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Inbox: It's like the game was played in a sauna

Jaire Alexander is going to be an important piece in the second half


Dan from Appleton, IL

What will Monday be like if Brock Osweiler has better stats than Aaron Rodgers?

I'm just trying to get to Sunday, bro. Good morning!

Paul from Los Angeles, CA

I remember the last time the Packers played the Dolphins was a very enjoyable game. It came down to a fake spike and pass to Davante Adams that helped set up the win. I guess it was telling of the chemistry the two would have.

What I'll always remember about that game is just how damn hot it was. It's like the game was played in a sauna, especially with the Packers having to wear their home green jerseys. The sight of T.J. Lang sitting in his locker, physically and mentally drained, is something I can still picture in my mind. Despite the heat, the Packers' offense was a well-oiled machine late. Aaron Rodgers was at his best on that 12-yard pass to Adams. After talking about possibly targeting Andrew Quarless if he got matched against a linebacker, Rodgers showed the confidence to put the game in his tight end's hands. When Quarless caught that pass, I remember Eliot Wolf and Ted Thompson jumping in excitement. That was a fun one to cover.

Mike from Saint Louis, MO

Is there a disadvantage to warm-weather teams playing in the cold? Yes, but it's not huge. According to Pro Football Reference, considering the collective history of the three Florida teams, their combined winning percentage on the road is .405 when 40 degrees or warmer (593 games) and .338 when under 40 degrees (105 games). This difference in winning percentage is worth about one victory over a 16-game schedule. The forecasted high in Green Bay for this Sunday is 36.

We'll find out Sunday, but the ball is definitely in the Packers' court on this one. This is the latest the Dolphins have played in Green Bay since 1985.

Michelle from Paris, France

Huge game this Sunday, maybe the biggest of the season so far given their record. The fat lady has entered the room and whether she begins to sing will depend on Sunday's outcome with respect to making the playoffs.

The Packers aren't focused on the postseason right now. They're seeking win No. 4. That's it. To get it, they have to get past the Dolphins. Protect the football, take it away a couple times and get the W.

Steve from Land O' Lakes, FL

Always looking for a silver lining. The week's NFL power rankings have GB as the second-highest team with a losing record and we are still in the top half. We must be close to turning the corner.

The corner is in sight. Momentum can be gained if you pick up a win this Sunday against Miami, and then go on the road and pick up a win over the Seahawks in their house.

Stephen from Washington, D.C.

I know it's normally one week at a time and you can't look past an opponent, but when you have a Thursday game, do the coaches or players do anything during the week to study the Thursday night opponent? Or do they just start that prep on Monday and hope for the best?

Most, if not all, coaching staffs establish preliminary game plans on opponents during the offseason. They'll also make adjustments leading up to the game based on how the season is playing out, so they're able to quickly shift their focus on the short week. The Packers will be prepared.

Bruce from Green Bay, WI

Our defense has been improving and playing some good football but I am a little surprised we don't come up with more interceptions. I like Tramon Williams at the safety position. Do you think he will stay there next season and does he like playing that position?

The Packers have done some nice things on defense, but they need more takeaways. I think that's the missing piece right now. I don't know what the future will hold for Williams, but his versatility is critical for this defense right now. That's not an easy assignment for any player making an in-season position switch, but I thought the 12-year veteran was solid other than that Josh Gordon touchdown.

Mark from Grand Rapids, OH

Which Dolphins receiver do you think we'd be best served having Jaire Alexander cover if we wanted to generate turnovers?

The question Mike Pettine must answer is who he wants to line up outside with Kevin King unlikely to play. If it's Alexander, he could see a big-play threat like Kenny Stills or maybe he stays in the slot against Danny Amendola. Either way, Alexander is going to be an important piece in the second half of the season.

Brian from Schertz, TX

Congratulations to Ted Thompson on the Packers Hall of Fame. Do you happen to know how many inductees were still with the organization at enshrinement? Seems it would be pretty rare.

It's a great honor for Thompson to go in immediately after his transition from GM to senior advisor to football operations. Edgar Bennett (2005), Bob Harlan (2004), Vern Biever (2002), Ron Wolf (2000) and Lee Remmel (1996) are a few other individuals who I believe were inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame while still with the organization.

Larry from Chippewa Falls, WI

Let's see, six players remain from the Super Bowl team but Ted Thompson is going into the Hall of Fame. You wonder what's wrong with the organization take a look right there.

Aaron Rodgers. Jordy Nelson. Clay Matthews. Nick Collins. Greg Jennings. David Bakhtiari. Mike Daniels. James Jones. Mason Crosby. Jermichael Finley. Josh Sitton. T.J. Lang. B.J. Raji. Bryan Bulaga. Morgan Burnett. Micah Hyde. Davante Adams. Tramon Williams. Eddie Lacy. Casey Hayward. Corey Linsley. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Kenny Clark. The list goes on. Do me a favor, Larry. Lose this URL.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

It's really easy to jump to conclusions on roster changes, but I think this front office is sending firm signals on what kind of players it wants, and on how those players will be treated. Congratulations to Ted on a well-earned HOF induction, but I'm excited to see the team that Brian Gutekunst builds over the next couple of years.

There's work to be done, but I think Gutekunst is off to a good start. We've already seen his first draft class start to bear fruit. He also hasn't been sheepish about remaking the roster if change is needed. You're obviously not going to hit every pitch, but Gutekunst hasn't been shy about taking a swing. I also like what he had to say last week about being active participants in free agency. As promised, he's keeping the Packers in every conversation.

Anthony from Baltimore, MD

I mentioned weeks ago I'm a game guru and Davante Adams should hit a hitch-and-go route and bullseye on Marcus Peters. I got another suggestion, to get Graham the ball, especially in the red zone, you gotta use the play-action. Not too many can outjump him without a flag. If he's double-teamed, someone else has an opportunity. Don't know if is Cobb 100 percent, but shallow crosses and a zig now and then should do some work. Valdes-Scantling is a deep threat as he should be. Better yet sign me up for an internship. Seriously!

A game guru and humble, too, it would appear.

Mike from Dubuque, IA

Although the old and crotchety Vic has been gone from this column for a while now, all is not lost. Wes is showing he has a grasp on the crotchety characteristic. The future is bright for II. Now all we need is for him to grow out of his high-school yearbook look.

My hairline is holding up its end of that bargain.

Stephen from Green Bay, WI

MVS was mentioned on Tuesday. For some reason when I watch him run and catch he reminds me of Jerry Rice. If that young man is even half as good as that aforementioned Hall of Fame member, things are looking just fine in Green Bay. What do you think or do you have any other comparisons?

I stopped making comparisons after everyone jumped on me for comparing Jake Kumerow to Brett Swain. Valdes-Scantling is a talented, young player who looks like an NFL wideout.

Aaron from Spartanburg, SC

Trevor Davis is back. Let's start winning some field-position battles now!

This is one of those instances where I wish we could turn back time to show everyone all the comments we received regarding Davis in training camp. Davis is a valuable returner on both kickoffs and punts. Spoff and I said that all summer long. If Davis gets activated, that would provide a major lift to the special-team units, but those are conversations for early next week.

Scott from Fredonia, WI

Has Raven Greene played a snap on defense yet this year? It would be cool to know if he has developed in practice enough to warrant a backup role and a few snaps, now that safety depth is depleted.

Greene has yet to play on defense, but he's currently tied for second on the team in coverage tackles on special teams. That's been the starting point for every undrafted free agent who's carved out a niche on defense.

Gabriel from South Brunswick, NJ

Hey Insiders, I love reading the Inbox every day. Is there any update on Jake Kumerow? I really thought he could be a big factor to our team, and I just heard Trevor Davis was coming off of IR. I thought it was a minor injury that would only keep him out of the preseason for a week or two.

Mike McCarthy said he didn't have any update on the long-term prognosis for either Kumerow or Geronimo Allison. Allison won't be eligible to return from IR this regular season since he's required to miss eight games. With Davis eligible to be brought back to the 53 next week, that would potentially leave one spot for either Allison or Kumerow.

Matty from Troy, MO

I disagree with the idea that you guys (Spoff and Hod) are homers. I think you are fair in your analysis, without being overly critical. People just need to learn to read between the lines. Very glad to hear that you sleep well, as you should. But I would wager that this team is keeping its coaching staff awake nights. I wonder how long before some start secretly saving cardboard boxes?

Spoff and I have talked about this in the past. If someone misses a key tackle, we're not going to act like it didn't happen. I had a good talk with one of the other reporters on the beat about this Tuesday night and that individual made a great point – every reporter has a different mission in his or her own coverage. It doesn't matter if you're a team site, newspaper or independent online entity. Also, to follow-up, everything is cool with Ryan, Spoff and me. I tried to take a jovial tone with my response Tuesday, and we all had good, productive conversation on Wednesday. We're on to Miami.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Before we feel too sorry for ourselves for having been flexed to a late afternoon game on Sunday preceding a Thursday night road game, did you see what the NFL did to the Bears? They were flexed to a Sunday night game before they travel to play a Thursday morning (CST) game on Thanksgiving. Although their flight is only to Detroit, they will have approximately 85 hours between games for recovery. Could that be a new NFL record?

I also wouldn't be pleased if I were the Bears, but Chicago also isn't the first team to draw the short straw. I mean look at the Packers getting flexed to 3:25 p.m. this Sunday with a cross-country flight to Seattle looming. Mike McCarthy seemed to agree with Mike Zimmer's idea of keeping teams playing on Thursday night football in their time zone. I, too, think that would be a step in the right direction.

Jake from Perkinsville, VT

So Wes has a child, now JK Scott has his. Well, today we welcomed our third into the world. My wife would not let me name her Genevieve Aaron Rodgers, but we did agree on Genevieve Erin. Please help welcome the newest Packers fan to the world.

Terrific. Congratulations!

Chuck from Charlottesville, VA

I always enjoy WYMM that Spoff does. Is that purely his work or does he get assistance from people like Larry, the staff, etc.? Well done, Spoff.

That completely is a Michael K. Spofford Production. His work this week breaking down **the Packers’ goal-line stand** is a must-read/watch.

Joe from Las Vegas, NV

On Tuesday off days, do players have the option to go to the training facility for rehab or physical training?

Yes. Other luxuries include the team cafeteria, the player lounge, and unlimited access to bathrooms and showers. It's quite the deal.

Eric from Stramproy, Netherlands

Dez to the Saints, Brees to the SB?

New Orleans pushed all its chips into the middle after sending its 2019 first-round pick to Green Bay to move up to take Marcus Davenport, so this move doesn't surprise me. Just make sure you keep feeding Dez the ball.

Rene from Leuth, Nederland

Do you always answer questions from the previous day or do you also sometimes answers questions from earlier days?

Spoff and I are different in this regard. He will stash questions he likes that I might not answer, whereas I almost always pick questions from the previous day.

Pappy from Marina del Rey, CA

Seriously, how many Packer onesies does baby Hod have? Asking for a friend.

Just one. It's a little football onesie.

Shawn from Kissimmee, FL

That awkward moment when you have a Packers 2018 calendar and Ty Montgomery is the player that is showcased for the month of November.

Still doesn't compare to the Brewers having a Jeffrey Hammonds bobblehead giveaway days after they cut him back in 2003.

Paul from Cumming, GA

Speaking of young players on the rise, is Wes tying his own tie for the pregame social media Q&A yet? It's a fun, and underrated, part of your game-day coverage.

If it's a full Windsor, our producer Mike Atkinson did it. If it's a half Windsor, then that's me.

Vincent from Boston, MA

If we beat the Dolphins on a last-second, short-yardage field goal, will your headline be "Fish and Chips"?

Is it Sunday yet?


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