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Inbox: He had plenty on his plate

It’s admittedly a bit quirky

QB Jordan Love
QB Jordan Love

Nicole from Easthampton, MA

"My middle name is Melodious." Much better than "Malodorous"!

The scribe who sits next to him in every press box would concur.

Trish from Columbus, OH

I got a kick out of the photo of the "shoe room" with all the boxes seemingly from floor to ceiling.

Seemingly would be inaccurate.

Steve from Appleton, WI

You've mentioned often how big the jump is from college to NFL. Which do you think is the more difficult jump? College to NFL, minor league to MLB, or college to NBA? Define success however you choose. Love to hear your thoughts.

I think the transition is massive for all. Hitters don't see changeups and sliders on 2-0 counts in the minors, and 6-foot-9 power forwards in college are playing shooting guard in the NBA.

Dan from Richmond, VA

It's interesting what a person can learn here if you venture beyond II (not that we don't learn a lot here, too, of course!). For example: A) I had no idea NFL teams brought in "tryout players." B) I had never heard of Limestone University with all of its 1,600 students (Go Saints!). Which got me to wondering, has a tryout player ever landed on the Packers' final roster, or even the practice squad for that matter? Thanks for the lessons!

Lucas Patrick had the longest tenure here, and in the league, of any Green Bay tryout player I can recall.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

I've always assumed that off-ball-linebacker referred to where they line up. Middle or inside backers line up off the line of scrimmage and outside linebackers/edge rushers usually are on the LOS. Is my interpretation correct?


Scott from Palos Park, IL

There is a very real chance we will see a rookie starting alongside Quay Walker and Xavier McKinney once the season starts. It appears that there could be some series competition for both spots between the vets already on the roster but also between the rookies (Edgerrin Cooper/Ty'Ron Hopper, Javon Bullard/Evan Williams). Do you think it helps to have two rookies pushing each other for their chance to contribute at the same position early in camp as the learning is just beginning?

It certainly doesn't hurt. If the players handle it the right way, it becomes a benefit not just for the winner of the competition but for the runner-up, too.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

Listening to Hafley speak of X made me wonder whether X might be wearing the green dot on his helmet this year. Have you heard anything along those lines, and also, when was the last time (if ever) GB had a S wearing the green dot?

It's entirely possible and I'm not making any assumptions. In the past, a safety has often been a backup communicator. Adrian Amos I believe wore the green dot at times but was not the primary guy.

Joe from Liberty Township, OH

I fully understand the Packers' draft board will look considerably different from other teams' boards, as well as the "consensus" board. That said, do the Packers consider where a player will likely be drafted, and if that's well past the Packers' next pick, wait until their next pick to take him and instead draft another player they like who is generally viewed as having a higher overall draft status?

That's happened on occasion. It's dependent upon how confident they are in their read on the rest of the league and/or how comfortable they are losing out on that player if they're wrong.

Daniel from Appleton, WI

In terms of round drafted, does the definition of a "hit" on a draft pick change? For example, a first-rounder that makes multiple Pro Bowls could be considered a hit. A first-rounder that adds depth but fails to contribute as a starter could be considered a miss. Is a seventh-rounder that starts by Year 3 or makes the roster based on play to add depth considered a hit? Or does a GM simply define a hit on a player the same regardless of draft spot?

I don't know how GMs look at it, but for me personally the round taken matters in the overall evaluation. Bigger picture, most drafts are judged by how many players get a second contract with the club that drafted them, but in Gutey's tenure, I consider MVS in the fifth round and Jon Runyan in the sixth round as highly successful picks. I'd also say seventh-rounders like Rasheed Walker and Carrington Valentine have proven to be hits just based on what they did last season, regardless of what happens from here.

Brian from Bemidji, MN

Has Green Bay had the most draft picks in the last decade? Always seems like we have more than the original seven picks. Some teams seem to always have four total picks.

ATMR (WCBW), the highest total number of picks made in the last 10 drafts belongs to Minnesota with 98, followed closely by Green Bay with 97, and then the Rams with 93. The lowest totals over that same span of drafts (2015-24) are New Orleans' 62 and Carolina's 68.

Bryan from Punta Cana, DR

The apparent shift towards drafting OL as a position group and developing each player to be highly versatile seems to have worked pretty well. Do you think Gutey will (or has) taken a similar approach to DB? There remain acute differences between a true safety and a true corner. But more and more it seems like the boundaries between the two are being chipped away and blurred.

As has been mentioned several times the past couple of weeks, there's definitely a blurring in some respects between the safety and nickel/slot corner spots based on how the Packers drafted. Not so with a boundary corner, however.

James from Chippewa Falls, WI

It looks like the Packers have competition at every position except QB. Do you see it the same way?

There's no question Jordan Love is QB1, but Michael Pratt is planning to battle Sean Clifford for QB2. I think Clifford has an extensive leg up based on how he played in the preseason last year, and I would expect him to hold down that job, but he's not getting it by default.

Mike from New Orleans, LA

What is Matt LaFleur like in person? When I see him in press conferences it seems like he shifts between relaxed and willing to go back and forth with a joke, and then sometimes stiff and uninterested in humor.

Which makes him very much like just about any other coach I've covered in any sport at any level throughout my career. They have moods just like the rest of us.

Josh from Newhall, CA

Last year you mentioned LVN as immediately standing out from a physical and athletic standpoint. After seeing the new rookies on the practice field together, was there one that stood out from the rest in that respect? Or not this year?

As Wes said, I thought they came as advertised. At linebacker in particular, which I mentioned on "Unscripted," I now have a better grasp of what Gutey meant when he talked about Edgerrin Cooper's "length" and how Ty'Ron Hopper's body has "stopping power."

Eric from DeMotte, IN

Wes mentioned the draft picks at safety could make good special-teams players. I'm thinking most of the draft picks and UDFAs didn't play on special teams in college. What's the process in filling the needs on special teams during training camp with a 90-man roster? Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained!

The special-teams drills in camp run 2-3 deep or more so the coaches can get a look at everyone, and they rotate a ton of guys on special teams in preseason games to get those live reps on film to evaluate.

Dan from Kenosha, WI

Insiders, when reading the Doug from Roberts, WI, question last week about offense's early seasons struggles last year, my mind went to one notable factor. Love, to my recollection, never called out a single receiver for an incorrect route (of which, there were many, I'm sure). Is that just a highly developed personality trait or a practical application of the Golden Rule? In either case, that's a guy that would motivate me to be my best. I really hope Jordan realizes all his dreams as a Packer.

During the struggles last season, I think it's fair to say Love was living in a glass house and wisely not throwing stones. He had plenty on his plate and was focused on his job, not everybody else's.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

Insiders, so after the initial 91, the shuffling of players has begun. What surprised me was that of the first three new faces, two were WRs. I thought our WR crew was pretty well set?

It might be, if nobody gets hurt. There are also practice-squad spots to earn.

Brad from Oshkosh, WI

We talk a lot about who will benefit from the defensive changes, like LVN. Is there anyone that you think may not benefit as much, similar to Aaron Kampman during the Capers switch?

The Packers have several developmental prospects who were brought in as 3-4 edge rushers who size-wise will be challenged to play on the edge in a 4-3. I think special-teams abilities will factor heavily into their roster outlook.

Karen from South Beloit, IL

Mark Murphy's reaction to the Redskins' manipulative tactics is a lesson to us all. He probably was angry and wanted nothing to do with that team, but he calmly weighed his options and chose what he thought was best for his future. We've all been treated unfairly at some point in our lives, but we have the ability to make measured and rational decisions that stretch beyond our hurt feelings. Hopefully it will all work out for the best.

Mark Murphy is nothing if not measured and rational.

Kent from Homosassa, FL

A follow-up to the reply Saturday on "Murphy Takes 5" that he has regularly received a call from a league source on "schedule release day" as to the Green Bay schedule. When do individuals who produce the related content at receive this information?

We get a few hours' heads-up to get all our content prepped. People who know more than I do are saying it's looking less and less likely the schedule will be released this week.

Josh from Vancouver, WA

Which team would you like to see the Packers play at Lambeau Week 2?

An opponent that wins by four touchdowns in Week 1.

Joe from Cedar Rapids, IA

How did the Packers get a tougher strength of schedule than the Lions who won the division? No one knows who will be good next year, too many variables, but it just seems odd that a second-place schedule would be more difficult on paper.

It's admittedly a bit quirky, but it comes down to the difference between the Lions' and Packers' records from last year being greater than that between other division winners and runners-up. Detroit was 12-5, Green Bay 9-8. So the head-to-head games create a difference of six "wins," while the three first-place teams the Lions will face that the Packers won't (Cowboys, Bucs, Bills) were collectively only one win better than the three second-place teams on Green Bay's schedule (Eagles, Saints, Dolphins). How is that? Because the NFC South and AFC East were both decided by tiebreakers last year. Hence – sorry for the math – Green Bay's 2024 opponents collectively won five more games than Detroit's last season.

Scott from Hudson, WI

Hi guys, wondering if you can influence the NFL schedule? The last 10 years we have been hosting our epic sports weekend. We do a Badger home game Saturday and then to GB for a Packer game on Sunday. Two chances for the NFL and Big Ten to capitalize on. The Badgers are home Sat. 9/14 first time ever vs. Alabama so the NFL should open the Pack at home on Sun. 9/15. Then the Pack plays the Rams away so it needs to be 9/29 because the Badgers welcome USC to the BIG Ten at the LA Coliseum on Sat. 9/28. Can you two do it?

I don't have that kind of pull, but I am now pulling for the LA trip in Week 4 so I can go see the Wisconsin-USC game if our flight gets out there early enough.

Jason from Austin, TX

Now that we're a week into the month of May, do you expect a Love extension to happen during this month or do you think it could stretch through training camp? I'm not particularly in a rush, I'm more curious what'll happen.

I don't expect anything soon but I'll be mildly surprised if it isn't done by the start of training camp.

James from Appleton, WI

I wonder if Jordan Love sees the Packers as his best chance to win a Super Bowl. What a blessed position to be in. No other grass is greener. Emotionally and mentally all in. And he's gonna get PAID, too.

Yes, yes he is, and from what I know of Jordan, I don't expect the payday to change him one bit.

Brian from Hackensack, NJ

Can we send the "Ice, Ice Baby" lyrics to swim with the mathematics from here on out?

Much appreciated. Happy Wednesday.

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