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Inbox: It's not just the plays. It's memories they create.

Brett Favre’s passion ushered in a new generation of Packers fans

Green Bay Packers tight end Richard Rodgers (82) catches a 61-yard Hail Mary throw with no time remaining to beat the Lions 27-23 in an NFL football game, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, in Detroit.
Green Bay Packers tight end Richard Rodgers (82) catches a 61-yard Hail Mary throw with no time remaining to beat the Lions 27-23 in an NFL football game, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, in Detroit.

Good morning everyone and welcome to the fourth-annual Outsider Inbox! Thank you so much for joining us and all your submissions. I wish we could post them all. Today begins the first of a six-day series of your answers. Your recollections were touching and serve as a reminder to me of what makes the game of football so great. Yes, success is often equated to wins and championships, but there are so many moments along the way that create an unduplicable experience for fans, friends, and families. Because at the end of the day, it's not just the plays. It's the lifelong memories they create. I hope you all enjoy this year's installment of Outsider Inbox as much as I enjoyed curating your responses. Be well, Wes

1. How many years have you been a Packers fan and what is your all-time favorite regular-season game?

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

I didn't care about the Packers until third grade. That year, I cried when the Cowboys ended the 1994-95 season. The next year ended well and the rest is history. My favorite regular season game of all-time is the Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary game in Detroit. I predicted to Vic that something special would happen that night and turned out to be right. My buddies and I tackled each other to the floor and I had a bruise on my arm from the coffee table for two weeks. Memories make us rich.

Rob from Wilmington, DE

My favorite regular season game would have to be Packer vs. Bears on Sunday Night Football, kickoff weekend Sept. 13, 2009. It was an exciting game that I was fortunate to be at with my wife and parents. I lived in Central Illinois at the time so I was going back and forth with friends via text all day. Al Harris sealed the deal with an interception at the end and my beautiful wife who was wearing a Harris jersey at the time was very excited. She got so many high-fives you would have thought she did it.

Braedon from Endicott, NY

I'm 23 years old, and I've been a massive Packers fan since I was 10 thanks to my amazing brother who has since passed. Packers fans are very blessed to have so many choices for favorite regular season game, but I'm going to stick with the 2015 Hail Mary game against the Lions. Down 20-0, Rodgers did Rodgers things – ran for a 20-yard TD untouched, drew a facemask penalty to get one final untimed down, and followed it up with a 70 yard bomb to win – all just a few days before his birthday.

George from Manassas, VA

I was born in Madison in 1955 and grew up in Beloit, New Auburn, and college in Platteville, until leaving for the Army, so I have been a Packer's fan all my life, having bought a share for myself in 1997 and ones for my wife, sister, and son in 2011. As for my favorite regular season game, I took my wife to our only game at Lambeau on October 3, 2010, because I wanted to make sure we would win. Thank God for John Kuhn!

Sal from Hailey, ID

I have been watching Packers games since 1993, when my family moved to Wisconsin. It took me a while, but I was hooked by the 1995 season. The last game of the 2010 regular season (CHI-GB at Lambeau) gave me hope and happiness for the first time in a long time. I was going through a divorce and in a very dark place personally, but the team came through for me that year in a big way. I still remember the then-unfamiliar feeling of joy I got when Nick Collins intercepted that ball. Thank you Green Bay.

Mike from Hudson, WI

I've been a Packers fan since Dec. 12, 1965, so almost 56 years. The local TV store owner in little Durand WI, population about 2000, had just wired the town for that newfangled concept of cable tv. I watched Paul Horning score five touchdowns as the Pack beat the then-Baltimore Colts. And that's where it all began, my first game remains my favorite game!

Doug from Neenah, WI

I've been a Packers fan since 1965. I have vivid memories of Paul Hornung's five TD game from 1965 and Travis Williams returning two kickoffs for TDs against the Browns in 1967 but my most memorable trip to Lambeau was in September 2001. It was the first MNF game after the 9/11 attacks. I took my brother to thank him for all his time and effort in making funeral arrangements for our father who passed on Sept. 11. When Chris Gizzi emerged from the tunnel with the American know the rest.

With 70 days until the regular-season opener, looks back at those who have worn No. 70 in Green Bay.

Chris from St. Louis, MO

Packers fan since 2006 at the age of 15, my last year in Crystal Falls, MI. My best memory was in 2007 after moving to middle TN and living in a new apartment complex without cable TV. I went to the apartment lobby to watch MNF Packers at Broncos. I remember being so nervous during the game because I wanted them to beat the Broncos so badly. Walking around pacing in the billiard room and then jumping up and pumping my fists as Jennings walked into the end zone in OT. All by myself enjoying the moment.

John from Jupiter, FL

I have been a Packer fan since 1966. My mother's side of the family were all from Appleton, Wisc. and I grew up following the team. My uncle had a bar in his basement with a sign hanging over it in green and gold "Packers Inn." That sign I have since inherited and it hangs in my home as I write this. There are so many favorite games but when asked the Favre game after his father's death always jumps to mind. Thanks for all you do!

Thomas from Cedar Rapids, IA

I've been a Packers fan all my 62 years, although I don't recall much from the Lombardi era. In November 1989, I had three roommates, two of which were Vikings fans. We put tape down the middle of the room, each team having its own "section." It was the loudest, rowdiest, trash-talking-est game we ever had. The Pack came out on top 20-19 and it seemed fate had finally turned after years of razzing from my Viking friends. Seriously, only 500 characters, Wes? How can I describe the game in 500 char (Editor's note: As my former boss, Mike Vandermause, used to tell me, "Keep it tight and bright." I went through thousands of responses the past few days. Do me a favor, OK?)

Andrea from Sofia, Bulgaria

In 2002, it was my last year in high school in Italy. A classmate was playing for the Rome Ducks and tried to convince me to play for them. Looking for gear I got a yellow Packers sweater, and from there I got hooked: a historical community owned franchise, Favre, Lombardi. A fan ever since. My favorite regular-season game is the 2016 win against Houston (Run-The-Table!) for a pic I have as desktop background, the first play in a 98-yard TD drive in the snow. I find it inspirational.

Nathan from Delta, PA

I've been a Packers fan since I was five, watching Brett Favre running down the field with helmet off celebrating a touchdown. His passion for the game made me a Packers fan. My favorite regular season memory has to be the Miracle in Detroit. I was sitting in a clamshell hangar in the middle east having stayed up all night to watch the game. Scared the hell out the night shift when I got to hollering at the catch.

Cory from Bozeman, MT

I've been a Packers fan since watching the '96 Super Bowl with my dad. I remember seeing how much joy Favre played with and watching him over the years make some of the most incredible throws I've ever seen. My all-time favorite game has to be the Raiders game in '03 after Favre's father had passed. My dad had passed earlier that year and I struggled mightily, so seeing Favre do what he did that evening was incredible. Still, to this day, I can't believe what he did that night!

Rick from Scottsdale, AZ

I've been a Packer fan my whole life (52 years), and my favorite regular season game was the Majik Man to Sterling Sharpe replay reviewed victory over the da bears because up until that point, there was no reason for optimism. My late-father and I certainly paid our dues as fans and that seemed like our first glimmer of hope.

Jim from Tucson, AZ

I started listening (no TV) to Packers games around 1950. I would walk to the junior high school on Tuesday evening when they showed a film of the previous Badger game. Neither my mother nor I gave a second thought to a 12-year-old wandering around the city in the evening. My favorite game has to be the Washington Monday night game. That game had everything - offense, defense, superior effort and a giant flub. Green Bay/Dicky 48, Washington/Theismann 47 on a missed last second field goal.

Reese from Hays, KS

I have been a Packers fan since 1972. My favorite regular season game was the season finale vs. Detroit in 2014 and I was sitting in the Lambeau Leap zone front row. Beautiful snowflakes falling with no wind on the beautiful December evening. Rodgers to Randall Cobb for a TD in the second quarter had Cobb starting toward me for the leap when he looked back at Rodgers on the ground and ran back to go check on him. Rodgers returning in the second half on a bad calf for the win was magical.

Robert from Aiken, SC

The two games that mean the most were at least 40 years apart. My dad had company seats near midfield when I was about five, the Packers fielded a punt and the crowd stood as the returner weaved through the defense and all I could see was butts. My dad hoisted me up just in time to witness the touchdown at the other end. Fast forward to the preseason, Packers vs. Colts, Rodgers vs. Manning. I was able to relive the moment with my own son, as the returner scored my boy was in the air to see it.

Agustin from Monterrey, Mexico

I've been a Packers fan for 32 years. My favorite regular-season game is Oct. 14, 1996, the 49ers at the Packers. One of my fondest memories with my now-late dad. I was so nervous we were losing almost all the game and he didn't stop telling me "Easy boy, they got this. It's still time, this is not over until it's over, even the last minute have 60 seconds," and stuff like that. I still can remember my excitement at the end of the game and he looking at me and saying: "So, I told you."

Luke from Inglewood, CA

I'm a 29-year Packers fan, and my all-time favorite regular season game was October 2, 2014, against the Vikings; the first game at Lambeau I ever attended. My wife got us tickets for my 30th birthday, so we drove cross-country from L.A. in our old Astro van that we made into a camper for the week. The game was perfect: Rodgers, Nelson, and Peppers blew out the Vikings on a drizzly fall night, and the atmosphere in the stadium reminded me of high school games in my small Midwest hometown. I was home.

Kevin from Santa Rosa, CA

I'm 64 and a fan all my life. My wife, son and I were at the final game of 2003. GBP vs. Denver and Minnesota at the last place Cards. If Minnesota loses, we make the playoffs. Toward the end of the game, we were all watching Vikings game on the monitors of the sky boxes. The players didn't know why everyone was cheering GO CARDS GO! The Cards scored on the final play and won 18-17! Lambeau went crazy and the celebration was on! We still talk about that game and how much fun we had! A great family memory.

Woody from Kill Devil Hills, NC

I've been a Packer fan for at least 60 years (I don't remember much from before age 10) but remember watching TV with my dad and brothers in the '60s. My favorite game is Nov 15, 1970. Not just because we beat the Bears, but also watching the game from the sideline as part of the halftime UWGB marching band. Because of that game, I met my lady love, also in the marching band. After a 40-year hiatus, we reconnected. Now 50 years later, we are together again and attend at least one game a year.

Craig from Tulsa, OK

My dad had tried out with the Pack and stayed on as a trainer. Years later, in 1962, we went to a Lions game at Lambeau. We sat under the press box. Every so often, there was a knock on the glass a someone got up and went inside, never to be seen again. My dad was one of these guys. Later, we found out they were taking Polaroid pictures to the sideline. It was better watching the game from the sideline. Paul Horning kicked three field goals to beat the Lions 9-7.

Tom from Santee, CA

Old City stadium. Tobin Rote vs Bobby Layne. I was 9 years old. The hook is deeply imbedded in my green-and-gold blood. (Editor's note: Holy guacamole! You've put your years in, Tom.)

Brian from Twain Harte, CA

I was born a Packers fan 61 years ago. My dad once owned a Packer bar in San Jose, CA. My favorite regular-season game was the Monday night scoring fest against Washington. I watched it on a 10-inch black and white TV in my apartment. On Mark Moseley's final kick, my nose was inches away from the TV screen. Go Pack Go.

Derek from Maple Grove, MN

I've truly been a Packers fan since January 1997. I was 12 years old at the time and my family had decided we needed to move to a different city for the fourth time in my life. One of the last things we did before the move was attend a Super Bowl party at one of my good friend's house. I can still remember watching Desmond Howard return that kick to seal the deal. We moved to Minnesota two weeks later, buy my heart is still tattooed green and gold!

Brant from Millis, MA

I have been a Packers fan my whole life (Starr is my middle name). My favorite regular season game was the Broncos game in 2003. It was my first trip to Lambeau Field, my sister had a sign that said, "Hugo, MN loves Favre." She was listening to the Vikings on the radio and said, "It's a touchdown" and our section erupted. Then everybody turned to the boxes. The celebration after was epic, I was high fiving everybody I could find.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL (2019-20 Inbox MVP)

I was born in 1951. I can't ever recollect not being a Packers fan. Flash forward to Milwaukee County Stadium Nov. 12, 1967, and a game etched in my memory. My dad, my two brothers and I came without tickets. We found three together and one single. Being the eldest, I enjoyed myself without my brothers pestering me. The game featured Travis Williams running back the first two kickoffs for touchdowns. In person I had never seen a man run so fast. I'm not sure I ever have since.

Col from Ludlow, UK

Thirty-eight years. In 1983, we began getting a monthly magazine, with match stats for games played weeks earlier. Vol. 1, No. 5, ( I still have it ), gave us a very brief history of the Packers, plus the score of the MNF Green Bay-Washington game. I was hooked. In 1994, I attended the home Bears game, travelled to Milwaukee to buy a ticket for the last-ever game at County Stadium, ran out of cash, so watched all alone in a hotel room. Though as Brett dove for the late TD and playoff hope, the place went into orbit. Incredible.

2. If you could host (or be a participant on) any game show, what would it be?

Joe from Wauwatosa, WI

I am beaming with II pride as this was one of the questions I submitted a few months back (during happier times when 12 was just our beloved QB/"Jeopardy" host) to you guys that was answered and has now become an Outsider Inbox question. Now I'm no Lori but I feel my II life has come full circle! Have to stick with PLINKO though on "Price is Right," but as a kid Bozo's "Grand Prize Game" was very enticing.

Jason from Austin, TX

"Family Feud." I play along while I watch and am always amazed with some of the answers the contestants say. Obviously, there's pressure being on TV, but if the question is, "Name something you might eat with a hamburger," you shouldn't answer "soda". I don't know if that actually happened, but it was a realistic example.

H.R. from Las Vegas, NV

Easy – the original "Press Your Luck." I spent the 90s watching Packer games yelling "Big Bucks! No Whammies!" Every time Brett Favre threw the ball. And knowing what I know now, maybe I'd be the subject of the show's controversy over winning $100,000.

Dan from Cross Plains, WI

If I could be a game show host on any show, the answer would be "Survivor." I started watching the show with my family back in Season 2 and it remains one of our favorite shows to watch together. Jeff Probst has got the best hosting gig in entertainment. Who wouldn't want to spend a month working on tropical island?

Keith from La Pine, OR

"Jeopardy." When I was around 9 or 10, I would sit and watch the show (Art Fleming; Don Pardo was the voice) and get upset if I didn't know the answer. I believe it made me a better student and an inquisitive reader.

Luke from Inglewood, CA

It would be fun to host "Survivor," spending months in exotic locales setting up puzzles, observing everyone's strategies and being the only person on camera who gets to consistently eat every day.

Jon from Sparta, WI

I would love to host "Jeopardy!" on the episode featuring Packers legendary quarterbacks. Favre would add a lot of entertainment but tossed an interception in Final Jeopardy. Bart Starr would be a steady force in the game and enter final Jeopardy in the lead. He would be conservative and answer the final question correctly, but not risk it all. Rodgers would have battled Starr question for question but need a Hail Mary in the final question to come out with the victor and win it all.

Gordon from Newport Beach, CA

If I could be a host on any game show it would be "Family Feud." Much like the 'Star' position in the Packers' defense, it's the perfect 'READ & REACT' situation for the host. Just read the question, react to the participants' answers, and take a few timeouts for the fans.