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Harry Styles dons Packers jersey for Tiny Desk Concert on NPR

Pop star answers questions about his love for the Green & Gold

Pop star Harry Styles performs on NPR
Pop star Harry Styles performs on NPR

GREEN BAY – It's clear by the "G" tattoo on the singer's arm – Harry Styles is a Packers fanatic. So when Styles visited NPR and met up with lifelong Packers fan Stephen Thompson, it was time the pop star answered some questions.

Styles was in Washington, D.C., to perform a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR's headquarters. The Tiny Desk Concert series is an opportunity for artists to perform their songs in an intimate setting and has been running for over a decade.

Performing new songs like "Cherry" and "Adore You," Styles sported a light blue Gucci sweater. But when it was time for the interview, the superstar pulled out an Aaron Rodgers jersey and a gold Packers foam fist.

"When I was about 6 years old, I fell off my bike and I cut my knee, and I bled green and gold," explained Styles when asked about the origin of his fandom. "And that was it."

The star actually became a fan after spending time with friends from Wisconsin. They watched Packers games together, played Madden, and eventually Styles was converted into a Packers fan.

Styles always played Madden as the Packers and the uniqueness of a fan-owned team caught the singer's eye. Being a big fan of cheese really helped too.

"The Packers were the team for me," Styles said.

His fandom was solidified after a Packers "G" was tattooed on his arm. In the interview, Styles revealed that the tattoo originated from a bet: If the Packers won their upcoming game, he would get a tattoo in their honor. If Green Bay lost, he wouldn't.

"I only had time the day before the game to go and get the tattoo so I thought, 'Oh, I'll just get it,' and I went," recalled the superstar. The Packers ended up losing that game, but Styles still shows off the tattoo with honor.

The singer has made his way up to the Frozen Tundra for a preseason game in the past. Visiting Lambeau Field with friends, Styles said the atmosphere around the stadium was great. A hearty "Go Pack Go!" chant ended Styles' interview.

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