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Inbox: It's a valuable gauge outside of game action

Steratore gave the clearest replay explanations


Marty from Grafton, WI

Falls down a well, throws eight interceptions, gets kicked by a mule, throws six TDs. Go figure.

I know, right? That's what I was talking about.

Bob from Rome, NY

Regarding the question from Erik from Penfield, doesn't George Teague have the record with a 101-yard interception return vs. Detroit in the 1993 playoff game?

I should have clarified the 99-yard INT return is the team's regular-season record. Playoff records are kept separately.

Matthias from Hartford, WI

Dom Capers and Mike Pettine run different schemes as far as Pettine has run four down linemen more than Capers. Will Nick Perry then have his hand in the dirt as a defensive end?

I would imagine there's a package with that alignment.

Neal from Fort Worth, TX

Living in Texas now, I have a great appreciation for and the Insiders Inbox. You are our lifeline to all news green and gold. Thank you for all your hard work. How much time would you estimate you spend each day doing research to provide us with the best answers to our queries? And, is there a particular resource you'd recommend for those of us who'd like to do some digging on our own?

The Packers media guide, the NFL Record & Fact Book, and are three frequent consults. If I can't find what I'm looking for in one of those places, there are a few other credible sites. Wes is back tomorrow so I'm not sure how much he'll want to continue the topics we've pursued, but it was a good way for me to get through the first week of the dead zone. Thanks for indulging.

Tony from Kaukauna, WI

The question regarding to the goal post being out of bounds and unplayable got me thinking. What happens on a field goal attempt if the ball bounces off either an offensive or defensive player and goes through the uprights?

It's good. Deflected field goals have happened.

Ignacio from San Sebastian, Spain

Spoff, your mention of Walter Payton makes me feel a little less guilty about him being my first jersey. I was born in '86 in the DFW area, so I caught grief from my family about it. I remember him busting out a long run to beat the Cowboys, running around the house taunting my family. Then I saw Sharpe and have been a Packer fan ever was my family's turn to give grief, until '96. What is your favorite Payton moment? A TD pass is likely hard to top. Have a great day.

He threw me a pass once when I was standing on the sideline at a training-camp practice. I caught it and threw it back. Not a bad spiral, either. Mine, I mean. His was perfect, of course.

Jim from Chelsea, WI

With all this throwback talk I'd like to just throw out one of my favorite games. I think it was '83. The Redskins were supposed to kick our butts on Monday night and I was in a room full of anti-Packer (people) and boldly disrespected them as the Packers beat them in a track meet of a game like 48-47.

It's still the highest-scoring Monday Night Football game ever and the highest-scoring regular-season game in team history.

Rod from Ironwood, MI

Hey Spoff, you recalled your first game at Soldier Field where Rich Campbell threw the winning TD pass to Epps to win the game. If I remember correctly, Campbell underthrew the ball and Epps almost stopped on a dime to catch it, losing his defender and running it in. I remember that because a win against the Bears at that time was almost miraculous.

The Bears won eight straight in the series over the next four years after that (1985-88). The next time the Packers won was in 1989, the Instant Replay game.

Vincent from Boston, MA

I'm a Packers fan who grew up in Michigan, so when people talk weird scores, especially in the playoffs, I always think Dallas Cowboys 5, Detroit Lions 0. Landry led the Cowboys, and another Landry led the Lions.

Tom on the sideline, Greg under center. A popular memory in the Inbox over the weekend. A 35-degree day after Christmas, 1970, at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Thanks for another history lesson.

Take a look at photos of Packers fans as we celebrate Fan Friday.

Brad from Maple Grove, MN

So Insiders, I think one of the wide receiver positions that are up for grabs was settled in my dream the other night. I was on the Packers' roster and I was playing WR and running a post pattern. The other receiver identified in the dream was running a go route down the right sideline and he caught the pass from AR. I ran next to him into the end zone and that receiver was Geronimo. At least I have settled one of the spots.

So you have that going for you, which is nice.

Philip from Dortmund, Germany

So if the base of the goal post is out of bounds, how is the ball not out of bounds if you hit goal post while hitting the post on a kick and the ball going through the uprights? Or are there different rules for the kicks?

The rule book specifically states the ball is dead if a missed kick hits any part of the goal posts. If it goes through, it goes through.

Alan from Albuquerque, NM

Would the ball have been in play before the goal posts were moved to the back of the end zone? I'll guess the ruling was the goal posts were an extension of the ground and thus a dead ball.

I believe you're right. I know a pass that deflected off the goal post back then was considered incomplete. I couldn't find specific confirmation of a deflected kick, but it would stand to reason.

Dave from Columbus, OH

Mike, as for the question a reader asked about the play that lost the most yards in NFL history, Jim Marshall's "wrong way" run ended up in a loss of 66 yards and a safety. That has to be in contention for the record.

Except, statistically speaking, the lost yards don't show up anywhere because the Vikings weren't on offense.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Do you think a 6,000-yard passer is going to happen in the next decade?

There's not much time left this decade. It would take an average of exactly 375 passing yards per game over 16 games. No small feat, but I think it'll happen someday.

John from Kalamazoo, MI

I think Davante will become the next "consummate Packer" after Tramon passes the torch. Suffers a devastating injury and returns the next week to catch two touchdowns. Iconic moment when he told Rodgers in the huddle to throw the same pass but better. Unfairly criticized by fans and some media early in his career, handles it like a professional and used it as motivation. Great personality and great ambassador for Green Bay football.

Well said.

Fred from La Crosse, WI

Will each season have one of the 100 Moments? Inquiring minds want to know.

No, many years will have multiple entries. There wasn't something significant enough that happened each year to compile the list that way.

Jason from New Hampton, IA

I was in Canton, OH, at the HOF, and got to see Aaron Rodgers' fastest-to-25,000-yards jersey. I've been there before and know that artifacts get rotated in and out of the displays. My question is what happens to said jersey when it's rotated out? Is it the possession of the HOF and it goes to their archives? Is it on loan from the Packers and gets sent back to Green Bay? Or is it the possession of Aaron Rodgers and is returned to him?

Very curious question. I will make it a point to ask our equipment manager, Red Batty, the next time I see him. I will also inquire with someone at the Hall of Fame when I'm out there to cover Jerry Kramer's induction in early August.

Nathan from San Diego, CA

Hi Mike, what's your biggest Packers regret? Last week's Inbox reminded me not buying Packers stock in 2011 is mine.

Not taking the time to enjoy any of the Super Bowl party at the team hotel in Dallas. I was working on the website all night, and I never took a break. Huge regret. So you've been warned. If the Packers win another Super Bowl, don't expect the Inbox at 9 a.m. the next morning.

Nathan from La Crosse, WI

Mike, I agree the "Fail Mary" is the worst call in the history of football. What's your worst call in the history of baseball? The safe call taking away Armando Galarraga's perfect game sticks out in my memory.

Same type of play at first base but much longer ago. Don Denkinger, Game 6, 1985, Cardinals-Royals. It changed a World Series.

Kimberly from Kaukauna, WI

I looked at the Tatum fumble return. How is that a muff and not returnable? A muffed punt is not returnable but the play in question was pitch out sweep. Not a punt.

Somewhere along the line, and I couldn't confirm when, the league changed the way it treats a Tatum-like play. That's no longer be considered a muff, but a backwards pass, and a live ball that can be returned.

Jake from Eden Prairie, MN

What are your thoughts on the announcement of Gene Steratore's announcement? Sad to see one of the best hang 'em up.

Indeed. I always thought Steratore gave the clearest replay explanations. I'll miss him, and I know Vic will, too. If anything ever got Vic excited during pregame, it was seeing Steratore out there for the coin toss.

Eddie from La Crosse, WI

Hey Mike, Bugs Bunny is the GOAT, yes? No other cartoon character had the career, the stats, the skill set, the awards, the legacy...

Sorry, I'll pick Charlie Brown. Loved him as a kid, even more as a parent.

Michael from Portland, OR

Adding to the Nitschke athletic prowess, the Packers had a traveling basketball team and came to our school. Nitschke scored over 30 points and was clearly the best player. Who on the Packers would make a good team? Graham, Goodson and Rollins are obvious choices, but who else?

Give me those three plus Davante Adams and Michael Clark and I'll take my chances.

Brandon from Omaha, NE

With some rookie WRs standing out so far and potentially being able to contribute right away, I'm wondering when was the last time, if ever, a Packers receiver made a significant impact their rookie year (I'm talking 600-plus yards, five-plus TDs).

In my time covering the team, Greg Jennings and James Jones had the best rookie years of any receivers in 2006 and '07, respectively. Jennings had 45 catches for 632 yards and three TDs, and Jones followed with 47-676-2. For greater numbers of catches and yards, you have to go back to Sharpe in '88, and the only Packers rookie receiver since the 1950s to have five or more TD catches was Lofton in '78. More recently, the best rookie receiving year was Adams in '14, with 38-446-3, plus a 100-yard game and TD in the postseason.

Monty from Hazen, ND

I can't wait for the pads to go on and read about the one-on-one pass-rush battles with the O-line. Who do you think could surprise in this drill?

I'm very curious to see Montravius Adams in this drill. It's a valuable gauge outside of game action. A lot of beat reporters watch the one-on-ones, for good reason, but some are prone to write off offensive linemen who don't look good doing it right away. I've seen my share of guys who improve dramatically in that drill over the course of one camp and end up making the team. Evan Dietrich-Smith and Don Barclay are two who come to mind.

Ben from Wilmington, DE

Great write-up on Kevin King. I was surprised he wasn't mentioned more when reading post draft articles about our new young corners on various sites. I think King has a legitimate chance at being a "shutdown" corner (as much as one can be in the league currently). I'm looking forward to a healthy Year 2. Did you notice any big strengths or weaknesses in his somewhat limited rookie season?

The biggest thing I noticed, which I asked him about for the story, was not backing down when given the big assignments, and looking like he belonged against some of the best. That said a lot, healthy or not.

Lior from Philadelphia, PA

Assurances in advance? Or are many fans just afraid of the emotions that accompany defeat?

Aren't those one and the same?

Jason from Janesville, WI

James from Chicago hit you with a trick question. The game he is referring to is a basketball game. A two-pointer for one team and a three-pointer for the other are both considered field goals.

Clearly it had been a long week. Happy Monday, everybody.