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If I could pick one, it might be Aaron Rodgers

The page will be turned by new demands


Jon from Redding, CA

Vic, I see Rob Gronkowski as the best tight end in the history of the NFL. I think his size and athletic ability set him apart from other past greats. Who would you say is the best in NFL history?

Mike Ditka invented the position and John Mackey is the best that ever played the position.

Eric from Newton, KS

I would like your opinion on this topic? I love Aaron Rodgers and I think he is a great QB. What do you think of his overall record vs. top five defenses in the playoffs? He is now, I believe, 0-7, if this stat is correct. Is this a full reflection on him if they are not scoring the points in the playoffs? If this is a false record, than that is fine by me.

I'm not going to fact-check that stat because it won't impact my answer one bit. If I could pick one quarterback in the history of football to play today's game, it might be Aaron Rodgers. He's the most complete quarterback I've ever covered, and I can't think of another quarterback who addresses the demands of today's game more fully than Rodgers. He has a strong, accurate arm. He can make all of the throws. He can dink it if you drop deep, and he can light you up over the top if you play an aggressive scheme. He's mobile but not reckless, and he's got Bradshaw-like courage and toughness. On top of all of that, he sees the field as no quarterback I've ever covered saw the field. If I was his coach, I might only call the running plays and let him call all of the passing plays. His smarts for the game humble me.

Derek from Ramsey, NJ

Vic, how did you get your first gig? I majored in psychology but I'm having second thoughts. I would absolutely love to be a sports journalist but I'm not quite sure what my first steps should be.

As a college intern, I think the first sports event I ever covered was a Little League baseball game. I can remember being assigned the dregs of the high school football games, and my first full-year salary was $7,200.

Darrick from Kimberly, WI

BAP or need drafting? BAP works when you fit the pick to the talent of the player or, more importantly, fit the pick to the perceived value of the player by all other 31 teams. How many times does a talented player get away because your board was wrong? How many first-rounders don't pan out? When that occurs, not only have you wasted a pick, but you still have a need. Picking based on need at least fills a void on your roster, with a chance an impact player might emerge. I don't care how you pick, just do it well.

The first mention of BAP never ceases to resurrect the insanity of trying to complicate something as simple as rank 'em and pick 'em. If you picked wrong, then you ranked wrong and you need new rankers.

Jarrid from Shawano, WI

Vic, maybe you can explain BAP drafting. Best available player based on whose draft rank? It's sort of picking based on need, too, if you think about it. Are you telling me if a QB is the BAP in the first round the Packers are going to take him?

They picked Aaron Rodgers when they didn't need him, right? Maybe they should've waited until they needed him in 2008 to pick him. I acknowledge that quarterback is a unique position and must be treated accordingly, but I wouldn't be opposed to picking a quarterback.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, what did you think of Coach McCarthy's press conference?

He answered all of the questions. How could anybody not respect that performance?

Paul from Cumming, GA

In 2013, it was run the ball. Last year it was defense. What is Mike McCarthy's big-letter goal for 2015? I'm hoping for close.

I don't think there needs to be a theme in 2015. This team has it all. One play stood between the Packers and Sunday's Super Bowl.

Justin from Clyde, NC

"The 2015 football team won't bear the burden of what happened in 2014." Talk about turn the page.

I've been writing it for two weeks. The revenge thing doesn't work and no coach is going to play on it because to do that is to live in the past. I love fans. I love their passion for the game. I love the way they revel in victory and suffer in defeat. There would be no game if there were no fans. They are the reason for all of this. Having said all of that, fans would make terrible coaches. Why? Because they care too much.

Matthew from Vancouver, BC

Marshawn Lynch spent $1,100 having his shoes gold-plated for the NFC title game because he hates media attention.

He's playing the media and the media is playing him and they're both playing the fans like a cheap violin. I like a little mischief, but this whole act is beginning to bother me because it's become disrespectful of the fans.

Pablo from Mexico City, Mexico

The challenge, as you have pointed out more than once, is being able to turn the page for players, coaches, staff and fans. Coach must lead the way. How does he do that?

For his team, he turns the page by creating demands that require his players to focus completely on the present.

Matthew from Kingsford, MI

Did you enjoy being right about the "first to 20 wins" thing? I'll bet not. Maybe you should have said first to 19. The sarcasm and know-it-all style answers are getting old, just like you. Your attitude is childish and unprofessional, especially considering your age and experience. I don't think your bum ticker can take another loss to Seattle. Just quit, baby.

That's hurtful, especially that stuff about my ticker. I'm going to cry now.

Anita from Winner, SD

First of all, I have enjoyed reading your answers to our questions, and I believe I've gained perspective and gotten to enjoy the game more now than ever before, so thank you. Since I recently moved from SE Wisconsin to South Dakota, I'm trying to get some time off work in the summer, so I can come to your "Ask Vic Day" this summer. I'd vote for the format you had last year, and when would you expect the event to take place?

It'll be a July event. I'm thinking we need to do something that involves the opening of the new Hall of Fame and celebrates the return of Brett Favre to Lambeau Field.

Matthew from Kingsford, MI

Why are you still here? If everything is the same next season including you, then the Packers will lose to an inferior team in the playoffs again. Turn the page on your career. Just quit, baby.

You, again!

Blake from Buffalo Grove, IL

I disagree with you, Vic. I think to a lot of NFL fans, it is just a game. However, I think Packers fans have a more vested interest our team than most. To Packers fans, it is not only a game, it's dogma.

I love the pride Packers fans have in their team, but that dogma thing is a little too smug for me. It's dogma for a lot of fans in a lot of places. Let's not celebrates ourselves as much in 2015. I think that might be a good big-letters goal. Maybe that's the one play that needs to be made.

Colin from Ludlow, UK

Do you think the team will be able to put the last loss fully behind them?

You can count on it. Players don't think as fans do. The No. 1 motivation for players is job security. They're all afraid of losing their job. That's what a coach does to turn the page. He makes his players fight for their jobs, and nobody did it better or more fully than Lombardi.

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