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Inbox: The last live Packers play my dad ever saw was the Randall Cobb fourth-and-8 catch

How has a Packers game impacted a noteworthy event in your life?

Former Packers WR Randall Cobb catches a 48-yard TD pass on fourth-and-8 from QB Aaron Rodgers against the Chicago Bears on Dec. 29, 2013.
Former Packers WR Randall Cobb catches a 48-yard TD pass on fourth-and-8 from QB Aaron Rodgers against the Chicago Bears on Dec. 29, 2013.

How has a Packers game impacted a noteworthy event in your life? (Dar from Mansfield, TX)

Brian from Urbana, IL

My dad went blind in 2016. A short time earlier, my wife and I had tickets to a Packers-Bears tilt. I had gotten tickets for Christmas because she told me that she had never seen the team live in-person. The morning of the game, we catch a horrible stomach bug. We call my dad and see if he wants the tickets. He takes them despite the fact that it's short notice. This was December 2013. The last live Packers play my dad ever saw was the Randall Cobb fourth-and-8 catch. (Editor's note: That may be the greatest Outsider Inbox answer ever, Brian. Thank you for sharing that.)

James from Chicago, IL

"We want the ball and we're gonna score!" I had just moved to Chicago and decided to go to this bar I had heard about, Will's Northwoods Inn, to watch the game. I started talking to this cute girl during the game. Twenty years later that cute girl is my wife. If Al Harris hadn't picked Matt Hasselbeck, neither my wife nor I would have been at Will's that night to drown our sorrows in each other's company after fourth-and-26.

Tom from Cambridge (near Weston), MA

Not me, but my older brother. He was born in mid-December 1962. My parents quickly set the date for his baptism on Dec. 30. After the Packers won their conference, my parents huddled up with the parish priest and all three decided the baptism would be at halftime.

Mark from Bettendorf, IA

After my sister's tragic death in 2019, a group of the guys decided to take "a trip of a lifetime" and go to a game at Lambeau. This fall will be our fourth "guys" trip. Memories make us rich.

John from Hamilton, NY

My wife and I got married on Black Friday in 2015. Our wedding rehearsal was scheduled for Thanksgiving night, the Packers also played that night. I am the only Packers fan of the group, but the rehearsal broke up halfway through so people could go home to watch the game. Worse the Packers lost that game. Fortunately, the wedding went off fine!

Bill from Mequon, WI

While living in Florida in 2010, I was diagnosed stage-4 melanoma. The cancer produced a malignant growth on my spine which caused me to be in considerable pain. Corrective surgery was scheduled for the week prior to Super Bowl XLV. I made my surgeon promise that I would be discharged before Sunday. I was discharged on Saturday, pain-free. On Sunday, I was able to enjoy another Packers victory.

Wayne from Lake Hallie, WI

During early fall 1997, my buddy and I were filming a large 13-point buck on the farm we hunt. He was a trophy who we nicknamed "Lucky." Our confidence in bagging Lucky on the opening weekend of bow season was sky high…but then we were offered front row Packers vs. Vikings tickets at Lambeau. What a dilemma! We chose Lambeau over Lucky and another guy with access to the farm killed Lucky while we were at the game. Choices!

Rick from Trempealeau, WI

Thanksgiving Day 2009. My mother-in-law was in hospice after a long battle with lung cancer and was not expected to make it through another day. The family had gathered in the nursing home for Thanksgiving; just waiting and consoling. The Packers beating the Lions that day gave us all a small lift and a much-needed distraction.

Joe from Dells, WI

I was scheduled to have a long day at work on Dec. 8, 1996, church in the morning and church meetings all afternoon, but since my youngest daughter was born on the seventh, I was excused from all the meetings and spent the day watching the Packers throttle the Denver Broncos while holding my little girl. As we all know, the Packers won the Super Bowl that year. The first Super Bowl, I remember.

Eric from Durham, NC

My second baby was born in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving last year. I will never forget holding her in my arms for nearly the entire game while my wife got some well-deserved rest in the bed next to me and trying not to jump out of my chair as the Packers announced that they will in fact be just fine operating under Jordan Love. Her arrival marked a turning point for the team and the completion of my lovely family.

Bret from Hertel, WI

My wife was giving birth to our first son in Manchester, Iowa. A great Northern Iowa player Bryce Paup was starting in his second season for the Packers and had a great first game of the year against the Eagles, so we named our first son after Bryce Paup. My son was an honorary member of the Bryce Paup Fan Club, and I took him to a game at County Stadium and my son got to meet his name.

Dan from Catonsville, MD

The Packers game that affected me the most was the 2011 Super Bowl. My dad and I had watched Green Bay football for more than 50 years. Watching Packers football with my dad was a huge tradition with our family where family bonding took place and we could review the successes, trials of the work week. When the Packers sealed the win, my dad I stood up and hugged for about 30 seconds. Three weeks later, my dad passed away. God is kind in letting the two of us watch our last game together be a Super Bowl win!

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

My mother-in-law was a huge Packers/Donald Driver fan. On Sept. 8, 2011, all my in-laws were staying at our house, as Ruth Ann was in hospice at Walnut Grove. We were there visiting – her children mostly giving Ruth Ann permission to go. A nurse advised us to go enjoy the game. She would call if anything changed. At halftime the call came, we rushed out to pay our respects, and learned Ruth Ann had passed peacefully when our leaving allowed her "space" to go. Each new season opens memories.

Sharon from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Celebrating the 1997 Super Bowl with my parents, longtime fans, and season-ticket holders, who had cheered on the team at the Ice Bowl. My mom, battling terminal cancer for the past five years, longed to see her team win another. The '96 season answered her prayers! Our whole family, including two great grandkids, gathered at my niece's home to watch the Pack beat the Patriots. She was excited in '97 when they were on their way to XXXII! Not to be, as she went to meet Vince a week before Christmas!

Al from Green Bay, WI

Jan. 15, 2017. My wife and I were in the ER at the hospital, as my mother-in-law was receiving the news that she had pancreatic cancer, and only a month to live. There were TVs in a few places in the hospital, so patients and visitors were watching the Packers/Cowboys playoff game. To hear the surreal cheers from the ER when Mason Crosby kicked the game-winner was an emotional moment for me. Yes, football is just a game, but it also provides joy in the darkness.

Al from Waupaca, WI

The game I would relive is actually a game I was at and didn't realize the significance of at the time. The game was Dec. 22, 2003. A great friend of mine (Steve from Flagstaff who writes in frequently) attended the game together. Since it was in Oakland, we spent the first half worrying about self-preservation. With the game in hand, we started to imbibe a few adult beverages. Between the nerves of being in Raiders Nation and the drinks, we didn't pay attention to what was transpiring.

Mark from Naperville, IL

Sept. 9, 2018 – Bears/Packers. I was competing in my first ironman triathlon in Madison, WI. While running the marathon portion, I was continuously asking spectators/helpers for updates on the game. As I finished, the Bears were ahead, and Rodgers was hurt. I got back to my hotel room for the second half comeback win. It was a thing of beauty on a day I'll always remember (becoming an Ironman). GPG!

Bill from Clive, IA

Dec. 26, 1965, the NFL Western Conference playoff game in Lambeau vs. the Baltimore Colts. The Packers win 13-10, then go on to beat Cleveland for the NFL title (first of three straight). It's noteworthy for me, as it was my first road trip with my big brother Denny. I was 10; he was 24 and my idol. I want to see the controversial FG: got us to OT!

Alex from Bozeman, MT

On Jan. 16, 2016, two events happened. My mom had a liver transplant at UW Health in Madison and the Packers played a thrilling game down in Arizona. We were in the surgery waiting area when Jeff Janis caught the Hail Mary pass and at that exact moment, we got the news that mom was being put in the ICU room. Sadly, by the time we got to her room, we turned on the TV to see Larry Fitzgerald running through and around the Packers' defense.

Reed from Kansas City, MO

I was living in China during Super Bowl XLV, so I had to work during the game. My then girlfriend (now wife) is not a football fan, but she kept texting me score updates. I knew then that I'd found the one.

What would you like to see at the 2025 NFL Draft?

Jennifer from Middleton, WI

At the 2025 draft, I would like to see outsiders gain a new appreciation for GB and for residents to show the upmost hospitality and class. I lived in the Twin Cities for 15 years, so I get it – it's a small market and there is most definitely a small-town mentality. But I'm tired of media talking about it like it's Walnut Grove from Little House on the Prairie. "Hitch up the wagon, Pa Hod. It's time to go to town."

Joe from Hampshire, IL

A Pulaski Polka Days-style parade down Lombardi Avenue. Semis with flatbed trailers and fully equipped bands entertaining draft fans. The Happy Schnapps Combo band can play "That Bears song."

Bob from Jensen Beach, FL

At the opening of the 2025 NFL Draft, I would like to see all living Packers members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame introduced together. Also, a memorial in pictures to all those who are no longer with us. What a great way to honor the traditions of Green Bay.

Dale from St Cloud, WI

I would like to see me with my two boys at the draft. The older one will be playing football as a freshman this fall, and the younger one will be playing football for the first time as a fifth-grader.

David from Janesville, WI

I'd like to see the NFL Draft in Green Bay have an Insiders funhouse with a special code to get in the door (88), and inside you learn all the secrets of Insiders Inbox. You get to try one of Wes's lunches and kick footballs into a grid of lasers that explode them. Your mind is blanked of the experience when you exit to keep with the first rule of Inbox.

Chuck from Richfield, WI

I have one wish during NFL Draft week after reading Cliff's latest history articles. I want to see "The unquestioned star of the 1929-31, three-peat champs," Verne Lewellen, have his name unveiled on the Lambeau facade after his selection for induction by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Senior Committee.

Adrian from Chula Vista, CA

For the July 4 column (would be a very nice birthday gift if this makes it). The highlight of the training-camp tradition and have each selection in the first round delivered via a kid's bicycle. I'm sure the NFL is concerned about possible injuries and liabilities if a draftee gets hurt, but it would be great to show the world how Green Bay does it with style.

Pepper from Rochester, NY

One million people in attendance, cheese fountains on every corner, a cheese parade down Lombardi Avenue, local vendors overwhelmed with bustling business, newbies to the state of WI getting a heck of a history lesson and appreciation for the green and gold and Packers players of young and old mixed throughout the area to enhance the excitement. I want people of all ages to experience the infectious charm of Green Bay and the state of Wisconsin.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

I want to see a competitive cheese-curd cooking show (like "Chopped") at the draft! The winner announces a draft pick for their favorite team, the loser announces a pick for their own biggest rival.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Let's resurrect one of the best-ever offseason Inbox ideas (besides laser goalposts). A few years back, we were going to start a cantina and have Taco Tuesdays. Yum! Maybe also offer tasty Hodkiewiches (some ham in each). Mike and Wes could do "Packers Unscripted" behind the bar. I know others here would volunteer. This could be huge. Who's with me? I propose calling it the "Inbox Lunchbox," but perhaps we should open that to a Packers Nation naming contest.

Dave from Huntsville, AL

I want to see the player on a bike and the bike kid running alongside carrying the helmet of the team that selected the player. And for the Packers to have the 32nd pick (without trading for it). If so, make it so No. 1.

Pete from Music City, TN

For the 2025 draft, it would be cool if, instead of handing all the first-round picks a new cap to wear, Commissioner Goodell handed them a helmet of their new team carved from cheese. Each pick could receive a different flavor. Delicious and fun!

Keith from Fishers, IN

I'll answer what I wouldn't like to see: the booing of the commissioner. I'd like to see that tradition end in Green Bay. In my lifetime multiple commissioners have worked hard to grow the NFL financially, in popularity, in network deals, and they have done a great job of steering the NFL in the right direction. I might not agree with every rule change or playoff expansion, but I think the commissioner should be cheered, not booed.

Mike from Granite City, IL

I think parking will be at a premium. So, if there could be some fields or parking areas for fans with shuttle buses to the stadium area, that would be nice. Also, in addition to the NFL stage area, open up the stadium and allow fans to sit and watch it on the big screens as well as in the atrium.

Shilo from Wildomar, CA

I hope to see my dad and me at the 2025 NFL Draft! My dad is a salt-of-the-earth dairy farmer in rural Wisconsin. He still works like crazy every day, and we share a lifelong love for of the Packers through good (1990s) and bad (1980s). I would love for nothing more than to fly back home in April, adorn my dad in some Packer gear, and make the drive on good ol' Highway 29 to Green Bay.

Mike from Lake Villa, IL

I would like to see former and current Packers players representing the Super Bowl-winning Packers teams each carrying a Lombardi Trophy onto the stage before the draft starts! I also want to see kids riding bikes with draftees up to the stage.

Jason from Rochester, NY

Wes and Spoff announcing the Packers' first draft pick in clown suits. And why not, Larry can dress up like the ring master. (Editor's note: Good luck with that last part.)

Joel from Chalfont, PA

With the 32nd pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select...

Etienne from St Joachim de Tourelle, Canada

I wanna see the Packer picks at No. 32 and Spoff announce No. 64 live while drinking beer. (Editor's note: Now I'd pay to see that.)

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