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I'll burn my khakis if they don't pick a LB

Let the man complete his body of work


Patrick from Tampa, FL

Last night I was torn. Like most people, I was wondering why no linebacker and another receiver in round three. I decided to sleep on it before commenting here. Thank you for the “Maybe Saturday will be the day” article. It should help to remind us "In Ted we trust" has served us and the Packers very well.

You have to let a man complete his body of work. We're only three picks into this draft. Later today, we'll know what his full plan was and, at that time, we'll judge it. I don't think it's fair to judge it now.

Jeff from St. Clair Shores, MI

Vic, I love the versatility in the newest Packers. Am I the only one who thinks Nick Perry may be the answer at ILB?

It's a guess. We don't know what the answer is and the Packers aren't going to tell us. I can promise you this: They have a plan.

Jeff from Brooklyn, WI

Why Ty Montgomery? McCarthy stated they do not draft for special teams, it's not the way to build a football team, but it sure looks like that's what they're doing this year.

Thompson said Montgomery's kick-return ability wasn't an overriding factor in his selection, but it was a factor. West Coast scout Sam Seale described Montgomery as a bigger Randall Cobb. When I heard that, the pick made sense. This is a matchup pick. Montgomery is built like a running back. He's perfect to be used much as Cobb has been used out of the backfield. Mike McCarthy is a multiple offense guy. He loves creating roles and then fitting players into those roles – John Kuhn is the perfect example of that.

Dean from Orlando, FL

Vic, the first three picks seem to be about Mike McCarthy rebuilding his special teams. Do you see any of these players contributing significantly to either the offense or defense in the near future?

If your first and second-round picks don't significantly contribute to your offense or defense, they were not good picks. The expectations for Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins is for them to be full-time, every-down players. It has to be that way for guys in the first two rounds.

Brandon from Mililani, HI

Reporter: "What makes you think it's fine (ILB position)?" Ted Thompson: "I'm a football guy." Thompson cracks me up. You must enjoy his sarcasm?

I like that kind of back and forth. It was a reporter doing his job and his subject answering the question honestly and with a little edge.

Owen from Portland, OR

So it looks like we found a middle linebacker in the draft. He went to USC, comes from a family of NFL greats, is a five-time Pro-Bowler and has won a Super Bowl. I guess it's hard to find a player better than that.

I don't believe that's the plan.

Justin from Sherwood, AR

I'm going to believe, Vic, because it has worked for years and there is nothing else I can do, but I don't understand. The Packers say Montgomery is a bigger Cobb. He's also slow, not much bigger and not very productive from scrimmage. Do you think that was a good value pick? I'm a little disappointed.

I doubt the Packers share your view of Montgomery. Whose view is right? Only time will tell. My point is this: When a guy has performed as expertly as Ted Thompson has, he should have earned your trust and patience. What team has gotten more out of its draft classes of the past few years? David Bakhtiari and Corey Linsley might be the best values of the last two drafts. The Packers got immediate impact from two guys whose names weren't on the fans' radar. In my mind, Thompson is only guilty of one thing: Finding talent in players with whom fans aren't familiar.

Cassidy from Oceanside, CA

Has value met need thus far, Vic?

I trust it has. I have no choice but to trust. The Packers aren't going to show me their board, but why not trust? Thompson has always spoken passionately of his commitment to drafting the best available player. He's never couched it. Chuck Noll would say it with a little smile, but not Thompson. He's always been dead serious when it comes to defending his BAP approach. The Packers don't draft according to our board. They draft according to their board. It's worked pretty well for them, and for us, too.

Gabe from Twin Lakes, WI

It's been a depressing draft for me, Vic.

That's just ridiculous.

Mike from Cullowhee, NC

I'm certainly not freaking out, but I must admit it's pretty disappointing we weren't able to snag one of those top ILBs. I realize it's how the board played out and we got some great players regardless, but still.

Maybe we obsessed too much about the position. Maybe the Packers released A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones because they believe they have a surplus at the position. I don't know what the truth is, but we'll know what it is at some point, and I kind of like the action. With apologies to Coach McCarthy, I like the drama.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, I feel better about the Packers' defense now. I think we already have the guys at linebacker and we're going to get more today. Now we have two young cornerbacks. Thoughts?

The cornerback position is so critical to success in today's game that what happens at that position this year could determine the fate of this team. Randall and Rollins require patience – as Joe Whitt said, "Corner is a hard position to come in and play as a rookie" – but I get the feeling the Packers need some kind of contribution from those two players for the defense to overcome the loss of Tramon Williams and Davon House.

Joe from Clio, MI

No big guys drafted by Green Bay so far; all speed, quickness and versatility. The future of football?

Open-spaces football is the game of today and the game of tomorrow, but you still need the big guys. I expect the Packers to draft a couple today.

Nick from Dayton, NV

In day three of the draft, do you see the Packers taking a LB or two (inside or out), as well as a young QB to develop for a few years and potentially take over after Rodgers?

Draft a quarterback? Yeah, but it would not be my expectation a late-round pick will take over for Aaron Rodgers in a few years. The Packers have six picks heading into today. I expect a trade or two will make that seven or eight picks, and I'll burn my khakis if one of those picks isn't used on a linebacker.

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