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Inbox: He's part of the solution

Davante Adams’ humility is what makes him truly special

CB Josh Jackson
CB Josh Jackson

Aaron from Herndon, VA

You don't agree with my negative perspective. Therefore, you're a cheerleader, a homer. Do you believe people pre-emptively assume the team will suck so they don't have to experience disappointment? Sadly, it seems this is a common approach to fandom for many. It seems like a depressing way to live.

I seem to remember a coach who used to call such perspective as "a polluted mindset." It's true the lack of expectations eliminates disappointment, but I've also found it takes away from the joy of victory, as well. To each their own, but in my mind, that's no way to win. Good morning!

Brock from Albany, NY

Insiders, I realize that by no means has the depth chart been sorted yet. But in your opinion, what would be the ideal setup for our corners? Kevin King No. 1 and Jaire Alexander No. 2? Flipped? Let each player take a side? I think Alexander proved he can handle any task last season, but King is a bit more of your prototypical No. 1 guy. Thanks!

They're both No. 1 cornerbacks who can travel against elite receivers. The only difference between the two is King projects as a plug-and-play outside cornerback when he's healthy. There just aren't many 6-foot-3 corners who run 4.4. That's valuable. Alexander can do anything, but I'd probably slot him at the other outside cornerback post for the time being. Depending on how the Packers want to use the safeties, Tramon Williams and Josh Jackson are probably the frontrunners for that No. 3 role.

Wade from Clever, MO

Do you see Josh Jackson playing ILB as a hybrid role this year since the safety positions are filled?

Not at this point. The Packers drafted Jackson to be a cornerback and they need him to take a Year 2 jump after the departure of Bashaud Breeland. Green Bay retooled its safety position this offseason, but stood pat at cornerback for the most part. It's because of Jackson. He is the returning second-round pick. He's part of the solution. He has to be.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

King's response to the WR question made me beam. How often has King gotten to match up with 'Tae? How much do you think that translates to him being one of the best when he's healthy? Also, how often has Jaire gone against 17? Can he be allowed to do that more?

King has seen a lot of Davante Adams in practice, but it was Alexander who took a bulk of the reps against the two-time Pro Bowler last year due to King's injuries. I wrote a story midway through the season about the respect the two gained for each other on the practice field. Adams is the perfect receiver for young corners to practice against, with his elite footwork and ability to gain separation off the line.

Matt from Manhattan, KS

With all the talk about why or why not to put starters on special teams, there's something that really seems overlooked. Practice time. Just like starting any position on offense or defense, being a high-level special teams player has to take practice, and that means time not spent practicing with the starters on offense or defense, ergo, special teams should deploy players not otherwise asked to be starters so they can practice their special-teams skills more. Or am I missing something?

I could see how roles on both teams could affect a player's mental preparation, but I don't think practice has anything to do with it. Aside from the QBs and a few key veterans, everyone on the roster participates in special-teams periods. It's not like other offense and defense drills are going on at that time, especially once the regular season begins.

Kyle from Saint Paul, MN

Concerning the receiver depth, J'Mon Moore had a disappointing rookie season. Obviously he's hoping to turn it around. Are there any players who come to mind who dealt with the rookie slump, then turned starter?

There have been tons of players who blossomed into talented contributors after quiet rookie seasons – T.J. Lang, LeRoy Butler, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Aaron Kampman, Desmond Bishop, James Starks, Mike Daniels, JC Tretter and the list goes on. Everyone develops at their own pace.

Steve from Neenah, WI

How does the offensive line look?

Deep. As I said to Spoff on "Unscripted" this week, the Packers have 10 offensive linemen with NFL experience and now two incoming draft picks in Elgton Jenkins and Cole Madison. Training camp is going to fun.

Ben from Cumberland, WI

Mike Pettine did pretty damn good with the pieces he had and an injury-plagued season. Any predictions with the new pieces he has?

A cooler puzzle.

Allen from Birmingham, AL

II: Quinton Dial announced his retirement from football. I'm sorry if this isn't the appropriate venue to submit a news tip. Dial's most recent NFL action came in 13 games with the Packers in the 2017 season. He joined Green Bay after four seasons with the 49ers.

Dial made sure to thank the Packers and 49ers in his Instagram post Thursday night. Dial was a true pro during his season in GB. The guy literally said hello to everyone in the locker room. It didn't matter if you were Aaron Rodgers or a video intern. A total gentleman.

George from Manassas, VA

It's a shame Randall Cobb wasn't in the special-teams list. That return against NO was the best "Welcome to the NFL." When McCarthy needed a sure-handed punt catcher, it was Cobb. His early ST injury probably scared MM, giving Hyde a chance.

Believe it or not, there is more to playing special teams than just who returns the football. I chose to pick "core four" players such as Banjo, Richardson and Hyde.

Daniel from Gladwin, MI

How was Desmond Howard not in the top five special-teams performers? Sure, he didn't cover kicks, but his return ability absolutely changed the outcome of games.

Because I wasn't covering the team in 1996. But yes, second-grade Wes was very impressed with Howard at the time.

Isaac from Butte, MT

Hello, I am a longtime reader of the Packers Insider and I think GB really needs to use their TEs this season to be really successful. Do you think under the new coach the Packers will use them more frequently?

Time will tell, but the emphasis will be there. I think Matt LaFleur's scheme will be friendlier to tight ends than the past.

Ivan from Little Chicago, WI

Hey guys, what's the hold up with Jace Sternberger? Will he be at OTAs?

I didn't realize there was a Little Chicago, WI. Interesting. As I wrote recently, this happens with a lot of third-round picks right now. It's just a small quirk with the CBA. It's nothing to be concerned about. He's not holding out. If he's healthy, Sternberger will be practicing next week.

Justin from Toronto, SD

I'd appreciate you weighing in on a somewhat friendly debate with a new Browns fan at work. You're picking one receiver for the future of your team and you have two choices: Odell Beckham or Davante Adams. I'll hang up and listen.

I think I jammed my left index finger due to the speed in which I was typing Davante's name as the response to this question. Adams is the total package as a receiver. If he stays healthy, he has a chance to go down as one of the best to ever play the position in Green Bay, but it's his humility that makes him truly special.

Take a look at photos of Packers CB Kevin King from the 2018 season.

Edward from Canton, SD

Wes says watching old Packers games on NFL Network is a waste of time. I disagree. I believe every Packers offensive coach and player should watch the second half only of the season-opener SNF game against the Bears. The Packers scored 24 points in one half by mixing runs with short passes and only one "bomb." So, just keep making first downs until you run out of field, and fans need to see CM III almost blowing the game with a late hit on the Bears QB.

Please don't get my words twisted. I'm fine with fans watching old Packers games. All I was saying is if I want to watch open-heart surgery, I'd rather turn on Discovery Health.

Connor from Waukesha, WI

Yosh Nijman should be moved to DL to see what he can do if he can't make it as OL. That dude has got some athleticism. Also, I had a dream that he was going to be a Pro Bowler, if he made the switch. It was a little blurry so I couldn't see it, so I wonder what number he would wear.

Congrats Connor. This has to be some kind of record for wanting to move a rookie to a new position. I mean we haven't even gotten to organized team activities yet.

Garrett from Austin, TX

Hi II, my question stems from Mike's answer about Ryan Taylor being TT's biggest cut regret. I didn't recall his career after the Packers. I thought perhaps he went to an AFC team and turned his career around but didn't find anything to that effect. Could you elaborate why you chose Ryan Taylor as your example? 

I can't believe how that reply went over the head of so many.

Jon from West Des Moises, IA

Will Montravius Adams have a breakout year or will it be too difficult with the depth at that position?

Athletes can't look at it like that. Position battles need to bring the best out of players. If the player doesn't respond well to competition, then they won't be around very long. Adams took a step forward last year and needs to stay on that path.

Al from Green Bay, WI

"I feel like it was meant to be. I feel like this is the perfect place for me" – from Dexter Williams as quoted by Wes. Nice article! I appreciate that Dexter wants to be in green and gold. With that said (at the risk of appearing to be a cynic), isn't that pretty much a paraphrase of every draft pick by every team? I have yet to read that a Minnesota draft choice said, "Yea, Minnesota is OK, but I sure wish Green Bay would have drafted me!"

It's tough and works both ways. Coming out of USC, Nick Perry said he'd rather play in a 4-3 and that comment came back to haunt him for years. The only way to judge it is to take into account their energy – and Williams definitely appears thrilled to be here.

Chet from Mission Viejo, CA

Insiders, I love playing the "would you rather" game. So here goes. Would you rather the Packers have a great GM/scouting department and an average head coach/assistant coaches? Or would you rather have the reverse?

A man I greatly respect in this business once told me: "There were a lot of years Bill Belichick the GM was lucky he had Bill Belichick the coach." Given that maxim, I'd say the latter.

Evan from Middleton, WI

Why do you think we don't see more NFL teams tanking for draft position like in the NBA?

That's a good question. There are fewer games, so maybe that has something to do with it. I'd also say, with a few exceptions of consensus generational players such as Cam Newton and Andrew Luck, the pool of top-caliber players is larger in the NFL than the NBA.

Sandy form Green Bay, WI

I have enjoyed seeing the cross-sport support at the Bucks games as the cameras pan the stands and focus on Packers and Brewers players and personnel. Their presence at the games gets the crowd engaged and causes quite a stir in the stands. Is this support reciprocated during football season with Brewers and Bucks personnel attending games at Lambeau? 

Brewers and Bucks players have been attending Packers games for as long as I can remember. Heck, Giannis was at Lambeau this past fall. News flash – he's tall.

Brian from Schertz, TX

Let's say the editor of another NFL team website called you and said they are contemplating a feature similar to Insider Inbox. He or she asks if they should do it and also asks for some advice. How would you reply?

If you're going in with only two writers, you better have patient writers…and those patient writers better have understanding spouses.

John from Miami, FL

OMG to speak your language Wes, for God's sake stop with the "I agree with you, Michael." The man calls himself Mike, it's annoying as hell. I have tried to tolerate your commentary just because you are on, but it seems a bit much, pretentious even. If you are trying to give respect I guess that's different but it seems too millennial to me. I guess if he doesn't care nor should I, but it's just annoying for me. Miss Vic, I guess even though he was a smidge crotchety.

I'm the millennial? I'm not the one starting my comment with "OMG," Johnny Boy. You're welcome, though, for editing this comment so it was discernable to our readers.

Jeff from Vandenberg AFB, CA

Wes, I need your help with something. My wife and I are going to Europe for the first time today. She doesn't watch GoT. How should I watch the finale? Do I wake up early on Monday and watch it on my phone or do I wait until I get back in two weeks and risk spoilers? Thanks.

Safe travels. I was flying the evening Episode 3 aired last month, so I removed Twitter from my phone and turned off all notifications. Once I got to the hotel, I ordered pizza and watched it on my laptop. There was no way I was waiting until I got home Wednesday night.

Sean from Suamico, WI

How will "Game of Thrones" end? Will Rodgers be resurrected to take his rightful place on the Iron Throne?

Whatever characters are still alive carry the Iron Throne down to the scrapyard and they start a democracy. To the "II/Thrones" fans out there, I hope you enjoy the last ride Sunday night.