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Inbox: He's had the type of career most can only dream of

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have changed the way the quarterback position is played 


PJ from Pullman, WA

If your name isn't Matt or Mike, you're not coaching in the NFC North.

If your name isn't Wes or Spoff, you're not writing Insider Inbox. Good morning!

Mike from Hayward, WI

With all the speculation about being able to review PI penalties, why don't they allow the coaches to review everything? Keep the rules the same in regards to having two challenges and a third if you get both right. They should also get rid of the auto review of TDs and TOs, though, to keep the game stoppages down and the game times shorter.

I'm fine with the automatic booth reviews on touchdowns and turnovers. Those usually don't take very long. Honestly, I'm liking the idea more and more of just letting coaches challenge anything. I know a few of you mentioned the problems that would cause on Hail Marys, but couldn't the refs take those plays with a grain of salt? A little common sense can go a long way.

Mark from Omro, WI

We all admit that the officials are human, and we ask too much of them to see every detail on the whole playing field. Why not add two officials to the game, one on each side of the ball. This would decrease the amount that each official has to watch. Thoughts?

Better yet – just deputize all 70,000 fans in attendance. You could even pass out little yellow flags as giveaway items for them to throw when they spot a foul. There are enough officials already. If a change is to be made, it either needs to be an eye in the press box or New York.

Kelly from Kimballton, IA

Regarding the overtime rule, I can't believe no one has suggested the obvious – head coaches in the Octagon at midfield. This seems like the only really, truly fair means of settling a tie game...because lasers are stupid.

Problem solved. I look forward to Jon Jones joining his brother Chandler with the Cardinals sometime in the near future.

Roger from McGrath, AK

Spoff nailed it when he said officiating in the NFL has " make sure as best it can the results on the field match up to what everyone sees at home." A booth official in communication with the field refs can approach that standard. I envision older, experienced refs who can't run anymore successfully filling this role. It seems relatively easy to implement, enhances safety, and doesn't require complicated changes, so why would the league resist this? I must be missing something.

Right now, there's nothing the league can do to rectify what happened. There were two opportunities to throw the flag – either after the play or after convening together. Neither happened and the league must live with that. This offseason, the NFL has to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. That's it.

Barry from Bakerfield, CA

Insiders, imagine if the non-call that happened in the Rams-Saints game happened in the Super Bowl which is viewed by a world audience. What do you think that backlash would look like?

I can't see it being much worse than what it's been like over the past week. If that non-call happened in the Super Bowl, it would make for good banter and outrage for a day or two and then the national audience would start to move on. We're closing in on a week now and the narrative doesn't appear to be losing much steam heading into SBLIII.

Dan from Toledo, OH

The next few months we'll spend discussing who the Packers need to acquire to get back to the postseason and how they'll fit into LaFleur's vision for the team. But, the No. 1 thing we need is to return to winning our division games. Zero wins vs. the Vikings (and even the Lions) the previous two years is not going to lead to many playoff berths. The Lions at home was a guaranteed W for over 20 years for crying out loud.

You're definitely not wrong. You're not going to go far if you don't take care of business in your division. The Packers need to get back to the dominance they had over the division from 2011-16, when they won five of six NFC North titles.

Andrew from Simi Valley, CA

Speaking of changing history...every time the Packers have lost in the NFC championship games, the Patriots have made the Super Bowl, winning it twice. Imagine what that rivalry could be like and how Brady's narrative may be different had the Packers won one or two of those matchups.

If I've said it once, I've said it 57 times – I still want to see a Rodgers/Brady Super Bowl. I know the AFC No. 12 might not have many more rounds left to go, but the NFL needs that game. In their own unique way, Rodgers and Brady have changed the way the quarterback position is played.

Bruce from Green Bay, WI

GB could use another receiver to complement Davante Adams. From what you have seen do you feel that player is currently on the roster? Doesn't seem to be much of a market of FAs out there. A crystal ball would be great to see if Geronimo Allison makes it to another level and can stay healthy.

Allison was on his way to having a breakout year before his core muscle injury. I really hope he can put that behind him and pick up where he left off. Through the first month of the year, you could practically mark him down in pregame warmups for six catches and 70-plus yards. Allison is a restricted free agent, but I'd have to imagine he still figures into the Packers' plans for the position.

Tom from Yardley, PA

How many OCs or DCs do you know of who were hired by a head coach despite having never worked together previously?

It's pretty common, especially on new coaching staffs like the one LaFleur is currently assembling. Mike McCarthy never previously worked with Dom Capers or Mike Pettine when he hired them as his DCs, but the NFL coaching world is a small planet. Everybody knows everybody on some level.

Dylan from Chapel Hill, NC

Is there any limit to the amount of consultants or special analysts a team can hire for a given season?

As long as they're not wearing a jersey on game days, NFL teams can hire as many consultants or analysts as they please.

Bryce from Billings, MT

The NFL reported a decrease in concussions this year. Do you feel that the new kickoff rules contributed to that?

A lot plays into that. The changes they made to kickoffs certainly improved the safety of the play, but the league also continues to make strides with tackling and improving helmet technology.

Philipp from Stuttgart, Germany

Hi Insiders! What does the director of football operations do in Green Bay?

We'll see what Brian Gutekunst says the next time he meets with the media, but the previous executive to hold that title in Green Bay, Eliot Wolf, dabbled in both pro and college scouting. Milt Hendrickson did both during his 14 years with the Ravens.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Thought I'd toss in a name for a Prospect Primer, Nasir Adderley, Delaware safety. His great uncle – or grand uncle – is Hall of Famer Herb Adderley. If the bloodlines matter the Packers could do worse.

Adderley said at the Senior Bowl this week his grandfather is cousins with Herb. I'm sure either Spoff or I will try to track him down at the NFL Scouting Combine next month to ask a little more about that.

Nate from Plymouth, MN

If you had the No. 88 overall pick, would you draft a running back or wide receiver?

I'm glad we're back on this topic. While we're at it, does anyone have any Jeff Janis questions?

Sean from Glen Ellyn, IL

Before the offseason bonanza takes off, can the II get a definition for "dead money"? I see that term pop up mostly around the decision to cut or not cut a player.

All it means is the amount of guaranteed money (typically prorated signing bonus) that's left on the contract of player who's been released or traded.

Daniel from København, Denmark

I am not a Patriots hater. However, I find this particular Patriots team incredibly boring. It lacks explosiveness. They are winning by causing the opponents to die from a thousand paper cuts in the form of passes thrown 0-9 yards downfield and runs by a boring power back. If that is winning football, I do not want it. But how do the Rams beat it?

Play smart, play disciplined and have the ball with less than two minutes to go. Sounds easy, right? Think again.

Packers wide receiver Davante Adams is in Orlando for the annual AFC-NFC Pro Bowl

Nick from Evergreen, CO

Insiders, I'm no historian but James White has to have the greatest pro career of any Badgers' running back, right? Who else is in the conversation?

Spoff would know this answer definitively. Unless I'm overlooking someone from the pre-Dayne era, though, I'd have to say you're correct. I don't know who else could match White in terms of Super Bowl appearances and overall success.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

Let's take a Badger moment for James White. Drafted in the fourth round in 2014, he has played in the AFC title game each year of his career, and in the SB four out of five. Who said John Madden football wasn't real growing up? And for a mid-round pick and role player, those playoff share checks are a big deal.

And to be perfectly honest, I really questioned during his rookie season whether White would make it in the NFL. For a while, it just seemed like he was getting lost in the shuffle in New England. Four years in, he's had the type of career most can only dream of.

Don from Troy, MI

How is it possible that Edelman isn't a serious candidate for the Hall of Fame? Ever since I've been watching, all he seems to do is make key plays at key times in key games. The guy makes me nuts.

He may drive you nuts, but Edelman only has 499 catches for 5,390 yards and 30 touchdowns in nine seasons. He's never been voted to a Pro Bowl. So yeah, moving along.

David from Stockholm, Sweden

Hi guys! Vic says, "The Saints aren't marching in, they're marching out." Do you think that this was the beginning of the end for the Brees era?

No. Not with the way that offense is constructed. It isn't all on Brees' shoulders anymore. As long as Brees keeps getting the ball out quickly, he'll have another shot at making a run with the Saints.

Keith from Lincoln, IL

The MLB All-Star Game has always been a must-watch for me. I'm not sure if that's because of tradition or because it feels like they're all at least trying. The Pro Bowl has never been must-watch for me and has always had a flag-football feel to it. Can the Pro Bowl be made to feel more compelling, or is it just what it is and it will always stay that way?

Is the All-Star Game truly compelling or is there just nothing else on TV in the middle of July? The Pro Bowl is what it is with the heightened emphasis on player safety, but the ratings will still be there regardless. I give props to the league for how it's increased the exposure of the event, especially holding it the week before the Super Bowl now.

Dean from Sandusky, OH

When do the Prospect Primers begin?

When there are prospects to be primed…after the combine.

Mike from Cibolo, TX

Wes, did you make it into the Royal Rumble challenge? I've got to fight my way in Sunday.

Oh, I made it all right. I drew No. 8.

Kyle from Jenison, MI

Wes, who are your picks for this year's Royal Rumbles? Our family is unanimous for Seth Rollins, but I am on my own with Sasha Banks.

Banks is fighting Ronda Rousey. I can't see her then being in the Rumble. My picks are Rollins and Charlotte.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, was your lunch one of the contingencies in the negotiations between you and Mike to exchange II days this week?

Ha. Let's just say I had to ask Ma Hod to pack an extra sandwich for me Thursday. No, Mike did me a solid as I finished up a profile that'll be posting Friday on I hope you all enjoy it.

Chad from Sheboygan Falls, WI

How does Lambeau get cleaned up after snowfalls in the offseason?

The same way my back windshield does – solar power.

Eric from Pewaukee, WI

We once looked at 70 or so pictures of mud, now you have us looking at 21 pictures of snow. What will you think up next?