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Impressive isn't the word

Running back is a brutal position


Ben from Osseo, WI

As a layman, I might not understand what I saw last night; however, Lane Taylor impressed me while playing left tackle. I can't wait until Mr. Bakhtiari is back, but Taylor's effort and success at LT, in my opinion, was admirable. Am I amiss in wondering how he went undrafted?


What Taylor pulled off was remarkable. He had never played the position before, ever. The Packers have drafted a ton of left tackles over the years and played them everywhere on the line, but Taylor was the exception – he was a guard, and only a guard. Impressive isn't the word for his performance, on a short week no less. Kudos to Lucas Patrick, too, making his first NFL start on minimal prep time. This just in: James Campen can coach.**

Anne from Lake Forest, IL

I am still shook up from witnessing the hit on Davante Adams. We had great seats during the game but I wish I could unsee the violent and unnecessary blow to the head that he took. It was sickening to see. With Lambeau dead silent, and players from both teams kneeling when they carted him off the field, it felt like someone had died. How do the players refocus and continue to play after something so traumatizing? I felt physically ill, I can't imagine what was going through the players' minds.

I can't either. It was a tremendous relief to hear right after the game from McCarthy that Adams was giving the hospital folks a hard time about letting him go home. I don't recall ever seeing a hit that violent, at least not in person. We'll see what's ultimately decided on Trevathan, but it's just hard for me to take the league seriously regarding player safety when the offending player, after a hit like that, is right back out there on the next defensive series. Many of you expressed similar sentiments.

Tadhg from Portland, OR

Did anyone else catch the "Oliver Twist" reference in Davante's TD celebration? Really praying that he is OK. It was a totally unnecessary hit and I expect a fine and suspension coming from the league. Do you think the NFL will be forced to follow the NCAA and allow replay to adjudicate these situations?

I believe it's only a matter of time.**As I wrote late last night**, if there's a hit that could change the procedure, that's the one.

John from Conway, AR

After his touchdown, Jordy's eyes didn't seem to infer anything but concern for his teammate. What a quality human being. Win or lose, that's the essence of a Packer.


He had no interest in celebrating at that moment, and who can blame him.**

Monty from Seattle, WA

It is strange to think how in older days the hit by Trevathan would have been considered a highlight, and now it will likely result in a hefty fine at minimum.

It probably would have become the Thursday Night Football promo for the rest of the season.

Ben from Fremont, NE

It was reported Damarious Randall wasn't on the sideline for the second half. There was no injury reported. Did he get his feelings hurt after being pulled?

All McCarthy said after the game was that it's an internal matter.

Anthony from Baraboo, WI

Good morning, Mike. Do officials listen to players when they're unsure of a call? It seemed like the Bears were able to convince the officials that they tipped the ball on that late punt even though replay clearly showed the original running-into-the-kicker call to be correct. Had it occurred in a tightly contested game, that play might have had a huge impact on the outcome.

One official off to the side was signaling tipped ball right away, so the Bears didn't convince anybody of anything. The play is reviewable, and the Packers would have been able to get it reversed, but they couldn't challenge the call because they didn't have any timeouts left.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

They come in bunches, and Ha Ha got the first!


Good call by Wes there. Interceptions don't come much easier than those two Glennon overthrows.**

Tristan from Durham, NC

Excellent episode of M.A.S.H. How are we looking going forward, after all the injuries?

Daniels was close to playing. Perry got a game in with the club. I'm not sure how close Bulaga and Bakhtiari were, but there's extra time now before Dallas. Same for House. Montgomery, Williams, Thomas and Adams are the new injuries that we're aware of, but we probably won't be told much until next week.

Dave from Long Beach, CA

Maybe this is why you draft three running backs. Because you never know who you will need due to injury.

I've been saying all along it's a brutal position.

Seth from Sheboygan, WI

Mike, you answered my question during the delay about the last weather delay at Lambeau. I did some searching – granted, not in depth – and I could not find anything about a weather delay at Lambeau in the past. Did we witness an "internet age" first?

I've been watching Packers games since the late '70s and covering them since the mid-'90s, and I can't ever recall one in the regular season.

Mike from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

On Cobb's TD reception, seems to look awfully like the same thing Cincinnati did last week – fake the pick play, and turn back inside. I hadn't seen it in the Packers' plays until this game.

Cobb's footwork and head fake on that play were dynamite. I think I've seen the Packers run something similar before, but even if I'm wrong, it's a copycat league. It doesn't matter who runs it first, it's who runs it best.

Kathy from Middleton, WI

Hi Mike. Just before kickoff, so this question will probably get lost in the postgame chatter, but I wanted to ask you: Have you gotten many questions about the President's comments on violence in the NFL? His remarks condemning efforts at improving player safety have gotten somewhat lost in the wake of his more politically and racially charged comments. What kind of effect do you think this will have, to hear the President condoning more violence in NFL play? Have you been hearing from people about this?

You're the first to bring it up, but I'm glad you did, because while football fans understandably lament many new rules and how they're changing a game they've loved, they must understand the player-safety approach is necessary for the game's survival. There's really no other way to look at it, and any pleas to turn back the clock accomplish nothing. Seeing all the comments in Inbox about people literally feeling sick watching the hit on Adams tells me something. Adaptation or extinction. Those are the choices.

Rhonda from Italy, TX

Should we cheer for Vikings or Lions Sunday? Maybe a tie?

Too early to tell whom to cheer for. Just be glad one of them has to lose (presumably).

Shawn from Kissimmee, FL

I just saw that John Kuhn tore his biceps muscle last weekend and was placed on injured reserve. I really enjoyed watching his career and hope he retires as a Packer. Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn!

Tough break for a guy I know a lot of fans were looking forward to seeing at Lambeau again next month. Certainly wish John the best.

Greg from Danbury, CT

Bennett's 25 years of laboring under the Green Bay-Chicago rivalry is impressive. As are Curly's 29 years as player and/or coach. My question: Do Lambeau's two years as coach of the Chicago Cardinals make it 31?

No, the Chicago Cardinals were not a precursor to the Bears. It's the same franchise now in Arizona.

Tim from Marshall, MI

Why did we give Davon House the money we should have given Casey Hayward? I was upset when they let him go, so I don't think this is a matter of hindsight. I knew I was right before last season started.

You're talking about a one-year versus three-year deal, and two annual salaries not even close to one another.

Allen from Zephyrhills, FL

Bennett had a handful of catches but was getting immediately tackled without much chance to advance the ball further. Do you see that as an improvement the Packers need to make or good defensive play by the Bears?


Bennett had good yards after the catch on the early third-and-1 conversion. More important, some chemistry between Rodgers and Bennett was clearly visible for the first time, even if most of his catches were short ones. Baby steps.**

Ryan from Bloomer, WI

Corey from Mooresville, NC, asked why the college spread offense has had a negative effect on the OT position in the NFL. While I understand pass rushers are getting better and more abundant in the NFL, it is unusual to not see the reciprocate at OT. I think the blame is on the skill required for the OT in the spread does not translate to the skills required in the NFL. You can see evidence of this in the fact that most of your top OT draft picks are not coming from spread teams. You don't see true NFL-caliber OTs get off to a fast start in the NFL. It seems to take a lot of development.

Offensive linemen in spread offenses spend almost the entire game in a two-point stance, so NFL-style run blocking is practically a new concept. And with the QB always in shotgun getting the ball out so quickly, the demands in pass protection are not as extensive.

Ross from Newmarket, Ontario

Who are the 13 different players to lead the Packers in receiving yards in a game since Super Bowl XLV?

Including playoff games, here are the 13 I found with some quick research: Jennings, Jones, Nelson, Finley, Cobb, Crabtree, Boykin, Adams, R. Rodgers, Janis, Cook, Montgomery, and Allison.

Shawn from Gilbert, AZ

Lambeau Field hosted the 195th meeting between the Packers and Bears on Thursday Night Football. Photos by Evan Siegle,

I don't think Dave from Zurich knows Romo is a Wisconsin guy. We say "you know" at the end of basically every sentence, you know? Anyway, hope we play well tonight and you post my question/comment, you know?

And so. That's what my mother-in-law says at the end of her sentences.

Aaron from Seattle, WA

Considering the statements put out by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers organization for the fans to join them (linking arms), what was the response like from the crowd following the team's invitation?

I didn't see many fans linking arms, but it was hard to tell from way up in the press box. The "U-S-A!" chants were quite audible as the flag was being unfurled. Rodgers and other players said they liked hearing that.

Patrick from Tampa, FL

We have all known for years that "under the table" money was a significant factor in many of the top college athletic programs obtaining the most talented players. With the recent FBI findings for NCAA basketball, would you expect similar findings to soon be unearthed in football programs as well?

I don't know to what extent the feds are investigating football, but there's clearly no excuse to get caught now. Anyone who does is both a cheater and an idiot.

Chip from Seattle, WA

Wes or Mike, who is the best college football player you ever watched playing football? I'm 32 years old and Reggie Bush is still the best player I've watched play at the college level.

It's a close call for me between Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson.

Paul from Minneapolis, MN

I don't remember where I was when Elvis died, but "upon rurther review" I know exactly where I was when Majik found Sharpe in the end zone against the Bears in 1989. I was in a bar in downtown Chicago, mere blocks from Soldier Field right about the time when Packers bars in rival cities were becoming a "thing." All of us in Packers gear went nuts while the Bears fans quietly swallowed their beers. Any special Bears memories for you?

I'll never forget, in the Soldier Field press box in 2013, hearing someone in the row in front of me blurt out, on fourth-and-8 from the 48, "He's wide open!"

Connor from Spokane, WA

What are your favorite color-rush uniforms? I like the look of the Chargers and Steelers best.

I have to admit, the Bears' all-navy look is pretty sharp. Agreeing with Ben from Colchester, CT, under the lights, I think it's the perfect contrast to the Packers' all-white.

Mikey from Ft. Wayne, IN

We need that guy that wanted to use drones to hover a ceiling above Lambeau. Bet that would have prevented the weather delay.

That was quite the monsoon that came through. If there hadn't been lightning with it, some highly entertaining football would have been on display.

Tim from La Crosse, WI

I feel it will make a strong statement if this team can be 3-1 heading into the mini bye week with all the injuries we've had to key positions.

And you wrote that before the game.

Luther from San Diego, CA

Any suggestions for my Lawrence University application? Your odds go up if you pretend not to know me.

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