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I don't see a weakness in Aaron Rodgers' game

Micah Hyde, Richard Rodgers co-MVPs of spring season


James from Chicago, IL

I liked it better when linemen had to hit the seven-man sled and no one cared about soccer.

And player safety wasn't a concern, receivers weren't defenseless, quarterbacks weren't protected, games weren't stopped to correct bad calls and fans neither took great offense nor looked for reasons to be angry. We've come a long way, but where are we going?

Jeff from Minocqua, WI

Vic, I saw an NFL analyst recently ranked the best pass-rushing duos for the upcoming season, and Peppers and Matthews were not mentioned. Does that add fuel for their fire?

No. They're professionals and something as frivolous as one man's opinion isn't reason to take great offense. You shouldn't take great offense, either.

Monica from Lisbon, ME

Why was Jonathan Franklin released and not retired?

I suspect he doesn't want to retire. He probably wants to see if he can attract another team to sign him. Had he elected to retire, the Packers could've assigned him to the reserve/retired list, which means they would've continued to hold his rights. Having been released, he is subject to the waiver wire because he is not a vested veteran. If and when he clears waivers, he's free to sign with any team in the league.

Kevin from Fort Atkinson, WI

If the Packers defense can stay healthy, how good do you think the defense can be?

I like what I see, but Clay Matthews is the key. He's the star of this defense and he must make a full recovery from his thumb injury and remain healthy through the season for this defense to be the best it can be.

Tom from Orlando, FL

Vic, the U.S. government, as well as the Patent Office, has no right to deny the Redskins free-market value. Only a small minority of people look at the Redskins' insignia as offensive. You're groveling to the mainstream media and political correctness this country needs to move away from. We Packers fans shoot deer for the sport of it. Plus they taste good.

To what nonmainstream media do you grovel?

Vivek from Herndon, VA

What is the Underwear League?

It's the recently concluded spring practice season, for which I am proclaiming Micah Hyde and Richard Rodgers to be co-MVPs. Why those two? It's because Hyde made a position switch to start the spring and concluded the spring as the starter at his new position, and because Rodgers was the spring's breakout performer.

Jeremy from Burlington, WI

I have to disagree with you, Vic. The Redskins should be able to keep their name. If they are forced to change their name, where do we draw the line?

We draw the line where one man's enjoyment is at the expense of another man's embarrassment.

Blane from Knapp, WI

How will Julius Peppers help Green Bay on defense?

By sacking the quarterback and intercepting the pass.

Matt from Round Rock, TX

Vic, would you rather have, size or speed at linebacker?

Speed, speed, speed. Always speed. Big speed is better than small speed, but small speed is better than big slow.

Per from Odense, Denmark

Michael Vick recently stated he revolutionized the game and was the forerunner for players like Kaepernick and RGIII. Your thoughts?

He's certainly one of the quarterbacks that changed the game. Bobby Douglass could run but he didn't revolutionize the game because he didn't change it. Vick did. Kordell Stewart needs to be acknowledged. He's the original slash.

Mark from Bay City, MI

In your words, tell us how good Aaron Rodgers is.

There is no weakness in his game. He's the only quarterback I've covered about whom I could make that statement.

Steve from Eau Claire, WI

In the era you've covered the NFL, who are your top picks for best placekicker, punter and special teams coverage player?

Adam Vinatieri, Ray Guy and Bill Bates.

Felix from Langenhagen, Deutschland

What is the difference between defensive end and defensive tackle?

Usually, it's two gaps. Usually, defensive tackles have to contend with a blocker on each side of them; defensive ends usually only have a blocker to their inside.

David from Los Angeles, CA

"On Tuesday, the player on whom Chuck built a team that won four Super Bowls, helped carry his coach to his final resting place. That's a pretty good pick." Prose at its best.

Those are simple words written by the facts of life. Life writes a beautiful story, if we take the time to read it.

Trish from Washington, DC

Vic, when did you first find yourself offended by the name Redskins? Was it back in the days of the circle R, or just a few months ago when it became a hot-button political issue?

I've never been offended by it, but I'm not a Native American. I'm sensitive to their position on this subject. I don't want them to suffer embarrassment for something as relatively meaningless as the name of a sports team.

Jesse from Truth or Consequences, NM

Have you ever seen a lion stop to limber up before it takes down a gazelle? I have seen data that shows stretching invites injury to normal muscle motions.

I never stretch and my hamstrings are fine. Wouldn't it be funny if it's determined that stretching causes hamstring injuries?

Matthew from Middlesbrough, England

Vic, it's "The Open Championship," not the British Open. Am I now allowed to take great offense?

No, but I'm allowed to take great offense, even though I won't, because your open championship was the John Deere Classic until Arnold Palmer went over there and resurrected it. Don't give me that THE Open Championship baloney. It wouldn't even be shown on TV in this country if it weren't for Palmer and the Boeing 707.

Raymond from San Antonio, TX

Are you as annoyed as I am about how the World Cup is being shoved down our throats?

I'm not annoyed because I don't watch it or read about it. What I don't understand is why so many people are annoyed that I don't watch it or care to know anything about it.

Aaron from Phoenix, AZ

Is it a requirement for all sports writers to be leftist dirtballs? You seem to fit right in.

Just call me lefty.

Boris from Kansas City, MO

It makes me sick to see how deep the Packers are at wide receiver. While it frustrates me the Chiefs aren't looking like they did last year, I bask in the idea that we killed your perfect season with Kyle Orton at QB. Take that, Vic.

It still hurts. When will I ever get over it?

Tom from San Antonio, TX

The banning of Nick was righteous.

He needed it.

Jim from Fond du Lac, WI

ProFootballTalk had a poll asking readers to vote on the better of two quarterbacks: Peyton Manning or Terry Bradshaw. Of course, it's in response to Bradshaw's comments about Manning, that he's great if you like losing Super Bowls. I think Bradshaw hit the nail on the head. Manning is a brilliant regular-season QB, but his postseason record leaves a lot to be desired if he wants to be in a conversation with Bradshaw, Montana and Staubach.

Yeah, but Bradshaw picked a bad time to pop off. He should've been more concerned for providing expression for the passing of his coach, than for offering opinion on Manning.

Phil from Tampa, FL

Vic, I love your column, I appreciate all your insight and your willingness to express your opinion. We absolutely need more people in this society that can do just that, and maintain an attitude that does not get offended at the same time.

At what point do we need more people that will allow expression without taking great offense to it?

Liquid*Johnnys, *FL

I deeply apologize. I never intended to make a negative connotation. I have no prejudices whatsoever. I understand my language was over the line. I sincerely apologize for that. I am as winsome a fan as can be found in Packerland, and this board means a lot to me. I respectfully request that my IP Address be unblocked from, with the solemn promise to watch my language, and that such a slip-up will never happen again.

I warned and I warned and I warned, and then I warned that the warnings have ended and I'm going to begin blacklisting. I'm not going to provide an explanation of what is and isn't acceptable in the comments section, because I am absolutely certain everyone knows right from wrong. What I will say is that attempts to be cute will meet with the same fate you have suffered. If you put an asterisk in place of a letter, for the purpose of disguising an offensive word, I'm going to hit the magic button. Here's the problem you have, Liquid Johnnys. I'm not a computer guy. I know how to blacklist you, but I don't know how to unblacklist you, nor am I going to go to the bother of finding out. I warned. Now everyone knows the warnings have stopped. Action is always the best warning. You need to contact somebody in IT.

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