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Inbox: Everything about it will be unique

There’s plenty of tried-and-true running backs making waves

QB Aaron Rodgers

Bret from Hertel, WI

Happy Tuesday, Wes, and welcome back! I hope you had a special break with your family. We had a few storms over here in Hertel. How was the weather for you?

It was a great week, albeit a very hot and sticky one. I didn't go anywhere but was able to get a lot done around the house and spend time with the kiddo. That's a good enough vacation for me. And now we are back for the long haul. I suppose that warrants a "Good morning!"

Bill from Lenexa, KS

Wes, on Monday I asked about players reporting. It's your turn. When are you, Larry, John and Mike going back to Lambeau? And are the media going to be able to cover training camps this year if they follow protocols? What's the latest?

My first day back will probably be whenever training camp begins. For now, I'm still writing from the bonus room above my garage. Based on everything I've read, media will be allowed to cover training camp as long as they follow the protocols applicable to their respective tier.

Andrew from Fullerton, CA

My idea for a safer, shorter season with less travel. Two divisions go to a bubble, like NHL playoffs. NFCN with NFCS, NFCW with NFCE in another bubble. Same with AFC, four bubbles with eight teams each. Teams play division foes twice, and other division once for 10-game season. Top team (or two) per division makes playoffs which would be held in another bubble. Three-week playoff if it's eight teams, four if it's 16 teams. Vic said he'd take no football over bad football, but I'd take this over none.

I don't worry about bad football. My concern is safe football. I was somewhat surprised when the NFL released the schedule this spring, especially after the reports about division games filling the last six weeks of the regular season. Instead, the schedule looked like every other year. One way or another, I feel like you gotta get those six division games to fairly determine who advances to a postseason. So I would be on-board with your plan.

Tom from River Falls, WI

Hey Wes, what do you think would be the best question I could ask to make it into the Inbox?

Something creative no one else is asking (Lori is the master of that). Something that makes us think. If nothing else, something rational that doesn't contain a hardened opinion you're demanding Spoff and I agree with.

Jim from Superior, WI

Have the Packers signed all of their 2020 draft class?

The only unsigned player remaining is Josiah Deguara. As I've said in past Inboxes, that's par for the course with third-round picks.

Sam from Greendale, WI

How much will lack of crowd noise affect 12's ability to draw free plays? If the Packers are on offense, there shouldn't be any crowd noise at home anyway.

My first thought is it might actually help since his voice will carry more. If games are played this year, fans are going to be in for a real treat watching from home. In more than 100 years of existence, there's never been an NFL season like this. Everything about it will be unique. As some of you know, I'm a big fan of the UFC. These shows UFC has been putting on have been something to watch. You hear every kick and punch, and most of what the coaches are shouting to their fighters. If the NFL gets this thing going, you'll likely hear things you never have before during broadcasts.

Mary from Pewaukee, WI

Are the Packers ever going to modify their logo and uniform design?

Sometime between now and never.

John from La Crosse, WI

In order to increase revenue, do you think the Packers ought to look into placing a corporate "sponsorship" name on Lambeau Field?

No chance. The Packers will get creative with sponsors and ad partners to make up for the loss of revenue, but it won't come at the cost of the Lambeau Field moniker. That name, and what it represents, is priceless.

Paul from St. Paul, MN

Would it be a mistake for the Packers to cut Tim Boyle and only go with two QBs this season?


Mark from Westminster, CO

Playing hypothetical at this point. If the NFL cancels the season due to the pandemic, what do you immediately think, and how do II fans react?

I had a similar hypothetical conversation with my wife the other day. I shudder at the thought of a cancelled NFL season. Not because I need football, but because I don't know if I can go another three months of writing this column without having something new to talk about. Penning Inbox the last three months without a physical offseason program and limited news has been the single hardest thing I've done in my four-plus years at I dreaded it on most days, to be honest. I don't want to speak for Mike, but I think he would agree this was no walk in the park.

Thorstein from Cato, WI

Isn't crowd noise already piped in to NFL televised broadcasts? I gather that crowd noise is already manipulated to add drama and excitement when a visiting team makes a big play.

Networks use microphones to amplify the crowd noise but I'm not aware of noise blatantly being piped into broadcasts. This isn't Minnesota.

Jennifer from Middleton, WI

Wow, thank you for sharing Josh Bidwell’s story. I did not remember that happening so I when I clicked on the video it wasn't what I was expecting. What an amazing example of resilience and fortitude when all seems lost. Thank you for shining light in the darkness.

I've never met Josh but I know the veteran scribes think the world of him. His is a great story of inner strength and resilience.

Arthur from Altoona, WI

It seems to me that running backs are losing ground in the overall importance to a scheme, they seem to be becoming hybrid backs and receivers. Do you foresee the pure running back position going the way of kickers as to getting into the Hall of Fame?

No. And quite honestly, I think running backs are more important today than they've been anytime over the past decade. And that's not just the hybrids. There's plenty of tried-and-true power backs making waves right now in the NFL.

Joshua from Houston, TX

As far as silencing-the-crowd moments go, I was at the Dallas game where Flynn and company came back. There were many moments of the Dallas crowd becoming silent, but the Packer crowd was loud as well.

This was actually the first moment that came to mind for me when looking back at Spoff's column Monday. There was just such a stark contrast between how loud that stadium was going into halftime compared to what the reaction was when the Packers took the lead with less than two minutes left following Eddie Lacy's touchdown. I've never heard air escape a balloon as fast as I did that day in Dallas.

Bruce from Appleton, WI

Kevin King had a so-so season last year. If he does not get any better, how long will the Packers keep him.

I don't think King gets enough credit for how he played last year but you're entitled to your opinion. Either way, he's a starter. If he remains healthy, King will be taking the field for the first defensive snap all year long.

Michael from Waukesha, WI

I think nothing makes a national media story look more shoddy than when they get a player's name wrong. I appreciate the diligence from you guys. Keep it up.

My favorite thing is when people talk about how underrated Don Hudson (sic) is.

William from Savannah, GA

Gentlemen, if you rearrange most of the letters of raccoon, you get corona. Raccoons have a mask. And we are supposed to wear a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Is it possible the Royal Order of Raccoons is actually behind a worldwide conspiracy here? Is the virus real or are we all destined to be road kill in the earth's history? By the way, are you all able to get out and enjoy the weather this summer?

Sure, yes, fine – just wear the mask. By enjoy the weather, what do you mean? Like go camping, boating or hiking? Then no, I didn't enjoy the weather. If you mean did I appreciate when it didn't rain while I was cutting the lawn or the two times I went golfing, then yes I enjoyed the weather. Take your pick. Choose your own answer.

Elliot from Newport, MN

I have a question regarding what counts as crowd noise. I have to watch a lot of purple games, and I was wondering if the "good play" horn counts as normal crowd noise or if that is a part of PA noise. Being forced to watch those games without the horn would be a small silver lining. Thanks for the daily reprieve of everyday stresses.

You guys already know my thoughts on the Vikings and their penchant for blowing that horn. If there are no fans in 2020, I don't expect that to lessen. If anything, the horn will probably be pulling double shifts.

Michael from Hammond, IN

Family Night with no families doesn't seem like much of a family night to me.

And a donut with no hole, is a Danish. That doesn't mean you still can't enjoy it.

James from De Pere, WI

Mike, you do not, repeat NOT, want to try a reel-type mower!

My brother-in-law in California uses a reel mower. I gave it a shot three years ago, handed it back to him and kindly said: "All the best to you. I'll keep my gas can."

Jeff from Ogden, UT

"Chevy Chase is the only true Irwin M. Fletcher. But I'm willing to be entertained by an impostor. It's simply a continuation of the overall theme, is it not?" Steve Martin trying to recreate Inspector Clouseau, never! Billy Bob Thornton reprising Walter Matthau in "Bad News Bears," I'd sooner watch a fly pick its nose. Some things just can't be re-created.

It's my belief there are two types of films – those that can be remade and classics that should never be touched. Spoff is the resident "Fletch" expert, so I defer to him.

Ryan from Appleton, WI

Chances training camp starts on time? Also, any idea when the decision will be made about the number of preseason games?

You'll know when I know. I promise we're not withholding information from you.

Jeff from Tucson, AZ

I'll believe training camp is here when I actually see it.

Or ask Jeff, I guess.