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He pushed my button, so I'm going off

Yes, Packers can win the division at 10-6


Jason from Surprise, AZ

Vic, I understand the Packers still have seven games, however, if the playoffs started today, they wouldn't even be in the picture. I believe a turn of events is on the horizon and they will go 5-2 down the stretch. Do you think 10-6 will be good enough to win the division?

I think the Packers would win the division at 10-6, provided they won their remaining three division games. They're still in the wild-card race but their tiebreakers are bad right now.

Peter from Eagan, MN

Vic, I know you receive your paycheck from the Packers, so I understand your reluctance to express criticism of the organization, however, in keeping with your theme of players not plays, the fault of this team is pointing at Ted Thompson for failing to provide Capers with good defensive talent. I don't recall any of your comments being critical of personnel decisions, but for my own curiosity, I will be reading your comments with that in mind.

I'm going to assume you understand the degree to which you have insulted me, so I hope you're sitting in a chair that has a seat belt, Peter, because it's time to buckle up. Who gets the blame for that No. 21 defense in New England, Peter? It was No. 25 last year and No. 31 the year before that. Isn't Bill Belichick supposed to be a defensive genius? Hey, Peter, they've got a bust waiting for him in Canton. Who gets the blame for that No. 29 offense in Baltimore, Peter? A lot of people think Ozzie Newsome is the best personnel man in the league. Peter, if you had a feel for the game beyond your own disappointment, you would understand that nobody has top ratings across the board. You would understand this is the way it is in the NFL. You would understand that everybody is in the same boat: trying to patch holes created by attrition and injury with a mere seven rounds of the draft and a salary cap that is only adequate if you don't have a star quarterback eating it up. And what happens when you don't have that star quarterback? You lose and everybody complains that you don't have a star quarterback. My inbox is full of commentary from wonderful fans that get it. You don't.

Pat from Andover, KS

Do you believe this game against the Giants is the beginning of the big push?

Sure it is. Unless you can guarantee the Lions will lose this weekend, a loss would be potentially devastating. When the Packers and Giants kick it off on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, the Lions and Bears games will be over and we'll know exactly what this game will mean to the Packers' pursuit of the playoffs. A Lions win would mean the Packers would have to win to stay within a game of the Lions. A Lions loss would mean the Packers could climb back into a tie for the division lead. You take it as it comes, week by week. Nothing about this game tells me it's not important.

Bill from Brooklyn Park, MN

"I think people can tell that I don't like this flex stuff. I think it's bad business because the ticket buyer is the No. 1 customer and his or her plans are the most important plans." Vic, from a financial perspective, is it true the ticket buyer is the most important customer?

In Green Bay, from a financial standpoint and from every other standpoint, the ticket buyer is without a doubt the most important customer, because without him you have nothing. The Packers mystique is built on the ticket buyer. What is Lambeau Field without its fans pressed shoulder to shoulder? What would this franchise be without that waiting list to which Packers fans point with such pride? That waiting list is the very embodiment of Lombardi's teams. They created that list and through that list they achieve immortality. What do the Packers have without those fans? The smallest market in the league? Without those wonderfully loyal and supportive fans, this team would have no identity. All of that great history and tradition would quickly fade. Everything about this franchise begins and ends with those fans that sit in the cold on the same metal seats on which their mothers and fathers sat to watch the "Ice Bowl." They are this franchise's greatest emotional and financial asset. With that, I invite everyone to join me on Sunday for "Ask Vic Halftime." I hope you are looking forward to the game as much as I am.

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