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I agree, the media is overlooking the Packers

Hard times make for good comeback stories


Scott from San Diego, CA

Vic, a lot of media outlets are talking about the 49ers, Seahawks and Saints as the class of the NFC. Are the Packers being overlooked?


Jason from Crandon, WI

Vic, when spring rolled around and Mike McCarthy said he was flip-flopping the line, every article that followed said this will be tough to near impossible. The much improved running game is proof that this was genius.

I agree.

Conor from Milwaukee, WI

B.J. Raji and a pick six? Yeah, real forgettable.

I didn't cover that game. "The four Packers-Bears games I've covered have been forgettable." See, it's all there for you if you'll just read it. I wanna be happy today. How about you, Conor? You wanna be happy today?

Paul from Zanesville, IN

Vic, it's generally accepted that Anthony Munoz is the greatest offensive tackle of all time. You saw Munoz play twice a year throughout his career. Do you agree he was the best ever and what made him a great left tackle?

He's the best I've ever seen. What made him great? Do you remember Monty Towe? He was the 5-7 point guard on the David Thompson N.C. State team that won the national title. Towe was cat quick. Now picture the Jolly Green Giant with Towe's quickness, and that's Anthony Munoz.

Dan from Houston, TX

Vic, your story about "watching" the game is priceless. For the 2007 Giants game, my friends and I couldn't afford tickets, but we drove across the state and tailgated anyway. We watched the game on TV with the windows open to hear the stadium screaming. If only we'd won.

I love it.

Jerry from Des Moines, IA

Vic, liked your comments about Jolly and response to the thug question. Do you have any other favorite comeback stories like Jolly's from your days with the Steelers or Jags?

Ernie Holmes had a nervous breakdown and tried to shoot down a police helicopter, and then became one of the most dominant defensive tackles I've ever seen. Ernie wasn't a criminal. He wasn't a thug. He just had hard times.

Benjamin from Bear, DE

Vic, I love your "Ask Vic" and read it daily. I have one point I'd like to make and I hope I'm not in the minority. This is and we're all huge Packers fans, I assume. I'm sorry, but why do you spend so much time and energy on answering questions from fans who are interested in other teams or ancient history? Give me the news of the day about my beloved Packers, please. I'm seriously not interested in any other info from this website. I'll go to or another source for my non-Green Bay info. Thanks.

I do it to attract readers who are fans of other teams and from other walks of life, so I might expose to them the joys of being a Packers fan, for the purpose of selling them a "membership" to the club that is "Ask Vic" and counting them among the citizenry of Packer nation. May I have your approval, please?

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