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'Hard Knocks' about entertainment and leaguethink

How do you beat Peyton Manning?


Dakin from Eagan, MN

Vic, I saw on ESPN that the NFL owners took a vote that basically forces teams to allow HBO's "Hard Knocks" into their facilities in the future. While that's annoying, my main question focuses on the owners. Since the Packers are owned by fans, who represents their vote?

Mark Murphy.

Emmitt from Madison, WI

What would be your over/under on how many years it takes before the NFL holds a Super Bowl in Europe?

First, there would have to be a team in Europe, which I can see happening in 5-10 years. Then I could see a Super Bowl being played in Europe, if the franchise in Europe is successful, in 15-20 years.

Nick from Hollandale, WI

Vic, how would you slow down the Denver Broncos offense? They obviously have a smart quarterback but their line gives him great protection, opens up holes for Moreno and they have tons of weapons.

Run the ball, dominate time of possession and play coverages tight enough and hold them long enough to get pressure in Manning's face; don't let him step up in the pocket. I understand that rushing him is difficult, but you can't beat a good quarterback without getting some pressure on him, and if you're going to blitz Manning, blitz him up the middle. He doesn't want to move.

Keith from Lake Geneva, WI

Vic, interesting point about Manning. Do you really think he's the kind of guy that cares more about a simple TD record than another ring?

No, I don't. The only blemish in his career is his postseason record and he would go a long way toward dismissing that with a title run this season. Be that as it may, I think statistics are very important to him. He's one of those ultra-competitive people who find importance in winning everything, even the stats.

Jeff from Kenosha, WI

Vic, what are your thoughts on the NFL owners demanding that teams participate in "Hard Knocks." I understand the NFL is all about entertainment but I've also heard teams say it's intrusive and disruptive. I've found the show to be very insensitive to the players.

I'm OK with it. I'm a leaguethink guy.

Keith from Greendale, WI

Vic, I intentionally avoided the Frontline documentary on player safety because it would be impossible for me to be more tired of that topic. At this point, there are only two NFL outputs I pay attention to, the game and your column. After that, I'm seriously growing tired of everything else, especially player safety. Can we all just make the changes that are deemed necessary and get on with things?

We don't know where to draw the line on making changes. The documentary presented information on sub-concussive hits. If there was something new in the way of information, that was it. We need more information.

Corey from Waupun, WI

Vic, do you feel Clowney's draft value has dropped? What are your thoughts on a college player not playing and saving himself for draft day?

Anything he might lose this season, for whatever reason, he can reclaim in postseason workouts. His talent is undeniable.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

Is Eddy Lacy better than Trent Richardson?

I think he has better vision.

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