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Inbox: That's the great unknown

Let it unfold and enjoy the reveal

QB Jordan Love
QB Jordan Love

Giggly Gumdrop from Peppermint Forest, OH

I can confirm that everything is indeed Candyland up here along the rainbow path leading into the peppermint forest!

Wait a minute, did Wes's son start running this column while I was gone? Or am I missing some April Fools joke here?

Benjamin from Bear, DE

I'm a little curious. Has there ever been a question that a reader submitted that stumped you? Have you ever had to reach out to the likes of Russ Ball, or perhaps the coach to find the answer to the question you were clueless of the correct answer? Perhaps you had to "phone a friend" or another lifeline to secure a proper response? Just curious.

My first day back and the first rule of Inbox remains under attack. C'mon now.

Jake from Venice Beach, CA

So we have the furthest II submission. What about the closest? Has anyone submitted a question from INSIDE the stadium?

Certainly. I've seen submissions from people saying they're typing their question while touring the stadium or Packers Hall of Fame.

John from McHenry, IL

I haven't been able to read the Inbox for a while so I may be asking a question that has already been answered, but when will the first Prospect Primer come out? It's one of my favorite things you guys do at this time of the year.

The series should launch today. We'll profile about 20 players between now and the draft.

Tom from Fort Myers, FL

Can a team be flexed to a Wednesday Christmas Day game?

Flexed? No, I don't believe so, because it would require too much schedule shuffling to get the Christmas teams also playing on the Saturday prior (Dec. 21). When those Christmas games are announced, they'll be set in stone.

Kevin from Sun Prairie, WI

You related that teams playing on Christmas would play the previous Saturday to give them the same four-day gap as teams have for playing a Thursday night game. But isn't this forcing these teams to suffer through two consecutive short weeks? Seems really unfair to ask four teams to do that, especially that late in the season!

I agree, but the tradeoff is an extended break prior to Week 18, which could prove valuable to a playoff team that's not in position to get the No. 1 seed and bye.

Linda from Portage, WI

How much money does a franchise make when they play overseas?

No more or less than for any typical game. The league handles the revenue from the international games and compensates the "home" team with a stipend. At least that's how it was done previously.

Dalton from DeForest, WI

Will the NFL's rule adjustment in allowing the emergency third quarterback to be a practice-squad player instead of needing to be on the active roster affect the Packers' QB strategy at all?

I doubt it. The Packers have kept their third QB on the practice squad more often than not in recent years.

Wes from South St. Paul, MN

I just read that Matt LaFleur was surprised by some of the Packers' free-agency signings. Isn't the head coach involved in these discussions and decisions?

Somewhat. He's certainly kept in the loop. But personnel decisions are ultimately Gutey's call. I think LaFleur's comment is better interpreted at being surprised how certain things transpired, as we all were.

Chas from Modena, WI

Are the Packers talking with Rudy Fords agent? Are they trying to re-sign him or has that ship sailed? It would be fine with me if they re-signed him before the draft.

I have no idea to whom the Packers are talking. I just look at it as follows: If Ford remains available, it's possible he could return.

Mike from Cascade, ID

Hi guys, I dig all the maneuvering in the draft, before and during. I heard something on the radio the other day that was new to me. The commentator mentioned that sometimes teams don't bring a player that's on their radar in for a visit on purpose because they don't want to draw any attention to that player to any other teams. Is this a real thing?

Absolutely. If a team feels it knows everything it needs to about a player, there's more value in the subterfuge than in going through the motions without gaining any desired info.

Jeffrey from Brooklyn, WI

Hey guys, how can they start team activities April 15 when the draft isn't even done yet?

Offseason programs have always started prior to the draft. Before the 2011 CBA, they started in mid-March. The draft picks and UDFAs don't join the rest of the roster for offseason workouts until after their rookie orientation/minicamp in early May.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

Reading that Greg Joseph was on the Tampa Bay practice squad for their title run got me wondering: Are there any (other) current Packers with Super Bowl rings, and when was the last time the team opened without a Super Bowl winner on the roster? (If I recall correctly, Rasul Douglas had a ring from Philly.)

Long snapper Matt Orzech won a Super Bowl ring with the Rams in 2021. I don't know when the Packers' roster most recently lacked a player with a ring. It would seem it's been a long, long while. Because if you look at the pre-XLV Packers, John Kuhn (Steelers' practice squad, 2005) was around starting in '07, and then before that there was Favre, so it at least goes back to the pre-XXXI Packers.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

Reading the Greg Joseph "5 Things" got me thinking. What's the longest game-winning FG the Packers have had?

I believe it's Chris Jacke's 53-yarder in OT to beat the 49ers in '96. Crosby's game-winners to beat the Niners in '21 and the Cowboys in the '16 playoffs were both from 51.

Dana from Eau Claire, WI

It seems like it should be the Lions and Packers fighting for the division this season, of course depending on how impactful the rookie QBs for the Bears and Vikings turn out. It seemed like in the first GB/Lions game, the Lions just were way more physical than the Packers and pushed them around. Second game, the Packers out-executed the Lions in every phase. With the offseason additions so far, how do you see that matchup?

Not much different, because it's not really about personnel but style. The Lions will continue to try to bully opponents with brute force. That's Dan Campbell's way. The Packers attempt to get opponents on their heels with different types of aggression, such as the first play of the Thanksgiving game. Whoever withstands the other team's first punch and can deliver their own gets the upper hand.

Curtis from Moreno Valley, CA

I'm seeing a bunch of pundits all jumping on the Love train now and hyping GB up way too much these days. Personally, I like when we are under the radar and nobody thinks we can win but that doesn't appear to be the case now. Some are even talking about a SB appearance. Love is going to have a target on his back now so he'll need to be prepared for that and I think he will be. How high do you think his ceiling realistically is after one year of starting?

That's the great unknown. There's no reason to put any limitations on it, but there's also no reason to be sculpting Love's bust for Canton yet. Let it unfold and enjoy the reveal.

Jennifer from Middleton, WI

Some QBs have a second-year slump because DCs have a year of tape to study and take away strengths. I envision our North rivals in a dark room right now trying to prevent the development of a third HOF QB in GB. What strengths of JL would you say they are studying? As ML and TC also know this, how do they work with JL to prepare?

Opponents will be looking at the offensive concepts Love executed best and preparing different defensive looks and approaches to limit that success. In that vein, Green Bay's task is two-fold. First, to add wrinkles and variations to those successful concepts so when defenses see them and think they've got the answer, the Packers have a counter. Second, to improve Love's efficiency and success with other concepts. Both help the playbook grow to keep the Packers and Love a step ahead.

Bil from Stateline, NV

"...customary 25-yard starting line is now obsolete for the moment." Anyone remember when the ball was live until the return man fielded it and took a knee in the end zone and then the "customary" spot was the 20?

I even remember when teams would line up 10 guys on one side of the kicker for an onside kick and create a massive pileup of bodies for our enjoyment. But times change, for the better.

Dwight from Brooklyn, NY

Regarding the inevitability of an 18-game season, I can only hope that the roster is increased as well to account for the greater risk of injuries. Just spitballing, I'm thinking that four would be good. Either that, or increasing the number of players on the practice squad and making more available to the first team on a rotational basis.

I anticipate it'll be a major negotiating point for the next CBA. The owners will want 18 games, and they'll have to give the players something significant in negotiations for them to agree. They got 17 games by boosting the NFLPA's revenue share when the new TV contracts kicked in, but Covid delayed the subsequent boost in the salary cap that has now arrived. It'll probably take shifting more revenue the union's way to get 18 games, maybe a lot more if that also comes with roster expansion.

Michael from Ramsey, MN

Hey guys! I have a question about the shortage of numbers available for kickers and QBs on the Packers' roster. Correct me if I'm wrong but as of today the lowest uniform number open that the team could issue newly signed kicker Greg Joseph is 26. That said do you think the Packers will issue their first No. 0 to a player this year?

I don't know. They might give him a number that doubles up with another player and then adjust later as necessary depending on how the 53-man roster shakes out.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Is Mike's face still blue? I saw the NFL will allow replay review on plays where a flag is thrown for 1) intentional grounding, 2) roughing the passer, and 3) late hits out of bounds. I guess this doesn't fall under "all safety rules are reviewable" like Mike has been saying for years. But it's certainly a start, right?


Bruce from Jackson, WI

Well, it would have been a hat trick of losses if it wasn't for the Brewers' win on Friday night. First Marquette got bounced in the round of 16 and then the Badgers men's hockey team got bounced from the Frozen 16. Any thoughts on how the Brewers will do this season with Pat Murphy at the helm?

It'll be fun to find out. It's a team loaded with young, developing talent in a division without any proven commodities as far as playoff contenders. Buckle up.

Hamish from Perth, Australia

G'day, mates. The Packers and II are first rate here too! Good on you! But Australian Rules Football is hardly a dog's breakfast. Don't want to carry on like a pork chop, so hooroo from down under.

I clearly can't afford to take a two-week break again. No foolin'. Happy Monday.

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