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Inbox: It's a tough business with tremendous risks and rewards

There’s a good chance that streak ends soon


Scott from Salem, OR

Does the "Packers Unscripted" sponsor graciously replace Wes's lunch when it turns up missing?

Nicely done.

Lisa from Plymouth, MN

Mike, I'm sure it wasn't easy doing the blog during the whole game, but you did a GREAT job! This was an awesome way to "see" the game! Thanks!

You're welcome, and thanks. We're going to review how it went overall, but we might be giving that a try for the regular season starting next Thursday. Stay tuned.

Sandy from Green Bay, WI

I know the third-down fog horn at the first preseason game was controversial, but I can say unequivocally that I am a huge fan of what they did with the lights after the Packers scored. What did you think?

It seems to be a new NFL trend for night games. Not sure I'm a big fan, but I'll live.

Dan from Herriman, UT

Mike, did anyone steal a roster spot with their performance against the Chiefs? If so, who's your guy?

Can't say I saw that type of emergence. I did like the early impact from rookie Kingsley Keke on defense. He was making the team anyway, but his effort and production were good to see.

Mark from Cedarburg, WI

II, from the game, it looks like Ty Summers and Dexter Williams have made their cases for roster spots on the 53. What do you think?

With both of those guys, I feel like all month I've seen a lot of potential and a long way to go. I think they'll both make it because their futures are highly intriguing.

Andrew from Edgewood, IA

Vic talked about "jars on the shelf." We haven't had a lot of talk about OL. So who are some jars you see us keeping on the shelf?

It sure appears Alex Light is the backup swing tackle. Undrafted from Richmond a year ago, he was held out of last night's game and to my knowledge he was healthy. That speaks to how far he's come in two years.

Vincent from Boston, MA

Insiders, years from now, when people ask, "What made Jaire Alexander a superstar?" I'm sure the answer will be, "He was the complete package." Did you see him running interference for Summers on the TD run? It's not just the reaction to get in the play quickly, it's not just the total effort, it's also the detailed knowledge to interfere with the tackler and not draw a penalty. It was textbook, especially insofar as it put him in position to go after another tackler had there been one.

Ha, nice try. That was actually Will Redmond. Alexander wasn't suited up.

Kevin from Denver, CO

Is Lazard's scratch from the last preseason game indicative of a secured roster spot? Or was he not healthy enough to play?

Lazard was in the concussion protocol this week.

Israel from West Allis, WI

Can you clarify the rule regarding players recovering fumbles and advancing the ball? I thought the only player on the fumbling team that can advance the ball beyond the point it was fumbled was the player who fumbled it. Obviously I'm thinking of the Tray Matthews QB hit ruled a fumble, where the ball was nonetheless picked up down the field and advanced for a first down.

That limitation to advancing a fumble only exists in the last two minutes of each half.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

The Carli Lloyd 55-yard field goal was cool but she did take a five-step run-up. I would like to see if she can make the kick with the shorter approach. Maybe with practice she could.

My thoughts exactly.

Eric from Stramproy, Netherlands

II, a word of thanks to Cliff for (unfortunately yet another) well-written obituary for a former Packer player. I'd encourage younger fans to also read these, for me they are part of my appreciation for the history of Packer Nation.

When I think about Bobby Dillon's 52 interceptions in an era when the ball wasn't thrown nearly as much as it is today, I just wonder how many he'd rack up had he come along 50 years later.

Michael from Chanhassen, MN

Hey Wes, you are absolutely right on! Let the teams review until they get it wrong. If you are wrong on the first one, too bad so sad. If you end up with three or four correct in row, good for you for seeing what actually took place. I like it.

I've been an advocate for a two-strikes-and-you're-out system for a long time. I wouldn't want one incorrect challenge to wipe out a coach's ability to call for a review the rest of the game, but a second wrong call and that's it. The fool-me-once, fool-me-twice mentality.

Jason from Austin, TX

Can a coach challenge the spot of the ball if it would only amount to a 1-yard gain and had no impact on a first down? I'm wondering if this scenario is possible: Team A is trying to run the clock out and there are three minutes left in the game. Team A runs the ball for 3 yards. Under normal circumstances the clock would run down to 2:20 before the next play is run. If a coach successfully challenged for an extra yard, the play clock would reset at 25 seconds, running it down to the two-minute warning.

The spot of the ball can be challenged only as it relates to a first down.

Neal from Fort Worth, TX

I couldn't view the game but looking over the stats, what jumped out at me was the backup RBs averaging almost 15 yards per reception. I'm anxious to see what Jones and Williams can do in this system.

The Packers haven't had a pair of backs combine for 70-plus catches since 2006. I think there's a good chance that streak ends soon.

Ross from Hudson, WI

Is it just me or does it feel like there is more uncertainty in the final 53 than in past years? More positions seem up in the air than in the past and I don't know if that is a good thing...

It feels about the same to me, honestly. The part that's different is being 12th in the waiver claim order, the team's highest position in a decade. I'm interested to see how that factors in over the weekend.

Michael from Portland, OR

No question. Just a reminder that come Saturday 1,000 players will become unemployed and in search of work in some manner. I can't imagine auditioning for weeks at a job and then be let go. The uncertainty must be weighing on them incredibly. Best wishes to all those players and their future endeavors.

It's a tough business with tremendous risks and rewards.

Green Bay closed its preseason out with a matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lambeau Field.

Bob from Cortez, CO

As choices get down to the last of the 53 players that make the team, do elite quarterbacks allow teams to shade toward keeping a deeper defense than offense?

Not really. The last couple of decisions are based on who the better football player is and who could help the team the most if called upon. They also can come down to who's more likely to get claimed on waivers if let go.

Nick from Portland, OR

Davante Adams' route running has brought Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson to tears...does that make Adams elite yet?

Why are we searching for new ways to frame an old question that no longer needs to be asked?

Allen from Birmingham, AL

II: Do you think another team (*cough* Chicago *cough*) is saying, "Whichever kicker Green Bay releases, we grab him"?

We'll find out soon enough. After seeing the kicking struggles continue to mount in Chicago and Minnesota, I'm extremely curious if Gutekunst is giving any thought to keeping both kickers through the first two weeks of the season. It's not the craziest idea.

John from Charlottesville, VA

With the cut-down day on Saturday but the first game the following Thursday, how do you think this will impact the preparation for the game? I see a benefit to having more players available to practice against but I also think it could take practice reps away from the guys who will be on the field next Thursday. When will the game plan be handed out to the players? Will the players not making the 53 be given a copy of it just to be cut a day later?

The Packers' next practice will be on Sunday, after the 53 is decided. They aren't practicing Friday or Saturday.

Eric from Reedsburg, WI

What are the advantages/disadvantages of having the single roster cut after the last preseason game instead of the multiple cuts in seasons past?

In my view, it's an advantage for all young players to get the full slate of preseason games and show their progress. It's a disadvantage for veteran players who in the past might've been cut earlier and had a better chance to latch on somewhere else before Week 1.

Sam from San Diego, CA

Hey II, I saw this tweet from Joe Thomas about the solution for preseason games today and I was wondering what you guys think? NFL preseason solution: 1) Three games, 2) Sell preseason tix packages ($50 for all three games) separate then regular season tix, 3) Mandate/schedule (and televise) joint practices.

1) Sounds good to me, 2) Owners will never do it when they get automatic sales already, 3) Only if players are subject to discipline for fights, because they're guaranteed in those settings otherwise.

Paul from Northflenn, CO

So if an injury settlement essentially creates FA status, does that allow for the recipient to re-sign with the team he settled with after the waiting period, or is he obligated to sign with whoever offers him a contract?

He can do what he wants, but guys in that situation are likely to take the bird in the hand, because a lot can change with their original team over a six-week, post-injury waiting period.

Ben from St. Paul, MN

Gentlemen, the question from Matthias from Hartford on the use of the free kick made me wonder if, 1) given the exceptional height of the receiving corps, and 2) the low percentage of onside kicks recovered, the kickoff unit would have JK boom a sky-high 20-yard free kick to create a jump-ball scenario? I'd think that would create a better opportunity than the sub-5% chance of recovering a traditional onside kick. Thanks for the daily good work.

Folks, we've been over this before. The receiving team can call for a fair catch.

Thomas from Mesa, AZ

Just curious, since the backup quarterback race is so tight, is it possible to hear the audio from the huddle? So the coaches hear how the plays are spoken in the huddle?

Not in the game, but coaches often listen in during practice.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

Thank you for explaining the "zoo" on Packers Unscripted that is coming from game time Thursday night, to cuts on Saturday, practice-squad picks on Sunday, and finally prep for Chicago. How does this zoo line up on crazy weeks for you two during the season? Does it make the top two?

It's actually a really quiet time for us until late Saturday afternoon because we're not really involved and won't be posting the roster cuts until they're official. But hitting the practice field Sunday knowing the plane is waiting on Wednesday will be a weird feeling. It's been five years since we've had this kind of condensed transition to the regular season.

David from Rogers City, MI

Mike, forgive me for this...I am looking at a photo of a "Three Things" segment. You're in the middle flanked by Larry and John. Larry has a fearsome nickname, and a broken finger which is his NFL badge of honor. John looks like he could eat a three-pound steak and work over tackling dummies for an afternoon. And then there's Mike...Any ideas on how we can get you looking less "mail room guy"?

I've got Wes by an inch and a few (too many) pounds, don't I?

Decker from Loveladies, NJ

Does anyone really ever remember anything about a preseason game? I have been actively watching football for 35 years, I can honestly say I have no vivid memories about any NFL preseason game. Bring on the real stuff.

Amen. Happy Friday.


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