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Inbox: It'll be about results

Someone will figure out the optimal solution

Jeff Hafley defensive coordinator
Jeff Hafley defensive coordinator

Yotam from Atlit, Israel

Norm! Hope you didn't have too many of those today...

Not as many as I thought, honestly.

Frank from Alameda, CA

From Mike's column on Friday I see that math and advanced statistics are still out of bounds for II, but apparently the sky is the limit for AP English and Cheers references. ATMR (WCBW) using the word hypocorism is just showing off. It's a Cliff Clavinism if I ever saw one.

It's a little-known fact that I once owned a Cheers trivia game.

Angela from Brighton, MI

Will the lunch with Spoff and Weston be making a return appearance as a perk option?

I believe that's in the works, yes.

Todd from Brighton, MI

My wife is planning to dump ALL of her points into the Spoff and Weston lunch drawing. Beware she claims the Lions as her team.

Todd and Angela sittin' in a tree … Ha. Now we know!

Craig from Green Bay, WI

After a hard-fought road game, it must be extremely physically challenging for players to deal with a long flight home, especially if injured. Or are players bodies such that it is no big deal?

Most of their bodies are young, but sitting in an airplane seat for multiple hours is not the ideal way to begin physical recovery for next week.

Jim from Blythewood, SC

Almost every day there's mention of a position group's "room," and how who or what changes or impacts the "room." Could you explain just what that is, like a physical space, a group ethos, or what? Whenever I read it, I get this picture of a "Little House on the Prairie" schoolroom with very large men sitting at very tiny desks.

That's not entirely off-base. Every position group has its own meeting room, primarily for reviewing film. They're sorta like small, private screening rooms for movies, if you will, with theater-style seats that have those little desktops flipped up from the side.

John from Fort Myers, FL

I noticed in the player posted interviews that Jaire Alexander was wearing glasses. Does he wear contact lens during practices and games? I've never seen him with glasses on when he's wearing a helmet.

He doesn't wear glasses under his helmet. Whether he needs contacts to play, I don't know.

Adrian from Chula Vista, CA

In response to Tom from Blaine, WA, I agree with you. Billionaires are always looking to increase their value and market share, and that goes for the NFL. The owners are top dog in North America, but want to be top dog in the world. In order to unseat soccer, the NFL has to grow internationally, and they have to deliver their product to future consumers in the manner they desire. So, expect more international games and more streaming. Bottom line: grow or die.

Yup. As Joe from Lake Mills, WI, also chimed in, change is the only reliable constant.

Natt from Burlington, WI

As a reporter, does your name go into the official record of the game as "in attendance"?


Chris from Kennesaw, GA

Regarding the home team in Brazil, the Corinthians, I think it would be a sign of respect to the host if both teams could avoid wearing green, the color of their archrival. The Eagles have a black alternate uniform and the Packers have their white one. It's a home game for the Eagles so they get to choose what they wear. Do you think avoiding green will be a consideration and at what level would that decision be made? Thanks.

That's what I suggested from the start right when this color issue came up. It seems like a pretty simple, reasonable solution to me.

Ross from Hudson, WI

A subpar season after a stellar one; an injury derailing a promising rise; belief and backing a player coming off these is pervasive within the Packers' personnel department not only in draft picks, but in veterans too. Eric Stokes has the potential to be the most important addition to the secondary after being absent for quite a while and multiple draftees had a letdown season but were picked on past potential. Is Gute the eternal optimist?

One of the most interesting moments of the offseason for me was when I asked Gutey at the combine during our media session, when we knew nothing about how Stokes was doing, whether he thought Stokes could play a big role in this defense. His response was unequivocally yes, without hesitation. I had barely finished the question when he started the answer. The decision-makers believe in Stokes wholeheartedly and will give him every opportunity to prove himself again.

Paul from Ellensburg, WA

Hey fellas, I know this would be a great problem to have, but what does the team do if Stokes has a really great year. Seems like it could be a Nick Perry, Casey Hayward situation where it will cost to keep him. If we pay him and he doesn't live up to it with the injuries returning it'll be Perry all over again. If we let him walk and he continues to be very good fans will be apoplectic at the repeat of history. What do we do?

The Packers will let the season play out and not jump to any premature conclusions. Whatever decision they make will have nothing to do with Perry or Hayward. It'll stand on its own. Those decisions were not made in a vacuum, either, but based on the state of the roster at those positions at the time.

John from Fort Atkinson, WI

With regards to replay review, this viewer would only beg that the decision come FAST. As a kid, it felt so simple to celebrate (or despair) a given outcome. Today, I'm lacking a significant portion of that investment because "who knows"? We can't ever again be so fully into that fumble recovery being run back because, well, it might have not been. If the review is at least quick, the doldrums can be mercifully likewise. These three-minute reviews are awful for the flow!

I don't mind a really close, difficult call taking a while to figure out. What bothers me more are the reviews where the call is obvious on the first or second look and it isn't just over and done with right away.

Tom from Indianapolis, IN

Most fans probably don't enjoy the controversy that comes from poor officiating or missed calls, but many mass media producers sure do.

No lie told.

Rob from Springfield, IL

With the retirement of Angel Hernandez, and close to being in the dead zone, I have a baseball-related question. I do agree that watching games with AH and CB Bucknor have not been easy, but I recently saw some videos from the playoff performance from Livan Hernandez in the late '90s. Several of those strikeouts were on balls way off the plate. Are AH and CB as bad as their reputation, or have both gotten a bad rap with the technological advancements such as K-zone?

The late Eric Gregg's performance behind the plate for Livan in that playoff game remains legendary. That had to be the largest strike zone ever. Brian Walsh was pretty close the other night, missing 24 ball/strike calls in one game. That said, while the K-zone has ratcheted up scrutiny, in general I don't think umpires now are any worse than they used to be. In fact, on balance collectively, they might be better. There's just definitive data now to gauge their work, and that data separates the solid umps from the eminently frustrating ones. Hernandez may be gone, but every fan knows if you're watching a game with Bucknor, Laz Diaz or Hunter Wendelstedt behind the plate, it's guaranteed to be a long night.

Glen from Leesburg, VA

With Miami extending Jaylen Waddle three years for $84.75M, $76M guaranteed, what does Justin Jefferson's contract look like next year? If Minnesota wants to extend him, they're going to have to come up with somewhere close to $100M for similar terms. It makes you appreciate what the Packers have done with their receiver room in the last few years. Does Jefferson go north of $100M?

For three years? Probably. For his total guarantee? Probably on a four- or five-year deal. Jefferson might get $35M APY.

The Green Bay Packers held organized team activities (OTAs) at Ray Nitschke Field on Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

Scott from Sussex, WI

I'm slightly bothered by an inconsistency, can you help me out? Wide receiver is not a premium position, but tell that to Miami. The NFL is paying a premium for wide receivers. How can both be true? My eyes tell me that a top-10 receiver tilts the field more than any other non-QB position, including pass rusher.

You may be right that in a 32-team league, a top-10 receiver does tilt the field quite a bit. But here's the thing – there are now 20 receivers in the NFL with APYs of $20M or more, while Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk and Courtland Sutton soon will make it 23. Half of those 20 guys are on five teams – Dolphins (Hill, Waddle), Eagles (Brown, Smith), Texans (Diggs, Collins), Bears (Moore, Allen) and Buccaneers (Evans, Godwin) – and Samuel and Aiyuk would make another pair with the Niners. Time will tell whose heavy investments in that position will pay off.

Murphy from Salt Lake City, UT

Matchups of units are always fun to watch. A lot of talk has been about the Bears' investment at WR. I am excited to see Hafley and our upgraded secondary vs this unit. Any other divisional matchups have your eye?

The most intriguing one in the NFC North to me is the Packers' young pass-catching corps vs. the Lions' revamped secondary. Detroit signed Carlton Davis from Tampa Bay and spent high draft picks on Terrion Arnold and Ennis Rakestraw Jr. at corner, with Brian Branch entering Year 2. Stay tuned.

George from North Mankato, MN

How do you think being featured on "Hard Knocks" will affect the Bears this season? Has another team been selected for the show after having the No. 1 pick?

I have no idea what impact it may or may not have. The Browns in 2018 (Baker Mayfield) and the Rams in 2016 (Jared Goff) were both featured on the show after having the No. 1 overall pick.

Terry from Green Bay, WI

Good morning II. Back when the new kickoff rule was the hot topic I submitted a suggestion (didn't get published) to use a safety to do the kickoff if he could consistently get the ball inside the 10. It would help if the returner got through the initial line of defenders and only had the kicker left to beat. Last night I read that the Chiefs are considering using a safety to do the kickoffs. II (ok, I) missed out on a "you heard it here first" moment.

I saw that Chiefs story as well. Very interesting. Exploring other options certainly makes sense when hang time no longer matters on kickoffs, just the placement. Someone will figure out the optimal solution this year, maybe next, and then everyone will copy it.

Mike from Sidney, IA

To piggyback the question of the new defensive scheme and its effect. I think what has been missed, and pointed out in your JA piece, is the ATTITUDE change in the D players. JA isn't attending OTAs as pointed out in the article (without) his excitement for the new scheme. I thought you did a good job bringing that to the forefront. Defense is an emotional side of FB and when you can get players to buy into that scheme you have a winning formula. If DBs are excited imagine what Kenny Clark/DL is thinking.

All true, but somewhere down in South America the baloney will stop, and it'll be about results. Once actual performances are on the books, nothing uttered prior will mean anything.

Jeff from Omaha, NE

Excluding the Brazil trip, which road destination do you look forward to the most, which do you really dread, and why?

SoFi Stadium in LA will be a new one for me, and I usually have friends/family to visit in Chicago, Minneapolis and Seattle. I don't know if I really dread any trips, but I never have anything to do in Detroit, so playing a Thursday night game there means a lot of boring down time.

John from McHenry, IL

Thanks to both of you guys for the insight you provide us about our team. However, this is a fishing question. How big was your best crappie the last time you went fishing and what did you use to catch it? I find crappie to be excellent table fare.

I just use jigs and last weekend my best was 10 inches. Nothing special. I'm still hoping to land a footlong crappie someday. My personal biggest is 11½.

Ric from Longmont, CO

Did Jennifer from Middleton just rename "Three Things" to "The Rockhodford Files"? Genius!

Maybe a bit much for me.

Grant from Janesville, WI

In regard to how content makes you want to root for the players on a personal level, that reminds me of a submission before the playoffs where someone aptly said they wanted the Packers to win for the sake of the players, not just for the sake of the fans. It's because we like the players. Wes, Mike, and the entire team are fundamental to that. Thank you.

Happy Monday.

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