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Inbox: That was the best turkey dinner ever

Which Packers game would you like to relive in person? 

QB Jordan Love
QB Jordan Love

In which stadium(s) have you seen a Packers game and what was the final result? (Dan from Tallahassee, FL)

Daniel from Huntersville, NC

I've been blessed to have been at a few memorable ones. In Denver, at Mile High on the Brett Favre-to-Greg Jennings overtime winner; AT&T Stadium for the epic Matt Flynn comeback game (later in the day I proposed to my wife – a Cowboys fan, luckily, she still said yes); and finally, Lambeau Field in 2023 in Christian Watson's three-TD coming out party against the Cowboys.

Joshua from Houston, TX

As a Texan, I've only been to two games, both in Texas. In high school, I saw Favre lead a game-winning FG drive against the Texans to win 16-13 in 2004. I also went to the infamous comeback game by Flynn as a one-year anniversary gift from my wife in 2013. It was a rough first half, but now my in-laws (Cowboys fans) say that she isn't allowed to pray against the Cowboys after that comeback.

Caleb from Bloomington, IN

I've only been to two games, but they were incredible. The first was the opener against the Bears in 2018. You could feel the air go out of the stadium when Rodgers went down, but it was electric when he came walking back out after halftime! The feeling when Randall Cobb caught that pass and turned up field was unforgettable! The second was the crazy overtime game in Cincinnati in 2021 with my future wife! Hearing each fan base hold its breath and cheer at the opponent's missed FG was peak football drama. (Editor's note: Man, there's a lot of love at these Packers games.)

Mike from Palm Coast, FL

I saw my first Packers game at County Stadium in Milwaukee. Many more at Lambeau. After moving to Texas, I saw quite a few at Texas Stadium vs. the Cowboys. Unfortunately, the Cowboys were in the middle of their Super Bowl run. I have since moved to Florida and have seen the Pack play in all three Florida stadiums with winning results. Best moment was Favre to Sterling Sharpe for a TD.

Sam from Greendale, WI

My only non-Lambeau game was at TCF Bank when the Vikings were waiting on their new stadium. The Packers beat the Vikings 24-21 and we chanted "GO PACK GO!" all the way out of the stadium, much to the chagrin of the locals.

Matt from Bloomington, IN

I attended the freezing 26-26 tie at Lambeau Field in 2013 against the Vikings. I wonder what percentage of fans have seen a tie game in person.

Ken from Mountain Iron, MN

I attended my first Packers game in Nov. 1952 vs. NY Giants at the Polo Grounds. Of course, the Pack won and gained a lifetime fan. Thankfully that awful stadium was torn down in '64.

Brian from Twain Harte, CA

(1) 1968 at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park; a GB loss. In 1997, I saw Pack play a preseason game at the Oakland Coliseum, a win. I stayed at the Berkeley Marriott and was on the same floor as the Packers. I talked with numerous players the night before the game, including Favre and Mark Chmura. (3) In January 1999, I saw the 49ers beat GB in the playoffs at Candlestick. (4) I saw GB beat the Pats in overtime at Lambeau in 2022.

Duwayne from Horicon, WI

I went to the Metrodome to see the Packers play the Vikings. Reggie White and Sean Jones collided in the backfield and took each other out of the game. Brett Favre broke his ankle. Ty Detmer broke his thumb on his throwing hand. T.J. Rubley audibled to a pass, and it was intercepted to seal a Viking victory. All he needed to do was QB sneak and kick the winning field goal. He was cut the next day.

Patrick from Ashland, WI

I was at exactly two Packers games in the Metrodome. First one, the Herschel Walker game. He had just been traded there and he trampled us, even on kickoffs, and we lost. The next and thankfully last one was the Rubley game. Favre got hurt, Detmer got hurt, and Rubley audibled against Holmgren's wishes and threw a pick, leading to another Packers loss. "Minnesota Nice" doesn't apply to those fans after a Packers game.

Blake from Eden Prairie, MN

U.S. Bank Stadium for the opener on Sept. 8, 2016. Ridiculous cost for a nosebleed seat a half mile up in the clouds. It was the most miserable NFL game experience of my life, thanks to eight or 10 highly inebriated male Vikings fans who stood up throughout 95% of the entire game, blocking our view of the field, and sharing single finger salutes and colorful language. Our seats were above the video boards, so they were blocked from view, as well. I'm sticking with Lambeau from now on!

Dennis from Parrish, FL

My first NFL game ever was on Dec. 18, 1983, in Chicago. Official temperature was 1-degree Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of minus-17. It was COLD! Twenty years later, on September 21, 2003, I attended the hottest Packers game all time in Tempe, at 102! It was HOT! Now living in Florida, I have seen them in ALL three stadiums! I also attended the last six games the Packers played in Milwaukee while living in the Chicago suburbs.

Mike from Winchester, TN

I've only seen them play live one time. On Nov. 29, 1999, my friend, who is a 49ers fan, invited me to see the Packers vs. Niners at Candlestick Park. He wore his 49ers gear, and I wore my Packers gear. Favre and the Packers won 20-3. After the game we walked past a group of Niners fans tailgating in the lot. They started talking smack to me which I replied: "I have Niner gear too, I'm just embarrassed to wear it." They all laughed and invited us to have a beer.

Eric from Omaha, NE

On Dec. 18, 2011, my family attended the Chiefs/Packers game at Arrowhead Stadium wearing our Packers attire. The Packers were undefeated, and the Chiefs were 5-8 with an interim coach, Romeo Crennel. Unfortunately, the Chiefs shut down the Packers, 19-14. As we were leaving our seats with a couple minutes left on the clock, a happy Chiefs fan spouted off, "Hey, where you going?" I responded, "To the playoffs!" His smirk quickly changed to a frown as he nodded in agreement. Great stadium.

Randy from McDonald (formerly Ooltewah), TN

I have been to Packers games at several NFL stadiums (in addition to 10 at Lambeau Field and two at County Stadium). I have seen them in Minnesota (L), Detroit (L), Charlotte (W), New Orleans (L), Baltimore (W), Atlanta (L), Cleveland (W), and Foxboro (L). Just 3-5 on the road, but a 9-3 home record puts me at 12-8 when seeing them in person. Hoping to add a (W) in Nashville this year.

Brandon from Billings, MT

At the Metrodome, Packers vs. Vikings, the 2013 win that Cordarrelle Patterson returned the opening kickoff for six. At Lambeau, the Packers vs. Falcons, the 2013 Flynn win. At U.S. Bank Stadium, the Packers vs. Vikings in the 2017 loss and the 2021 loss to the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium (Jordan Love's first start). There's a common theme here: three out of four games I attended to see Aaron Rodgers play resulted in two broken collarbones and a case of COVID. I've decided it's for the best of the franchise if I just watch on TV.

Edward from Canton, SD

Hi Wes! l have a "longest" that I think few fans will remember. Sometime during Brett Favre's prime the Pack played at Denver on MNF. l believe it was in the fourth quarter, Denver had a 20-17 lead and punted and downed the ball on our 1-yard line. We drove down the field, but were stopped by Denver, and chose to kick the FG to tie the game. The game went to OT, the Packers won the toss and received. On the first play, Favre found Jennings deep and TD! Game over! So, "Longest drive without scoring touchdown, 98 yards."

George from Edinburg, VA

My Jacksonville friend was excited for new Jaguars tickets in 1995. I held a sign about missing Sterling Sharpe. Favre and the Pack won. I saw the same result at RFK with T-bone and friends, on free tickets from our season-ticket holder bar owner. I sweated with my new wife against the Lions at Lambeau when John Kuhn ran out the end. Sadly, my son and I saw our first loss in the rain at FedEx. I most enjoyed meeting Vic, Mike, Wayne, Nick, and Mark at D.C

Jon from Hampshire, IL

Two away games I've attended remind me how good we have it now as GBP fans. The first was vs. the Falcons at old Fulton County Stadium in 1988. Both teams were 2-7 coming in, and the on-field action was reflective. A 20-0 loss with seven turnovers by the good guys. My buddy and I got on TV in the fourth quarter as "sad visitors." The second was vs. Eagles at the Vet in 1990. Majik Man was injured and Anthony Dilweg and Blair Kiel were no match for Randall Cunningham (or Reggie White). A 31-0 loss and Eagles faithful had no pity on us.

Bruce from Fort Myers, FL

The Packers game I attended outside of Lambeau that truly blew my mind was the December 1997 game in Tampa against the Bucs. Green Bay won 17-6 and clinched the division, but the coolest part was the 30,000 Packers fans that absolutely took over the game. Trent Dilfer complained after the game that the crowd noise from the opposing fans really bothered him. The Bucs changed their ticket policy after the season to try to prevent it from happening again!

Dan from Tallahassee, FL

Hi Wes, Lambeau. In the 1960s, season tickets, row 1, in the kids section. Unlike Bob Uecker, I really was in the front row. Wins, losses, maybe a tie. Lambeau. Dec 31, 1967, got kind of cold that day. Packers win. Soldier Field on Dec 10, 1978. Went with some college buddies. Packers loss. Georgia Dome. Oct 4, 1992. Brought my parents and sat in my employer's suite on the 50-yard line. Looked over and saw a Falcons minority owner sitting in his suite on the 35-yard line. Felt kind of special. Packers loss. Raymond James. Sep 28, 2008. Sitting so high I was looking down on the top of the scoreboard. Packers loss.

If you could sit in the stands and relive an old Packers game, which one would you pick and why? (Ferdinand from Woodbury, MN)

Carl from Dewitt, MI

I would love to watch last year's Thanksgiving game against Detroit. My whole family is Lions fans and that was the best turkey dinner ever. Second would be the Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary in Detroit. My brother was overseas for business. Boy, was he giving it to me and then the pass was completed. Nothing but crickets. Thanks for all you guys do.

Gregg from Arlington Heights, IL

We would relive our first Lambeau experience, the 2003 Denver game. Our day included anticipation, parking at 9 a.m. for the 3 p.m. game, Skip's, Billy the tailgater, Favre's, Saint Vince, Beads, Billy's friends, touchdowns, and after Poole's catch, watching the jubilation flow down from the skyboxes to the players on the field and joining in on the fun, polite security, new tailgating buddies, street dancing, Fuzzy's, Ziggey's leftovers and wishing our day would never end. (Editor's note: I miss Skip's.)

David from Janesville, WI

It may be a boring answer, but if I could sit and relive an old Packers game, I would just love to see one random game from the Lambeau, Lombardi and Starr eras. See Hagemeister Park where they are passing the hat. City Stadium roaring on a Paul Hornung sweep or Lynn Dickey to James Lofton for a TD.

Steve from Seven Devils, NC

The New York Giants' first regular-season game at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT on Oct. 7, 1973, against Green Bay. Despite a sellout crowd of 70,050, it was just more than 1,000 off the Giants' best crowd at Yankee Stadium. Only six arrests were made (two for intoxication). It was the first time beer was sold legally at the Yale Bowl. All tickets were priced at $8. Green Bay won 16-14 with Chester Marcol kicking a 32-yard FG with seconds left for the win.

Gardner from Circle Pines, MN

Sept. 24, 1978: Packers vs. Chargers in San Diego. My first Packers game. Willie Buchanon intercepted four passes in a 24-3 win over the Bolts. I was in heaven as I witnessed Buchanon enter the record books for most INTs in a game. The next day the Chargers fired Tommy Prothro and hired Don Coryell who then installed Dan Fouts as his QB. Chargers fans have been grateful for that loss ever since.

Wally from Tigerton, WI

The NFC Championship Game vs. the Panthers. It was cold but the atmosphere was amazing and when the game was decided and the first trip to the Super Bowl in 29 years was secured. Longtime ticket holders were crying tears of happiness! Best game in many years. Close second was the Sunday night Bears games where AR12 had the six TD passes. Some of the Bears fans around us left late first quarter and never came back.

Tyler from Green Bay, WI

Really tough to pick, but it is probably at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Chortle, chortle… (Editor's note: Well played.)

Bret from Hertel, WI

I would sit behind my dad and the grandfather I never met at game one of the 1942 season, Packers vs. Bears. The game was great for the Packers for three quarters. Don Hutson's greatest season was in 1942. He gave the Packers the lead in the third quarter with his second TD.

Hank from Centennial, CO

I'd be seated next to an old friend, the late, great Bronco Dean Lindoerfer, in his end-zone season ticket seats at Mile High in Denver, when Favre completed an 82-yard bomb to Jennings to win the game on the first play in overtime. Jennings would have been running right at us as he caught that perfectly thrown ball.

Gavin from Albuquerque, NM

The Packers game from history I would love to sit in the stands and relive is the one, the only, The Ice Bowl. Two reasons why: First, the history. I have a minor in history and would love to watch that game in person. Two, my wife is a Cowboys fan.

Bob from Pocatello, ID

I would love to relive the 2018 opener against the Bears. I was in the stands with my daughter. Truly obnoxious Bears fans right behind us. Khalil Mack was a game-wrecker in his Chicago debut. Rodgers goes down in the first half. Lowest of lows. He trots out early in the third. And then -- magic. Biggest fourth-quarter comeback in Packers history. Highest of highs.

Donna from Darien, WI

It would have to be the 2018 season opener against the Bears. I watched it on television and couldn't believe the comeback I was watching. My nephew was actually at that game but left early because he had a long drive home to get to work in the morning. The playoff game would be when they beat Chicago in January 2011 to reach the Super Bowl. The memories of being a Packer fan sure are rich!

Mike from Lake Villa, IL

The Packers at Oakland Raiders after Favre's father passed away. I get goosebumps anytime I watch highlights of that game!

Mike from Granite City, IL

I would want to relive the game I saw at Milwaukee County Stadium. It was against the expansion Atlanta Falcons. I was only 13 or 14 years old, and the Packers won 23-0. My conditions would be to watch it as an older person and have better seats. Vince Lombardi was in his last year as the HC in GB.

Mark from Bettendorf, IA

The 1996 NFC Championship for obvious reasons. My fandom started in 1972. It was my first taste of success as a Packers fan. I turned down a ticket to the game and have regretted it ever since.

Rod from Eau Claire, WI

I suspect the Ice Bowl is the obvious answer, but I've lived through enough Wisconsin winters to rethink that one. I think the Packers-Raiders game the week Brett's father passed away would be a special game to experience in person.

Stefan from Rock Island, IL

The 2014 regular-season matchup with the Patriots at Lambeau. It was one of the few opportunities for Packers fans to see Rodgers vs a "GOAT-caliber" QB. We missed other AR12 vs. TB12 opportunities, and never got a Rodgers-Patrick Mahomes duel. This was also an exceptionally clean game. My memory suggested no penalties, but the box score had four per team for 47 yards total in the game.

Marcus from Midvale, UT

I think I'd have to choose the game between Green Bay and the Patriots in 2014. A classic game that went down to the wire. A true duel between two great quarterbacks, two great coaches and two historic teams. I was hoping for a rematch in the Super Bowl, but we won't talk about that. (Editor's note: This would have been my answer. To this day, it's the best football game I've watched as it relates to strategy and performance.)