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Inbox: He could be really dangerous in this offense

Decisions at receiver won’t be simple


Kary from Sheboygan, WI

Have you ever considered doing a soap opera based on football and calling it "Packers Scripted"? Wes would be a good foil.

Oh, boy. Here we go.

Shane from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Insiders, do you think the Packers are going to keep three QBs after the Hundley trade and the less-than-stellar performance by Boyle?

It's tough to gauge. I thought Boyle really showed what he can do when he had the better players in there with him in the first half, so my gut says he makes it. It went downhill in the second half, but Boyle was far from the only player who struggled.

Jason from Manor, Texas

How about that punt at the end of the half, eh? I'm crowning him now. We haven't had a punter this good since Hentrich.

Scott finished the preseason on a strong note. It was good to see. He looks settled in and ready to go.

Luke from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

EQ caught that deep ball.

Even though he was ruled out of bounds on a couple and was credited with only one catch for 10 yards, I thought Brown had a solid showing in the finale. MVS's 30-yarder from Boyle was the play of the game amongst the rookie wideouts. The decisions at receiver won't be simple.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Since MM was busy watching the game, who called the plays for the offense? Who won a roster spot because of his play in the Kansas City game?

I believe Joe Philbin called the game from upstairs. McCarthy has turned over the calls to his offensive coordinator in the preseason finale in the past. I thought Robert Tonyan made a strong case for himself at tight end. He looked like he belonged out there.

Daniel from Los Angeles, CA

I was worried Aaron Jones would be rusty come the regular season. He missed some practice time and another two games he'll have to miss. But that 13-yard run he had in the second half was all I needed to remember how fun he was to watch. I can't wait to watch him play 14-plus games.

He could be really dangerous in this offense. As I tweeted during the game, his combination of shiftiness and explosiveness stands out in that group of running backs, and that was reaffirmed last night.

Chris from Eau Claire, WI

The stats are in. This offense should go for it on every fourth down. Gerrrronnimmoooooooo!!! Didn't know he could break ankles like that. Get that man the ball [more].

That's one of my favorite parts of the preseason. All the fourth-down attempts. Allison is without question the No. 3 wide receiver. He really answered the bell this summer.

Ian from Minneapolis, MN

How many players not currently on the 90-man roster do you predict to make the Packers' 53? It feels high, but my gut says three. Gute has really been working the roster moves.

I have to believe it'll be at least one or two. Three might be high, but then again perhaps not with the Packers higher in the waiver claim order (14*th*) than they've been in nine years.

Alex from Holmen, WI

Waiver, waiver, waivers. Everyone talking about waivers, nobody talking about the Bears. Can we get this started already?

Almost, but there's not much left to say specifically about a very lackluster game in KC, so the rest of today's column will hit on other topics.

Jeff from Rhinelander, WI

Did I hear that Aaron Rodgers collects guitars? Can you tell us more?

I wish I could. I don't know any more about it than what he said in his conference call Thursday.

Paul from Oxford, NC

Now Rodgers can finally stay in a better hotel on road trips and not have to have Clay next door to him boisterous, snoring, and singing!

Maybe he's bringing a guitar and amp on the next trip, who knows?

Jonas from Minneapolis, MN

Could some genius make a playoff-caliber team out of the players that will be cut this weekend?

Not unless a proven NFL quarterback is among the cuts.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

I want to second the comment Merle made on about the Devante Mays story. I love reading you guys for your heartfelt, insightful and inspiring stories of people who are human beings who play football. Keep on keepin' on!

Thank you (and Merle). I don't know what Mays' fate will be this weekend, and it's really too bad he didn't play at all in the preseason. But I'm glad I got the chance for a natural follow-up to the piece I wrote about him after he was drafted.

Jay from Fairport, NY

What skills make the difference between an offensive lineman who can play tackle, guard, and those that can play both? I often hear of linemen who are able to slide over and play multiple places on the line, but others can only play in one spot. Given how close the positions are, I would think someone with the size and athleticism to play one would be able to play both.

This is admittedly an oversimplification, but a tackle who can anchor strong enough against a bull rush can probably play guard as well, but a guard who doesn't have nimble enough feet would struggle at tackle.

Michael from Newcastle, UK

Rodgers' mega contract. Not bad for a kid who didn't get a single scholarship offer and started off at Butte College. Never stop believing...

As Hall of Fame stories go, it may not rank quite with Kurt Warner's grocery bagging, but it's stories like those that always keep the NFL interesting.

Mike from Stevens Point, WI

It was a given that Aaron would become the next highest-paid player in the NFL. Now that he has reached agreement with the Packers, who in your humble opinion will become the next "next"?

Probably Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, depending on how the next year or two go.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Mike, when a team puts in a waiver claim Saturday/Sunday do they have to clear a spot on the 53 when they place the claim, or can they wait until after the player is awarded?

You don't have to clear room on the roster until you've been awarded the player.

Mike from Lake Geneva, WI

Should I be disappointed with Josh Jones or is Kentrell Brice just that good? Am I missing something?

I think both players are going to play in different packages when the games are for real.

Steve from West Palm Beach, FL

Assume the Packers are interested in a player likely to be waived but feel there is no way they will be able to get him. Can they make a deal with a team like the Browns to make a claim on him and then arrange a trade to get him?

I love all the ways people are coming up with to try to beat the system. The Browns would have to know whom they're getting, right? And if you're willing to deal him in those circumstances, then you're planning on cutting him, so the Browns could just claim him for themselves.

Bruce from Green Bay, WI

From what I understand the Browns get first pick off the waiver wire. Does that mean they get to have the first pick or they keep picking until they have all the players they need/want before the second team is up for a pick?


Shane from Coralville, IA

Great win for both sides of Rodgers' deal, which will soon be a bargain and no opt-outs. The key thing for fans to remember is the $10 million cap growth year over year, and his cap hit will give us space to be active in free agency in the coming years.

Preliminary reports I've seen indicate Rodgers' percentage of the cap is staying roughly the same. The league's TV contracts have built-in increases, a big reason the cap continues to rise at the rate it has.

Green Bay closed out its preseason at Arrowhead Stadium in a matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs

Joel from Picton, Ontario

Uh oh. "Raiders desire at least two first-round picks for Mack." This report on is sure to feed the frenzy given our first-round pick from the Saints.

I have no idea if the Packers are interested in dealing for Mack. What I will say is Gutekunst's young track record as a GM shows he doesn't dismiss possibilities out of hand. He said when he was hired he wanted in on "every conversation," and I think he's kept his word.

Oscar from Millburn, NJ

I think the way to take the head out of football is to increase the size of the shoulder pads. When attempting to tackle with the shoulder, the pads are so small that inevitably their head gets involved, or seems to be involved. If the shoulder pads were bigger you could see the contact of the shoulder sooner. Not trying to sound like the old "get off my lawn" man, but back in my day there were different size shoulder pads for different positions. Now everyone wears kicker's pads. Your thoughts?

Anytime I'm in a road hotel that has ESPN Classic, I'm always blown away by how much bigger everyone's pads were not long ago, since the turn of the century even. Head injuries were not monitored and tracked as closely back then, though, so I don't know how anyone could study the data in any meaningful way.

Bill from Bloomfield Hills, MI

Looking at the post-merger dynasties – Steelers, 49ers and Patriots – and wondering if the Favre/Rodgers era is just going to be more about playoff years than SB wins. I know it's not over by any stretch, but there are a lot of near misses over the past 20 years. I'm happy with the success that has happened, but do you see any key opponent(s) or flaws that stand out (and hopefully could be remedied in the coming years)?

You're asking the wrong guy. I've made it clear how I feel about the crapshoot that is the NFL playoffs. In the early Favre years, the Dallas dynasty was certainly a factor, but the Rodgers era has featured a ton of down-to-the-wire playoff heartbreak and tremendous parity in the NFC. It's the hand that's been dealt.

Eddie from La Crosse, WI

Mike, after witnessing the Brewers' 13-12 Twilight Zone win over the Reds (fourth row, by the Brewers' dugout), I have just one question. Is Christian Yelich a very real candidate for Most Valuable Player?

If the Brewers make a serious run at the Cubs in September, I say yes. Yelich and Cain have totally transformed Milwaukee's lineup. Otherwise, I think Chicago's Javy Baez will get it. Or Colorado's Nolan Arenado if the Rockies win the West.

Paul from Farnborough, UK

Dear Spoff, as you say, an 18-game regular season will be more about attrition than anything else. Would there be a case for stretching out the season into the whole of February to allow not only bye weeks but perhaps a week where the AFC teams play and the NFC rests up and vice versa the following week? The TV stations will have games to broadcast and the players will be able to nurse any injuries or niggles thus giving the fans a high level of play throughout.

Folks have to remember with all these kinds of suggestions that the scheduling structure has to be negotiated with the players' union. They'd never agree to extend their season by that much. Niggles?

Jessi from Sterling, KS

Thank you for explaining more of what goes into choosing the 53-man roster on "Packers Unscripted." It really shed light on the difficulty the GM and coaches have in front of them to build a team. It's hard seeing what they see, and to a certain extent, as fans we never will. Appreciate the insight!

What Wes and I touched on in that episode is just the tip of the iceberg. The considerations with all these roster decisions are incredibly extensive.

Graeme from Tucson, AZ

I have to believe that what Hundley can give the team would have been well understood after last season. Why, therefore, would you take playing time away from Kizer, a young QB learning his skills, only to trade Hundley just before the final preseason game? Or was this truly a preseason shootout between the two QBs?

A lot going on there. You never really know about a player until he's in your building. A third-year QB is not necessarily a finished product. Trading a player requires someone else who is willing to give up something for him. All of that comes into play.

Michael from Kaukauna, WI

Jesse from Darwin, Australia, asked about Cinderella stories of players who made the 53-man roster. You mentioned Andy Mulumba, whom I really cannot remember very well. Were there any Cinderella story players that made the 53-man roster and became an impact player? I can only think of Sam Shields, who came in as an undrafted rookie and was an integral part of the Super Bowl XLV team. Can you think of any others?

Frank Zombo had a sack in Super Bowl XLV.

Charles from Omaha, NE

I was wondering what the cut-down etiquette is. I know players getting cut get a call. How about players that make it? Are they contacted or do they wait until the deadline passes and if they are not contacted they are on the 53?

I've heard of it going that way. I've also heard of position coaches calling a player when they know he's made it to end his suspense.

Max from Troy, MO

I know you said you weren't evading Jeff's question yesterday about the WRs, but it felt like it. I'm not Jeff, but I don't think that question was about whether it will feel just like it did with Jordy. Rather, I want to know whether this WR group will play well enough that we don't miss Jordy competitively.

I don't have a crystal ball. I think the Packers will be fine if their top four pass catchers, including Graham, stay healthy.

Peder from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Just an idea. Maybe you could put all the non-football questions and comments backwards? Or would it be ?sdrawkcab stnemmoc dna snoitseuq llabtoof-non eht lla tup dluoc uoy ebyaM


Jay from Woodstock, GA

C'mon, Spoff, let's pick it up a little with those sponsorship mentions on "Packers Unscripted." Lloyd Braun did better selling computers out of Costanza's garage! All kidding aside, preseason is over, and we are ready for the real thing. Have a great season!

Another training camp is in the books. Serenity now indeed.