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I believe fans have a right to know

If I bought a franchise, nobody would come to the games


Mez from Janesville, WI

Vic, Ben Roethlisberger revealed in a radio interview some specific details on the extent of his shoulder injury. Does Coach Vic take issue with players doing that, especially at this time of year?

If you're his coach, you have to live with it. Roethlisberger likes talking about his injuries. He wears that tough guy image on his sleeve. He's proud of it; it's his identity and he wants fans to know where his heart is. I not only don't have a problem with it, I like it. I believe the fans have a right to know. You're not hiding anything from your opponent. They know he's got a sore shoulder and they're going to roll him on it every chance they get.

Terry from Green Bay, WI

What would Vic Ketchman do with $1.5 billion?

Invest it and donate the gain. What did you think I'd say, buy a football team? Nobody would come to the games because all we'd do is run the ball.

Chip from Seattle, WA

If the Packers win Saturday night, who will you be hoping the Packers play in the NFC championship game?

I'd want the Packers to play the Seahawks, for the obvious reason that it would be at Lambeau Field and it would be high drama, but I'd have no problem with going back to Carolina. If the Packers win on Saturday, they can beat anybody anywhere.

Joe from Clio, MI

Vic, when did college football turn from three yards and a cloud dust to the wide open, spread-'em-out game of today?

When the "little" teams didn't have big enough, physical enough players to gain three yards against the "big" teams, only to raise dust. The powerhouse teams are dominating the recruiting. It was much worse during the days of no recruiting limitations. If I was the commissioner of college football, I'd decrease the scholarship limit even more. That's how you create parity. Hey, leave some five stars for the other guys, huh?

Juan from New York, NY

Do you feel bad for St. Louis Rams fans? Do you have any advice for them?

I feel for their loss, but are we forgetting they stole the Rams from Los Angeles, just as Los Angeles is stealing the Rams from St. Louis? I won't go so far as to say they stole the Cardinals from Chicago, but there's no doubt in my mind St. Louis is going to make a play for the Jaguars, and I don't like that at all.

Bill from Steilacoom, WA

Speaking of bold calls, I thought Coach McCarthy's decision to start the game on offense to ensure he had the wind at his back in the fourth quarter was genius and wasn't lost on this fan.

It was sound strategy, but it wasn't genius. It's common sense that if you win the toss and defer, your second-half choice will be to take the ball, which means the Redskins will elect to defend a goal that will likely put the wind at their backs in the fourth quarter. We overrate the simple stuff and underrate the big stuff. Coach McCarthy's (and his staff's) genius for the win in Washington was his and their accurate evaluations of the matchups. They didn't scheme schemes, they schemed personnel.

Beau from Lancaster, PA

Vic, we are down to the final eight teams and arguably the eight-best quarterbacks in the game. Without "The Man," it's nearly impossible to make a deep playoff run.

Your team will go as far as its quarterback takes it.

Shawn from Troy, NY

How much does Carson Palmer's playoff record/statistics matter?

Not at all. He's a top quarterback.

Colin from Tripoi, WI

Vic, I was looking to install the Packers mobile app and checked out the reviews. It received a 4.6 out of five. It's kind of funny, but the only complaint I saw over and over was not being able to submit questions to "Ask Vic." You, my friend, are a big deal around here. Congrats, you've earned it.

I couldn't find my app with either hand, but I asked one of our interns about this, and he said it's been fixed, so we have that going for us, which is nice.

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