at any particular time. It was evident in Saturday's game.

(Is there anything from a mental standpoint you have to do differently than the Chicago game?)

We just need to let the cold weather not get to us. I'm not saying we did let the cold weather get to us, but it definitely played a role in that game. It was a factor in that game, and that can't factor in this game. There is too much at stake here, and I think everyone in the locker room understands that. With that said, if we just go out there and mentally focus on the task at hand, and that's the New York Giants, then we'll be okay.

(Is there a different feel to this week in the locker room?)

There's not really a different feel. Obviously, it's a bigger stage as I stated last week. The more you win, the bigger the stages become. Just looking on the board and seeing that there are only four teams left and how close that Super Bowl is in grasp, there is definitely a bigger sense of urgency in that locker room than there was last week and the weeks before. I think the closer you get, the more you're going to have guys who are more urgent about preparing, studying film and getting out there and executing.

(Did you guys decide as a group not to wear sleeves in the cold weather this week or is that an individual decision?)

I think that's moreso an individual thing. Some guys want to wear sleeves, which is their own preference. I typically don't wear sleeves, but I did end up wearing sleeves in Chicago. It's not something I normally do simply because when you're a guy who's going to have the ball in your hands, you don't want all that restriction. And then at the same time, you don't know how the material is going to hold up with the ball in your hands. I try to stay away from the sleeves because of that.

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