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Inbox: Everything's in constant motion on draft night

It’s what you feel that player can become that matters most 


Noah from Lacrosse, WI

It was really nice on Monday and Tuesday but now it's gonna be a nasty week. Is that just the Wisconsin way?

I am so sick of April snowstorms in Wisconsin. The second I punch out for the last time and get my retirement pin, I'm setting the destination in my self-driven car for Arizona. Good morning!

Collin from Omaha, NE

If the schedule gets released next week, how soon after that will tickets go on sale? I haven't been to Lambeau yet and this could be my year!

You must be new here.

Cole from Moore, OK

Since the offense had been in the same system for 14 seasons and the team was constructed to fit that mold, how confident can we be in BG and Coach LaFleur that this year won't be just a transition period for the offense and that we will be back to being a top-five rated offense?

Players, not plays, right? Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are exceptional players who would succeed in any offense. There may be a slight adjustment period for the running backs and offensive line, but LaFleur wants to make the transition as seamless as possible. As Rodgers mentioned Wednesday, there is no grace period. Everyone understands the needs to turn things around quickly.

Tony from Eau Claire, WI

I stowed away one quote from Gute that seems to apply to more situations outside of football each time I think of it. "We don't evaluate players on who they were. We evaluate players based on who we reasonably think they can be." I have asked myself multiple times what the people in my life could reasonably expect from me based on what I've accomplished (or failed to accomplish) and how I treated people in the past. Green Bay Packers: life lessons delivered daily.

I liked that comment from Brian Gutekunst for another reason, too. So many people, myself included, get wrapped up in what a player has – or in some cases hasn't – accomplished in a career. The resume isn't the only thing that counts. It's what you feel that player can become that matters most.

Andrew from Dayton, OH

Have not submitted many questions over the past six months or so due to not having any substantial thoughts and didn't want to add to the noise. Last night, before the bliss that is sleep, I had a thought: If a team is comfortable trading back in the draft, do they call around to see if any wants to trade up or would they wait to see if anyone makes them an offer? Also, is there an agreement on the difference between trading "up" and trading "down"? It hurts my brain sometimes.

Welcome back to the party. Personnel executives are constantly working the phones, talking with other teams to gauge possible interest. I don't know how everything played out last year when the Packers traded back and then traded up, but Gutekunst retold the story in Phoenix about how Ted Thompson feverishly was trying to move back into the first round and pick Clay Matthews in 2009. Everything's in constant motion on draft night.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

If Coach wants to win the heart of the fan base I would recommend a successful screen pass for the second-ever play call. Emphasis on the word successful.

Dion Lewis was the Titans' second-leading receiver last year with 59 catches. LaFleur will get the ball in the running backs' hands. I can promise you that.

Alan from Honea Path, SC

Would you consider Tony Mandarich and Aaron Rodgers the worst and best Packer draft picks of the "modern era," or is that too simple an answer?

If the modern era is the last 30 years, then yes.

Josh from Gillette, WY

Hey guys, I'm a daily reader, love your perspective, and appreciate your coverage. I wanted to ask about Matt Miller's latest mock. I know mock drafts are just fluff in the offseason, but have you looked at Miller's latest? I would be perfectly fine with every pick he made in the first four rounds, none more than Nasir Adderley at No. 30.

Adderley won me over in Indianapolis. He's accomplished, but what impressed me most was how he handled the media. Hearing his story and background also helped connect a few dots. This was a legitimate power-five conference player coming out of high school, but academics slowed his recruiting process. I respect how Adderley honored his commitment to Delaware even after becoming eligible for a scholarship at a bigger program. I wouldn't be upset at all if Adderley made his way to Green Bay.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Do you think the Packers will draft a running back in this year's draft, possibly higher than what most people think? The more I think about where this offense seems to be going, and based on comments by MLF, I feel we need to get a high-quality back and focus on the OL/TE included, to protect Rodgers by being more balanced with the run, rather than relying on plays that may produce great drama and theater, but that also exposed Rodgers to injury. Nabbing a safety is big, too.

It's possible the Packers draft a running back, but I do not think it'll be higher than most people think. Rodgers has been singing the praises of Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. You want to ride with those guys.

Eric from Mequon, WI

So we are getting closer to the draft. Do you think teams are still scrambling to put their boards together or are most done by now, sitting back drinking a Leiney, basking over their great work?

I think the framework is in place, but there will still be some moving and shaking over the next two weeks. Pre-draft visits are going on and medical re-checks happened Wednesday in Indianapolis. As more information becomes available, GMs and scouts will adjust their draft boards accordingly.

Edward from Lone Tree, CO

Since it's that time of year when NCAA football players are showcasing their talent to NFL scouts and coaches during independent workouts, it got me thinking about the quarterbacks that will soon take the stage in the NFL Draft, and their preparation during these workouts. When highlighting their arm talent, throwing passes for accuracy and distance, are they using an NCAA regulation ball for these skill drills, or are they throwing "The Duke"?

Oh, it's "The Duke" all right.

Dylan from Bozeman, MT

When Larry does Primers on defensive lineman does he shrug his shoulders and say, "I coulda blocked him"?

Larry has some amazing stories about football, broadcasting and everything in between, but listening to him talk about offensive line play is fascinating. In Phoenix, we had a really interesting conversation with him about how the game has changed in the trenches. The man is a football encyclopedia.

David from West Fargo, ND

Top three WR picks had me thinking, why doesn't Don Hutson get more national love? Shouldn't there be a Don Hutson award to the best WR each year in the NFL? Also, the three mentioned (Hutson, Lofton and Sharpe) were all early first-round picks. In Hutson's case, there wasn't a draft but they paid him the most they ever had a player, he was a first-team All-American the previous year, and they bought a new carrier pigeon to get his contract in. And here we sit with a high first-round pick. Food for thought.

Kids these days have a hard time remembering what happened 75 minutes ago, let alone 75 years. I'm sorry, but the GOAT conversation at receiver ended around the same time the Allied Powers prevailed. Nobody, perhaps at any position, has dominated his era more than Hutson.

Dean from Vienna, VA

You said, "Rodgers was listed on the injury report the rest of the season with a knee injury. Any specifics divulged beyond that are up to the team and the player." Can you give us some examples of why a team might not divulge more specifics in a case like this? Did the rest of the team know? Surely, the weight of what he did would have motivated the other players, and kept down some of the noise.

Trust me – it would have only enhanced the noise. If an athlete is playing through an injury, the less information that's out, the better. It doesn't matter if it's the NFL, St. Norbert hockey or the Ashwaubenon wrestling team. If the NFL (and media) knew Rodgers was playing through a fracture – and not just ligament damage – it would've dominated the narrative the rest of the season and the opposition could've targeted it.

Matt from Jacksonville, FL

All this rumor, opinion, negative stuff, posted online tearing Rodgers apart and being reported as "fact" has given me nothing but contempt for social media. I understand it can be a useful tool for bringing awareness and fundraising for a good cause. However, I believe sports were better when people couldn't share their opinions/hate with the touch of a finger. Save it for the local bar or the stadium seats I say. It's ruining the fun of what is by definition...a game. How do you feel about it?

I have a love-hate relationship with social media, an opinion that's completely independent of the Rodgers story and the public reaction to it. I feel like social media has the power to bring people together, but it's also a universe littered with black holes. I'm thankful it wasn't around when I was in high school and worry about how it might someday impact my son, nephews and goddaughter. It's nasty out there.

Chip from Detroit, MI

It's been a while since Jachai Polite pretty much messed up his combine, and I'm wondering if you think he's fallen out of first-round consideration entirely. I know they're just educated guesses, but early on he seemed to be marked for the Packers in a lot of mock drafts.

First round? Everything I've read seems to be questioning whether Polite will be taken inside the top 100. We'll find out whether that's real or a smokescreen very soon.

Jason from Austin, TX

Here's an offseason question for you. Do you think Brett Favre would have eventually gotten the start if the Majik Man didn't get injured vs. Cincinnati? Do you think his leash would have been shorter or do you think his relationship with Holmgren would have been different if he wasn't forced into the starting job like he was?

I do. If not in 1992, then definitely 1993. There were two other issues in play with Majkowski, as well. He had his share of injuries before the Cincinnati game and I believe there were a few contract disputes, as well. Favre's time would've come eventually.

Kevin from Elroy, WI

Who holds the Packers' record for most rushing touchdowns?

For a career? The late, great Jim Taylor with 81 in 118 games. The next closest is Ahman Green with 54.

Cameron from Brevard, NC

I don't understand how Belichick does it. We have one guy focused solely on coaching our team, another guy solely focused on preparing for the draft. How can Belichick not only do both, but at such a high level? He does not get near the credit he deserves.

I'd like to be the first to go on record saying Belichick gets the right amount of credit – not too much, not too little. Just right.

Al from Spearfish, SD

You can say what you want about the Tailgate Tour, but there's nothing better than seeing photos from the visits to children's hospitals.

I get emotional paging through **Evan Siegle’s photo gallery from the stop in Marshfield**, but it's also powerful to see all the smiling faces. It doesn't get any better than that.

Joseph from Decatur, MI

In response to Spoff's reply to Mike from Mt. Prospect, it would be nice if the second play is a PAT. Thanks for all the work you guys do for us.

Spoff surveyed 100 Inbox readers Wednesday and this was the No. 1 answer on the board.

Dennis from De Pere, WI

The second play you go for two.

This was the No. 2 answer on the board.

The Packers Tailgate Tour made a surprise stop at Fort McCoy Wednesday to visit with Army Reserve soldiers.

Chris from Lakeville, MN

Is there a tunnel from Lambeau to the Hutson Center? I can't imagine the players walking across the parking lot and street to get to practice in these cold temps.

There isn't a tunnel, but fortunately cars were invented in the early 20th century. Players have been driving over to practice ever since.

John from Rhinelander, WI

I was impressed with Mike using the word denigrated in a sentence yesterday. Wes, can you out do him?

I'm recalcitrant towards these kind of questions.

Drake from Huntsville, AL

Insiders, just got back from the Masters practice round. Beautiful course. I've never seen grass like that before. I think you could have played pool on the grass. What is your Mt. Rushmore of sports venues? Pick one per sport, and any sport, but only four. Mine are Lambeau, Fenway, Augusta, and the downhill course where Franz Klammer won the gold medal in '76. I'm interested in all the answers.

Lambeau Field, Fenway Park, Madison Square Garden and the Rosemont Horizon for my own reasons.

Troy from Westminster, CO

Regarding Jim from San Antonio that the Texas Tech player only had his finger on the ball for "1/100" of a second so the ball should go to Texas Tech. Sorry but you can't have it both ways. The objective was to find who touched the ball last at a crucial moment in the game. Even if his finger touched the ball last for 1/1,000,000 of a second, he still touched it last. Virginia's ball and rightfully so. How can we possibly live in a replay world and not acknowledge reality?

I don't particularly enjoy discussing replay in the NFL, but it's also part of the gig. I could not possibly care less about how it applies to the game of basketball. Congrats to Virginia, though.

Evan from Durango, CO

A friend and I are doing a GoT draft for the final season. We'll take turns picking characters and whoever's "team" has the most surviving characters at the end wins. Who should I have at the top of my draft board (most likely to survive)? I'm leaning towards Brienne, but Davos is making a push for that No. 1 spot.

Hot Pie. See you guys Friday.