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I will never, ever change

The 2-point try is NFL's new frontier


Dana from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, just a few weeks ago, the new Dolphins head coach was a miracle worker. Now they haven't won since and turn to firing assistants. Fans are fickle and restless, but so are some organizations. When is it right to give up on a head coach?

The good franchises know when it's time, and fans make franchises good with loyal support that allows franchises to make decisions based solely on what's best for the team. If a decision is made based on ticket sales, it'll likely be a bad decision for the team. The right time to make a coaching change is when it becomes obvious to the owner confidence in the coach has declined, and the team's internal arrow is pointing down. The good owners have a feel for that internal arrow. They feel the arrow's direction inside themselves.

Rafael from Mexico City, Mexico

Even though they lost, I can't help but admire Brady and the Patriots. It's amazing how they find ways to move the ball and win games with what they've got. I'd say that's as close as you get to FULL CONSISTENCY. I must say, I'm a little envious.

In the salary cap era, no one has done it as well as the Patriots.

Bill from Brooklyn Park, MN

Vic, regarding your response to Jamie from Racine: Although I think I get most of your response, it still comes up short. Yes, the Lions got better, especially on defense. But as Jamie said, it's still the same players, on both offense and defense. So what improved, and how?

The players improved by playing better. I don't need more analysis than that. Here's what you're not getting, Bill: In this column, it will only ever be about the players; it'll never, ever be about the plays. It's that way because this is my column, and those are my beliefs and they will never, ever change. They are at the root, the heart of everything inside me that values the game. Anyone who comes here to change my mind will only leave disappointed. Please, keep coming here and butting your head against the play-calling wall, because I love the visits, but your opinion is wrong today, it was wrong yesterday and it'll be wrong tomorrow. You can't ever be right and I will never acknowledge the validity of your argument. Are you starting to get it? Hey, I'm not stupid. I understand the importance of scheme and play-calling, but when the ball is snapped it must always be about the players. If you can't understand that, you don't understand the game, and the minute I surrender to plays, not players, I need to never watch another game because I will have lost my football soul. The fateful pass in last season's Super Bowl is a play I would've never called. I think it might be the most regrettable play call I've ever seen, but the ball was thrown by a player, not a play. Had the play been executed properly, it would've worked, and I would've celebrated the players, not the play. I'm trying to be sensitive and respectful to the readers I value who come here to campaign for plays and play-callers. You probably shouldn't come here. I don't want to frustrate you. I will never, ever change. Good luck.

Matt from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, I want another Packers-Seahawks game just as much as the division this year, almost as much as the Super Bowl. Is that the sign of a rivalry?

Yeah, it is. It's a little sick and twisted, but good rivalries are.

Robert from St. Paul, MN

Ten teams in the NFC have five or fewer wins.

This has been a different kind of season for the NFC, but one team from the conference will have a chance to win it all, and I've never known a team's regular-season record to dull the shine on a Super Bowl ring. December begins this week. Just get hot, baby.

Kyle from Tampa, FL

Do you think the players care as much about winning as fans do? I'm sure they want to win, but it's a business and they are making a lot of money regardless. Sometimes when I am really angry/sad about the outcome of a game, I ask myself if the players feel the same way I do. I doubt it, but I have no way to prove that.

They care intensely about doing their job, because that's what has to happen for the team to win. All of the things you feel for winning is what they feel for doing their job, and what you feel for losing is what they feel for not doing their job.

Dave from Brookings, SD

Did you answer a question from yourself this morning?

My question counter is currently at 1,933. Do you really think I need to ask myself a question?

Vida from Hudson, WI

It was really frustrating watching the Packers lose to the Bears at home. Both defense and special teams played well. The offense is out of sync. In your opinion, should Mike McCarthy take back the play-calling?

New reader, huh? Welcome aboard.

Dave from Hayward, WI

Vic, Steelers/Seahawks was made interesting by the use of the 2-point conversion. It added a new twist to the game. I enjoyed it.

The 2-point try is the new frontier of the NFL. It greatly intrigues me because it can have a long-reaching effect. By going for two, you can force your opponent to do the same. The points can begin to add up. If I was a coach, the 2-point try is something I would really dig into.

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