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Inbox: The same goes for cornerbacks

None of this will be simple

CB Kevin King

Gretchen from Dousman, WI

Remembering my father this Father's Day. A preponderance of those memories is interwoven with the Packers as he was a huge fan, which has made me a fan. I still feel his presence at Lambeau Field, the stadium he worked hard to make a reality. Here's to all the dad's – all the families really – that share in making our Packers lore so heartwarming.

I hope everyone found a good way to celebrate Father's Day. My family knows I'm really missing baseball this time of year, so I got some nice baseball-related gifts.

Carolina from Olympia, WA

When do we need to be down to the final cuts of our roster?

If everything stays as scheduled, final cuts will be made around Labor Day weekend.

Eric from Chula Vista, CA

In response to Mike from Franksville (re: record at Lambeau), there are some key differences in the data aside from length of time. The 1992-2002 seasons were essentially prime Favre, while 2003-present includes an aging Favre, a miss on Ron Wolf's initial successor, and a couple lost seasons from Rodgers due to injury. Generally speaking, home-field advantage is down leaguewide as well. Mystique ultimately is a lagging indicator of success and ebbs over time; 68.5% over two decades is nothing to sneeze at, though.

Indeed it isn't.

Eric from Reedsburg, WI

It seems that MLB and the players union are at an impasse as the season ticks away. Do you think there will be baseball this year?

I really don't know anymore, not that I ever did. For as much as baseball's players and owners have acted like enemies the past couple of months, the last several days have reminded both sides their real enemy is the virus.

Vin from Louisville, KY

What team has the best visiting locker room and what makes it stand out?

I've always cast my vote for Denver, because it's incredibly spacious. It's by far the largest visiting locker room I've ever been in.

Richard from Madison, WI

I always thought that the best testimonial to Sterling Sharpe's greatness came from his astoundingly good brother Shannon, who always referred to himself as the second-best receiver in the family.

True on all counts.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

Mike, your answer to Patrick from Milwaukee's question about how a player wanting to change his number would have to buy all the unsold jerseys with his old number from Nike first brings up the question: Has a player ever done that, or asked Nike to stop making the shirt?

I'm not aware of any Packers player doing it. I recall older stories of other NFL players looking into it but don't know if anyone actually went through with it.

Randy from Sheboygan, WI

How do you see the season playing out for spectators?

I think the chances of fans being in the stands for NFL games took a significant hit over the past several days.

Jake from Athens, GA

Assuming we do get football this fall, how do you think the NFL will approach the possibility of canceling the season midway through? Do you expect hard-and-fast protocols, like if X many people get sick or if multiple teams lose their top two QBs, then the season is off? And if it does get cancelled, what then? Does the league just pretend it never happened?

All of those are questions to which I have no idea of the answers, and I hope we don't have to find out.

Tom from Green Lake, WI

What questions do the NFL and NFLPA need to answer to have a season this year? I'm sure there is a lot to consider. How much input if any would owners have in the process? Thank you for this forum.

In short, they would have to agree on all of the health protocols and procedures, and they'd have to work out the economics if ticket and ticket-related revenue drop dramatically or vanish entirely. None of this will be simple.

Dennis from Parrish, FL

If you weren't watching people have no idea how good a player Ezra Johnson was! That dude was probably our best player for at least five seasons. I think he even returned a kickoff on a reverse one time for about 70 yards as a defensive end. Spectacular player!

For those who don't know, sacks didn't become an official stat until 1982, right in the middle of Johnson's career. The Packers' single-season team record is 19½ by Tim Harris in 1989, but the team record book lists Johnson unofficially with 20½ in 1978. That year he also had a five-sack game, which would tie him with Vonnie Holliday (and Dave Pureifory in 1975) for the franchise's single-game mark.

Zack from Christiansburg, VA

Seen a Twitter debate between two arguing if Tim Boyle is QB2 and if GB keeps three QBs next year. I agree that Tim will be QB2 because of Jordan Love taking a huge step in competition and the COVID offseason. What are your thoughts?

I've been saying since the draft I think Love will have a hard time beating out Boyle for the No. 2 spot this year. It's really hard to learn the pro game without on-field reps.

Sandy from Green Bay, WI

For a college football player I would imagine being drafted by an NFL team is the fulfillment of a dream/goal. How does this year's very unconventional introduction for a newly drafted player impact upon his overall experience and emotions as he transitions from college to pro football? Is the excitement lessened at all by the absence of preliminary workouts, interactions both skill-related and informal/social meetings, etc., with other potential teammates, both veterans and rookies?

I would think there's just more anxiety because they haven't settled into the team facility yet, gotten the lay of the land, had their first pro practice, and all those other firsts that come with transitioning to a new stage. I don't think the excitement is any less, but it's not the ideal way to begin a quest to make an NFL team from a competitive standpoint.

Chris from Portland, CT

Gary from Davenport's question got me thinking: Mason Crosby went to Colorado for college. It says in his bio that he hit a 60-yarder while there, not to mention a 58-yarder in Miami. Now, with a pro leg, I don't think 68 is out of the question.

With a standard two-step approach and facing a rush, let's be real, 68 is a bit much. The NFL record is 64.

Alexander from Menomonie, WI

No question just a comment. We forget how we Packers fans are so very spoiled. I just read an interesting stat. Winston, the first overall pick in the 2015 draft, has thrown 88 career interceptions. Aaron Rodgers, the 24th overall pick in the 2005 draft, has thrown 84.

Winston threw 30 picks last year, his fifth season. Rodgers has thrown 27 since Winston came into the league.

Brian from Moncks Corner, SC

It's summertime and we're talking football, so gotta think about the USFL. I attended many Riverboat games and was treated to Reggie White's greatness. I saw many other greats like Kelly, Young and Herschel. Saw them all with my dad (Happy Father's Day). I was wondering how those few years affected the Pack's personnel strategy?

That's a better question for Cliff, but for the record, it was the Memphis Showboats, one of my two favorite nicknames from the USFL. I was also fond of the Pittsburgh Maulers.

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Tim from Lino Lakes, MN

What position on offense (besides QB) and defense requires the most mental toughness?

Offensive linemen have to forget about the play when they get beat, and get ready for the next snap. The same goes for cornerbacks.

Jason from Vernon Hills, IL

Which wide receiver do you think will step up to be No. 2?

It most likely will be Allen Lazard or Devin Funchess, but who knows? Nobody is going to have it handed to him.

Allan from Holmen, WI

Taking the fans out of the equation, which is looking more likely by the day for the upcoming season, is there a team that would have the greatest home-field advantage in 2020?

Your guess is as good as mine. Happy Monday.