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Inbox: He's the right man for the job

Remarkable growth and success define Mark Murphy's tenure as Packers' president/CEO

Ed Policy named next Green Bay Packers Chairman, President and CEO
Ed Policy named next Green Bay Packers Chairman, President and CEO

Nathan from Laramie, WY

Greetings Wes. It appears the Packers took full advantage of Mike's absence to cleverly announce the hiring of Ed Policy. Congratulations to Mr. Policy! Have you had any lunchroom, hallway, or overly-crowded elevator interactions with Mr. Policy? Enquiring minds want to know.

And here I thought Jordan Love's engagement was going to be the big announcement for Spoff-cation. I love Ed and was thrilled to see his elevation to the organization's highest post. He's been a tremendous addition to the Packers over the past 12 years, especially in helping drive the vision for Titletown. Policy's credentials for the position are unparalleled, but I'm even more impressed by Ed Policy, the person. I promise you will be, too. He's the right man for the job.

Jeff from Littlefork, MN

Now that Policy will officially be taking the reins, do you have any personal anecdotes about future president him that you could share?

I've bonded most with Ed over his experiences as the commissioner of the Arena Football League. I covered the Green Bay Blizzard of arenafootball2, the AFL's minor-league affiliate, at the same time. I've enjoyed trading stories with him from that era. Maybe we'll write something someday. Ed's a solid dude, great communicator and someone who exemplifies integrity – just like his predecessors in the position.

David from Owasso, OK

Congratulations to Ed Policy! His son's name is Carmen. Is there a story there?

It's a tribute to Ed's father and Carmen's namesake, who played an integral role in the San Francisco 49ers' five Super Bowls from 1982-95. The elder Carmen served as vice president and counsel to owner Eddie DeBartolo before being promoted to president and CEO of the 49ers in 1991. He was named NFL Executive of the Year by The Sporting News and Pro Football Weekly, as voted on by NFL owners and executives, in 1994. A native of Youngstown, Ohio, Carmen was instrumental in the re-establishment of the Cleveland Browns in the late '90s. He served as team president and a minority owner from 1998-2004.

Jason from Friesland, WI

Well, I know that wasn't the breaking news the fans were waiting for but it naming the next CEO is more important for the franchise than any other possible news. It feels as if the train will keep a rolling' in the same direction with a different engineer. I trust Mr. Policy will do every bit as good as Mr. Murphy has done.

Remarkable growth and success define Murphy's tenure as Packers' president/CEO. All you need to do is look around Lambeau Field to see how far this organization has come over the past 17 years. Mark is the ideal leader in terms of his ability to not only hire good people but also trust them to do the job. As long as I cover the Packers, I will applaud Murphy for having the courage of his convictions in 2017-18. He fired one head coach, hired one head coach, and promoted one general manager. Murphy took a few shots externally for the Packers' leadership structure, but it's worked out quite well for the organization. On a personal level, I can't say enough about Mark. He was so welcoming to me when I left the Press-Gazette to join in 2016. I'm forever grateful for that.

Michelle from Ringgold, GA

What do you see as the biggest obstacle for Green Bay this year?

Not resting on its laurels and building on what the team achieved during the second half of last season.

Eric from Rochester, MN

Hi II. I understand the "five best" OL concept, but what about chemistry between linemen? If two "lesser" linemen have better chemistry than two more talented linemen, what do you do? It's like a basketball team. You don't want to necessarily put the five best players out there, but the five who complement each other the best. Do you sacrifice talent for chemistry in this case? GPG!

Your question is heavy on hypotheticals, but it would depend on whether that chemistry translates to better production than having two athletically superior linemen. One other thing to consider is it's rare for a team to go through an entire year without injury. If one of those two linemen go down, then where are you as an O-line? To me, you let them all compete and may the best five win.

Bryce from Boca Raton, FL

Hi gentlemen. I'm seeing a lot of love on social media for the new equipment manager. Is there anything you can share with us about Chris, or the importance of that role in general? Thanks.

Chris Kuehn is the absolute best, and I cannot think of anymore more deserving to succeed the venerable Gordon "Red" Batty. Chris is a young guy, but he's been working on the Packers' equipment staff since he was a teenager. Chris has learned from one of the very best over the past 14 years and continually assumed more responsibility. Chris also was invaluable in helping me assemble **the Packers’ travel essay** earlier this year. Green Bay already has one of the league's very best equipment departments with Tom "T-Bone" Bakken, Bryan Nehring, Tim Odea in the fold, and Chris' promotion will help ensure it stays that way for years to come.

Aaron from Tucson, AZ

After considering the quality of talent evaluators in GB's front office, I'm re-thinking the 2005 draft. These guys value the mental makeup of a player maybe more so than their physical talents. They must have known Aaron Rodgers well enough to understand his falling to them in the draft would be a motivator. He's like Michael Jordan that way, using any sleight to gain a competitive advantage. Could Jordan Love's mental makeup be the bigger reason they chose him than just his talent level? He seems primed for a big career!

It's hard to compare the two because their situations were so vastly different. There were rumblings about Rodgers going No. 1 over Alex Smith prior to the 2005 NFL Draft. His falling to No. 24 defined his entire career. Conversely, Love went where expected. The biggest similarity between Rodgers and Love is their mental makeup, though. Both have the utmost confidence in their abilities, which allowed each to thrive once given the keys to the offense. Love has incredible physical gifts, but his steadiness is what separates him.

Gene from Greenville, WI

Do you think Love will have more say in what plays will be called before and during the game?

With more experience comes more input, so I'm sure Love will be more involved this year. At the end of the day, however, this is Matt LaFleur's offense, and he is the play-caller. The lines of communication start there, but Love has all the tools to adjust as needed.

Craig from Tulsa, OK

Can a team punt in the new kick off rules, and if so, would that be more accurate to avoid going out of bounds?


George from North Mankato, MN

Watching all the rain accumulate in my backyard, I wondered if a Packers game has ever been cancelled due to wet field conditions? What features does Lambeau Field incorporate to drain water from the field?

I don't believe so. Here is my **2018 story on the current makeup** of Lambeau Field, including its sand-root zone and drainage system.


Tim from Macon, MO

Hey guys and crew! Willie Wood from QB to safety, Ray Nitschke from FB to MLB, and the list goes on and on and on. Sorry 'bout that, but I just couldn't resist!

Good call. Yes, there was a lot more position swapping in the golden age of the NFL than there is today.

Traci from Farmersville, OH

We would like to make the eight-hour trip for the annual shareholder meeting and to attend the first practice. What are the chances of getting into the practice? Do you need tickets in advance? Do fans line up many hours in advance? Just trying to gauge our chances before making the trek. Thank you.

You don't need tickets, but the first practice of training camp is the most well-attended. All seats are first come, first served. The readers of this column would probably know better than me how early you need to get there to grab a seat, but earlier is always better. Otherwise, there's also standing room around the fence.

Fredrick from Okatie, SC

You were addressing the cap and made the comment that all players are striving for the big bucks. There really are only a few players on each team that will ever get the big bucks. I contend that more than 90% of the players would want a limit on how much you can pay any single player. If I was one of the 90%, I would welcome a limit of one player's salary. That means more money for me. I think you need to rethink your comment.

I will not rethink my comment, but you are describing how/why the NFLPA passed the most recent collective-bargaining agreement. Base salaries rose considerably for players on rookie contracts.

Doug from Neenah, WI

Good morning, Wes. In all of the action photos of new Packers kicker James Turner, he's wearing a wristwatch. Would that be allowed in the NFL? Thanks.

No. Players, coaches and team personnel are prohibited from wearing any electronic devices during games. Pro Football Talk reported in January 2023 that 12 teams and three players were fined for unauthorized use of electronic devices on the sideline.

Joe from Ashburn, VA

What do you think about playing a game in Brazil or any country other than U.S.?

Seeing how Brazilian fans reacted to landing the Packers-Eagles game opened my eyes to what the NFL means to international fans. For that reason, I'm in favor of more international dates. Like anything, I just don't want the league to lose the plot. These games should be about rewarding far-flung fans and expanding the global footprint of American football more than the almighty dollar.

David from Buena Vista, CO

Like most, I am excited to see QB10 stick around GB and get an extension. However, I can't help but feel concerned that he gets a deal that eats up 20% of the salary cap after one year of game evidence, that ended very promising. Am I crazy for thinking the right deal would be in the range of four years, $160 million? Heck fully guaranteed sounds fine. Keeping $15 million/year to help the rest of the roster makes a better team, and after three years, if QB10 is real deal, then give him the $60-plus million it will cost.

You think QB contracts will be around $60 million in three years? That's cute. More like three days, David. Listen, Daniel Jones' four-year, $160-million extension created a baseline for all QB contracts moving forward. Love, eventually, is going to get what he deserves. Before that revelation throws you into a tizzy, remember there is flexibility with all these contracts as it relates to the cap (e.g. Trevor Lawrence's deal). The Packers did three contract extensions with Aaron Rodgers. They'll make Love's first one work, too.

Brian from Zephyrhills, FL

Do you guys think in this day of rising quarterback contracts that a QB and a team don't agree on his value and the QB doesn't sign an offer? What if he elects to play out the contract and hope to be traded to someone that will pay more. I guess the team would have to tag him and either try make him play or trade him or pay up.

It's difficult for QBs to play out contracts in the NFL. The franchise tag provides teams with massive leverage. Kirk Cousins eventually hit the open market, but it took time and unique circumstances.

Gabe from Milton Freewater, OR

Good afternoon, Wes. Since it is the dead zone, I have to ask this question and the only reason is because I read II every single day for years and this is the one thing I am clueless about. Here we go, what is the deal with the No. 88 talk? Why don't we talk about the No. 88? What happened? Surely, I am not the only II reader confused by this. Can you break the rule just once to fill me and any other confused reader in for dead-zone sake? Thanks for all you guys do! GPG

It's a tongue-in-cheek reference to how fans lost their minds when Ty Montgomery moved to running back in 2016 but was still allowed to wear No. 88. It's lived on in Inbox because of my incredulousness over the questions, comments, etc.

Kevin from Ocean Isle Beach, NC

I remember a "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" cartoon as a kid in the 1960s describing the longest TD in college history. A Lehigh University running back trying to score from the 1-yard line got turned around and ran the wrong way to his own end zone. His teammates corrected his direction, and he scampered back 106 yards for the score. A total run of 211 yards! Of course, he only got credit for one yard.

Sounds like me trying to run out the clock in "Madden 99."

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, please give us the secret recipe for the superb Hodkiewicz sandwich (that Mike finds so irresistible).

Turkey, ham, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles…and BREAD. Also, no condiments whatsoever – the avocado is enough.

Wyatt from Green Bay, WI

What's your favorite part of your job?

As some of you may know, one of my favorite movies is the 1976 classic "Network." During one of his iconic rants, Howard Beale mentions how TV networks are in the "boredom-killing business." While the speech itself is a bleak (and accurate) commentary on the changing landscape of news media, I take a more positive view of that phrase. A part of my job is truly alleviating boredom but it's also a means of bringing Packers fans together. Whether it's providing information or introducing you to the men behind the facemask, my goal each day is to bring you closer to your football team. That's my favorite part of the job. The day that fire dims is the day I'll do something else with my life.

Rod from Eau Claire, WI

When and how can I submit my responses to Outsider Inbox?

You can start submitting them now. We're taking both Insider questions and Outsider answers this week. Outsider Inbox won't begin posting until July 2, though.

Graydon from Menominee, WI

Spoff goes on vacation and like clockwork big news breaks. Sunday, Jordan Love and Ronika Stone get engaged. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Monday, Ed Policy is named Mark Murphy's successor. Congratulations Ed! What will Tuesday bring? Math in the inbox? Laser-goal posts? Microchips in the footballs? Signing of a veteran WR? I am excited to find out.

I'm just hoping for a quieter day.

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