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Greg Jennings speaks to Packers media on Wednesday

Thoughts on Eddie Lacy, Packers defensive backfield


Dan from Rice Lake, WI

I like your idea of forcing defensive personnel to line up within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage to reduce the risk of injuries. How could such a rule change gain traction?

I know a guy on the competition committee.

John from Rogers Park, IL

Vic, Rick Reilly said something interesting last night after the horrid Vikings-Giants debacle; the push for player safety by reducing the number of offseason workouts has diminished the parity within the NFL. Do you agree with his assessment?

The theory is that the elimination of two-a-days in training camp has effectively slowed the development of rookies. Simply put, young players are requiring more time to close the college-to-pro gap, and that would effectively slow the progress of teams in rebuilding projects.

Greg from Virginia Beach, VA

Is Greg Jennings still happier in Minnesota?

I'll let you know tomorrow after the conference call with Greg. It's going to be an event.

Jared from Manassas, VA

The NFL just handed down a two-game suspension to Washington's Brandon Meriweather for his illegal hits while playing Chicago. Do you think the NFL should have disciplined him weeks ago after his illegal hit on Eddie Lacy? The fine he received for that hit, which he appealed, didn't deter him from doing it again.

He's a serial head banger. Once a head banger, always a head banger. It was going to come to this eventually.

Keith from Lake Geneva, WI

Vic, Eddie Lacy is a horse of a man. My prediction is that if he stays healthy for his career, he'll be better than Jerome Bettis. Keep in mind, I'm a Bettis fan, but this kid has it all, quickness, burst, strength, good hands, great vision, cutback ability. The only thing I think he lacks is that breakaway speed, but who needs that when you can just run over the guy that's in your way and make all 11 defensive players exhausted by the end of the game. This kid is going somewhere.

I think you should keep in mind that Bettis rushed for 13,662 yards. He carried the ball 3,479 times. Those are amazing stats, especially for a power runner. By comparison, Earl Campbell only rushed for 9,407 yards on just 2,187 carries. Bettis is one of the most underrated power backs in the history of the game, and the most underrated part of his game is his feet. Bettis had two of the best feet I have ever seen. He was a lot more than power, he was quickness in the hole. Lacy also has that combination of power and quickness. That's what he's showing us now with his ability to cut back to daylight. I'm with you on Lacy, but take another look at Bettis' stats and think about how long it'll take Lacy to get there. He only has 13,310 yards to go.

Thomas from Milwaukee, WI

Can you please share some thoughts on the Packers defensive backs?

Sam Shields is playing at the level of a high-caliber shutdown corner. Davon House is playing the best football of his life. Micah Hyde gets better every week. What happens when Casey Hayward returns to action? Look out.

Travis from Sobieski, WI

I'm a huge supporter of draft and develop, however, as the trade deadline approaches, I can't help but think a late-round pick for someone like Fred Davis could really help this team through Finley's injury. Why does Thompson guard even late-round picks when the odds of hitting are so much worse? My guess is that it's because those are the guys stepping up right now when players go down.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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