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I want more games like this; nothing beats December

Packers can beat anybody in January in Lambeau Field


Deepak from Chicago, IL

What a week! Aren't you glad they changed the schedule to have more division opponents the last two weeks? This has really made for an exciting entrance to the playoffs, with so many seeds and playoff spots still up for grabs.

Pushing division games to December was a good idea. I would also be in favor of increasing the playoff field. Why? Because the product is at its best in December. Why wouldn't I want to see more of this? September football is weak. It's preseason-like. The football that's being played right now speaks of the quality athletes and coaches that exist in this league. I wanna see more games the quality of what we're seeing now. This is beautiful football.

Al from Miami, FL

Our defense can't stop anyone. Why not consider a change to a 4-3 defense next season? Some of the best defenses right now are using that scheme.

Of the top 10 defenses in the league, seven of them play the 3-4.

Mark from Lakeland, FL

I am glad the Packers have a chance to get into the playoffs, but I am sick of fans saying I should be satisfied with dumb mistakes, penalties, poor coaching and bad execution of plays. If you want to cheer for a second-rate team, then great! I want more.

Hey, why let good fortune make you happy? It makes total sense to me to be miserable in Christmas week, especially after the Packers have somehow magically manipulated their season to be one win away from hosting a playoff game. Never mind that the Lions collapsed after having outgained the Packers 563-56 with 4:17 to play on Thanksgiving Day. Never mind that the Bears got blown out in Philadelphia needing only a win to clinch the NFC North and eliminate the Packers from title contention. Never mind that replay review gave the ball to the Packers at the Pittsburgh 3-yard line and then, after a field goal attempt was blocked, gave the ball back to the Packers at the Steelers 2-yard line. Never mind that fate has befriended the Packers. Bah humbug. Tis the season to be miserable. Fire everyone!

Justin from Watertown, WI

Regarding the 10-second runoff on an offensive penalty, what is the reasoning behind that rule? How come it doesn't happen earlier in the game?

It's intended to prevent an offense from stopping the clock with a penalty, especially a minor penalty.

Dave from Naperville, IL

Why didn't Tomlin just run the clock out and kick a game-winning field goal?

That's the on-paper right thing to do, but I like his explanation for not taking that route. "I'm not into that. We had an opportunity to put the ball in the end zone. In weather conditions like that, anything can happen. The snapper could roll the ball back. The snap could have gone through (the holder's) hands." Mike Tomlin is a bold coach in his own raw way. He challenges his team. After it started 0-4, he started calling guys out in his weekly Tuesday press conference. He hardened that team's edge. I like that open-coat look he had yesterday. I didn't like that step-on-the-field stuff in Baltimore, but that's part of the swagger with which he coaches. Kicking the ball away after the go-ahead touchdown yesterday shocked me. I didn't get that at all. I figured he'd pooch it. Tomlin is an aggressive and unpredictable coach. He's Mike McCarthy but with the mindset of a hell-for-leather, defensive-minded coach. The fake-punt play and the fourth-and-1 gamble from midfield could've been disastrous had they failed. Winning justifies everything.

Rich from Detroit Lakes, MN

I don't understand why fans could possibly be upset with the position we're in. We lost our franchise quarterback for seven weeks and we're still playing for a title. Wouldn't you agree that everyone needs to just sit back and be happy that we have a shot?

All every team wants is a way into the playoffs. At that point, it's a new season. What good did 15 wins do the Packers in the 2011 playoffs? Just get into the playoffs; that's all. If the Packers make it into the playoffs, they'll host a playoff game and I don't see anybody this team can't beat in January weather at Lambeau Field. Packers fans should feel blessed. Why be miserable? It is what it is. This team has played 15 games. The sample is large enough to define this team. Yes, it has weaknesses that have to be addressed, but there's no rule that forbids a team from playing above the X's and O's. That's what has to happen, beginning this Sunday. The Packers have to start playing above the X's and O's. We should be happy they have the chance.

Allen from Abingdon, MD

Vic, Earnest Hemingway could never have produced this kind of plot twist. As an NFL fan, I'm loving it all.

The 2011 season was a Hemingway; it was a trophy fish but it got eaten. This season is a Tom Clancy; you never know what's going to happen next.

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