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Inbox: That needs to be the focus

You can’t move forward if you’re stuck in the past 


Cam from Pekin, IL

Would you allow me the opportunity to address Randy from Des Moines? Randy, the first one to call names in an argument is the loser! If you don't like how Wes and Mike answer the questions or the questions they choose to answer, then don't open II. It's just that simple.

It really is. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a one-line insult via email by some dude named Randy will not hurt me. Good morning!

Jeff from Sioux Falls, SD

Isn't Randy from Des Moines supposed to put his comment in the form of a question? I didn't know if I should check Robert's Rules of Order, check with Alex Trebek or the Insider Inbox Bylaws for clarification on a possible infraction.

I'll take Dorks from Wisconsin for 500, Alex.

Mike from Madison, WI

In regards to the recent article, I keep seeing people mention that Aaron Rodgers has held a grudge against Mike McCarthy this entire time because McCarthy passed on him in the 2005 draft. Am I missing something or is it ridiculous to assume that the offensive coordinator has that much say in who gets drafted? I thought it was ridiculous at first, but I keep seeing articles talk about how McCarthy passed on Aaron for Alex Smith. Did he really have that much say in it or are people just reaching for drama?

All week, I've been pelted with text message after text message from friends and family asking for my opinion on this whole McCarthy/Rodgers situation. As strange as this might sound, especially in 2019, I don't have a take on it. We've traveled down this road before and not once have any of us come out any wiser. Aaron Rodgers will speak to the media again here at some point and we'll see if he has anything different to say since the last time we peppered him with these questions three months ago. All I know is there are a litany of Packers players, both current and former, who have come out supporting both men – voices I greatly respect. We, as humans, spend so much time and energy trying to label people and group them into categories. It is not possible. We're complicated. Relationships are complicated. Life is complicated. So believe what Rodgers and McCarthy have to say or don't. That's your prerogative. I understand everyone wants to give their opinion on what's trending, but the past is already written. The ink is dry. The Packers want to get back to winning. Aaron Rodgers wants to get back to winning. Fix the faucet and the water stops leaking.

Dan from Toledo, OH

I always liked McCarthy as a coach, but I disagree with his recent interview. Can anyone name another head coach that was allowed to return to the building (twice!) after he was fired?

More than you think. Mike Sherman held a news conference from the Lambeau Field auditorium after he was fired in '05.

Mike from Las Vegas, NV

For all the talk about McCarthy the last couple days, let's not forget Bart Starr was fired and Brett Favre was traded. Time has a tendency to heal all wounds.

A book is more than its ending. McCarthy has a great appreciation for this franchise. Talking to him over the years, McCarthy would often say he's a steward for this team. His time will come and go like those before him. His love for that locker room was bigger than one season and evident when he came back to address the team one last time.

Karl from Bruce, WI

People are concerned about the recent news reports and the effect it will have on the team. I expect Coach LaFleur to start his first meeting by saying, "Men, the past is never as bad or as good as people recall it being. Either way, that's the past. We're here today to write the future. We'll do it together and if I have anything to say about it, it will be glorious!" Or something to that effect I'm sure. These men are professionals. They'll let it all roll off their backs.

I thought the most important thing LaFleur said this offseason is he isn't interested in what happened last year. You can't move forward if you're stuck in the past. The future is here. This is a fresh start the Packers needed.

Drew from Green Bay, WI

All this Bleacher Report drama has me wondering: What was the one event, on or off the field, that made you absolutely dread opening the Inbox the next morning?

The Packers cutting Jordy Nelson. It's not even close.

James from Spooner, WI

So the other day one of you said that quarterbacks are never the BPA? And that teams reach for them because of how important it is to have one? In 2005, I don't think we were reaching and I am pretty sure Rodgers is the best player out of that entire draft.

And I remain adamant that history wouldn't repeat itself if you took the 2005 draft class and dropped it into 2019. Quarterback has always been the most important position on the field, but I believe the passing renaissance has made it even more critical. I cannot see 20-plus teams passing on a QB who was in the conversation to be taken No. 1.

Dave from Coloma, MI

Let's just face it, the QB that will inherit Rodgers' job is probably still in high school.

I remember my dad telling me the exact same thing about Favre through the early part of the 2000s.

Michael from Berrien Springs, MI

A couple thoughts: 1. Randy from Des Moines wrote, "You two are a couple of dorks." IMHO, the world could use more dorks so no worries there. 2. I am sorry to see the sudden negative backlash re: MM. He was a class act for too many years to think he is anything different now. Let's move on. I'm with Vic. Get the big bodies! If A-Rod is the biggest asset on the team, keep him upright and a strong middle of the D-line will help the LBs and CBs/Ss. Hoping for a healthy team in '19.

Most of those pieces already are in place. The Packers addressed the offensive line with the addition of Billy Turner and have a strong defensive core in place with Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels and Dean Lowry. The next step is building depth on both lines and putting jars on the shelves – finding the next David Bakhtiari or Clark. Versatile players who make your team better. To me, that needs to be the focus.

Carroll from Madison, WI

Wes wrote Thursday that "none of this is new for LaFleur. He's practiced in the art of assessing new players..." My question goes to assessing how many snaps players can handle. Aaron Jones's must be managed due to past history and his position, but doesn't the same logic apply to other key contributors, albeit with suitable adjustments for both factors?

It's a great question. It's about knowing your players, their history and what motivates them. Touches are a moving target. They change from week to week. But the more you know about your roster, the better you'll utilize them. Jones is an undeniable talent. It's up to LaFleur to get the most out of him.

Ben from Green Bay, WI

Not that Aaron Rodgers' legacy needs any help, but what would cement his legacy further: another ring or another MVP?

I couldn't tell you how many MVP awards Tom Brady has won off the top of my head, but I know for a fact he's won six Super Bowls.

Blaine from Fennimore, WI

Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang, John Kuhn and Jordy Nelson. It is going to be a fun time when all four of them enter the Packers Hall of Fame. How long do they need to be out of the league before they can enter the Packers Hall? Is there a limit to the number of new entrants each year?

Four years, so it could get crowded in 2023. There isn't a set number of inductees each year, but it ranges between one and three. The last time the Packers Hall of Fame has had more than three was 1985.

Les from Las Vegas, NV

What does it really mean/what's the benefit of a player signing a one-day contract to come back and retire as a Packer? Heck, Jordy could go to Mars to retire. Packer fans would show up. There could be a mass former Packer retirement party this year.

It's mostly symbolism, but I also believe there is some closure that comes with bringing a career full circle.

Matt from Waukesha, WI

Are you surprised that the AAF wasn't able to make it? I think it shows the strength of the relationship the NFL and college football have.

No. I've seen this movie before. I'm just hopeful all of the players and displaced league employees land on their feet.

Craig from Appleton, WI

If you could re-live one season from Packers history, not knowing the outcome of the season, which one would you choose? I know the Super Bowl years would be very tempting, but that 2011 season was amazing despite the finish.

As successful as 2011 was, it wasn't the most compelling season because the Packers were walloping teams. Other than 2010, I'd say 2014 was the most fun to cover. There were so many curveballs with that season. The story never got stale.

Dennis from Horicon, WI

Hey guys, here is a question that is looking down the road a little bit. IF the Packers would get the opportunity to draft a quarterback and his name is Trevor Lawrence from Clemson, I believe we would have another great quarterback for a decade. This guy is the real deal. Any thoughts?

Ha. You're really going out on a limb there, Dennis. I think the rest of the NFL probably agrees with you. If Lawrence plays that way for the next two years, he's not going to be around at No. 32 during the 2021 NFL Draft. He may not be available at No. 2.

Kevin from San Francisco, CA

Back in 1999 GM Ron Wolf remarked, "I can't believe he was still there in Round 7 when we picked him." Sixteen years and 10,137 receiving yards later, at Donald Driver's Packers HOF induction, Wolf revealed Driver had been given a fourth-round grade.

After I wrote that Thursday, I also recalled Ted Thompson saying something similar about Jeff Janis in his post-draft presser.

Patrick from Folly Beach, SC

Just an observation on the playbook/tablet issue. First, many players have memorized the plays. Second, it's easy to take a picture of the screen with another device. Do you really think that a former player really could be like a spy for the new team? I say no, because its players not plays.

It's not as easy as you think. Marquez Valdes-Scantling jotted down all his routes last summer, but that was one player studying a single position. Copying an entire playbook with an iPhone would be like rewriting with pen and paper.

Trevor from Seattle, WA

First unbanning attempt: the nostalgic approach. Wes, you and I are roughly the same age. Which of the following 2019 movies are you most looking forward to: "Men in Black 4," "Toy Story 4," "The Lion King," "Aladdin," or "Sonic the Hedgehog"?

You gotta be kidding me about "MIB 4." Is anyone asking for it? Anyway, I'll go with "Toy Story 4." Welcome back to the Inbox.

Cameron from Cincinnati, OH

Regarding "I can't decide if that's ban-worthy or IIHOF-worthy," why can't it be both? Consider it a career walk-off moment. "Thank you for your contributions, Jake from Salt Lake. Good day."

Congratulations Jake. You may or may not be the inaugural member of the "Banned wing" of the IIHOF.

Caleb from Lakeville, MN

Who do you have: Virginia vs. Auburn and Michigan St vs. Texas Tech. Who are you crowning the NCAA champion?

Virginia better beat Auburn. If the Cavaliers win the title, all the better.

David from San Francisco, CA

Is it that cold in Green Bay that you can put leftovers in your car and they don't go bad?

Living in Wisconsin year-round does have a few perks…like free refrigeration sixth months out of the year.

Scott from Salem, OR

So Wes is always out to lunch. That explains a lot!

We must protect THIS SANDWICH!

Chad from Rhinelander, WI

It's almost time to dust off my copy of "Draft Day" and get it ready for its annual viewing...the tradition continues!

Just dusting it off now??? I started my 25 days of "Draft Day" on April 1. Get on my level, Chad.

Kate from Ravena, NY

I introduced myself to Spoff at the Charlotte pep rally in 2017 and can confirm he was completely approachable and fun to chat with. My only regret was not being able to meet Wes because he was home welcoming Baby Hod into the world.

You didn't miss much. If you met Spoff, you met the interesting Insider.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Belated happy third anniversary, Wes. Has it gotten any easier? And, 80 WPM, impressive! Back in HS (before electric typewriters) I think I hit 35. Unfortunately it hasn't gotten any better in the 50 years since.

Time flies. I was teeth-rattling nervous when I quit my job at the newspaper three years ago this week to join back in 2016, but I'm sure glad I did. That's a credit to Duke, Spoff, Kregg Shilbauer and all the colleagues who make it fun to come to work (almost) every day. Onward and upward. Have a great weekend.