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Inbox: There is no shortage

Sounds like a daunting combo

DL Devonte Wyatt and DL Kenny Clark
DL Devonte Wyatt and DL Kenny Clark

James from Appleton, WI

Is Russ Ball waiting for Spoff and Hod to sign off on the Jordan Love contract?

Sign off? No. Time off? Maybe.

H.R. from Henderson, NV

I know this is a football column, but both of you are pretty avid baseball fans. With that said, I'm shocked that Wednesday's column didn't mention the passing of one of the all-time greats, Willie Mays. Even if you disregard all of his stats, that over-the-shoulder catch in the World Series is probably the greatest play in baseball ever.

That's my bad. I had finished Wednesday's column well before the news of Mays' passing broke, so I appreciate Wes acknowledging a couple of submissions yesterday. I will say it was pretty wild that on the same day maybe the greatest centerfielder of all time left us, a great catch in CF saved a Brewers victory. Not sure anybody will ever top Mays' play against Vic Wertz, given the stakes, but an impressive snag by Frelick nonetheless for a 27th out.

Matthew from Janesville, WI

The comment about PFT referencing your article sparked a question. Do you guys get calls or emails about the team from other media outlets? Say for instance, does PFT contact you to ask about a story, or get more information from an article you guys produced? Or is it everyone for themselves?

I've never had an aggregator reach out. Not that I'd expect them to or that they have any obligation. Both of us occasionally get calls to go on radio shows or podcasts, that sort of thing, but not about our specific articles necessarily.

Patrick from Coppell, TX

Greetings from Texas! Regarding the comment by Scott from Sussex about the OL movement – that OL reset was/is not illegal as long as they remain stationary for one second before the snap (I believe).

Correct, and as long as the movement does not simulate a snap. I remember Tom Landry's Cowboys always doing that pre-snap O-line up/down reset during my youth. It was a distinguishing characteristic.

Chris from Weston, WI

While watching Brewer games, we see the PitchCom system being inserted into a cap or being swapped out between fielders and the pitcher. Obviously there is communication technology in football with the green dot helmet. Why does only one player get communication technology on each offensive and defensive team? If all helmets had it on offense and defense, would it not be "fair" and without competitive imbalance?

In theory yes, but I don't think the league would want every player with a speaker in his helmet because as soon as one speaker goes out, there is an imbalance. I've heard there are discussions to possibly allow more than one player, so stay tuned there, but I don't see it spreading to everyone on the field.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

Not counting Green Bay, what would be your top three teams for historical tradition and heritage?

Off the top of my head, four immediately come to mind and it's hard for me to eliminate one. In no particular order, they are the Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys.

Todd from Owasso, OK

Related to the topic of longest touchdown plays, any idea what is the record for the longest play to not result in a touchdown? Imagine going 90-plus yards and not scoring!

According to the website, in 2011 Minnesota's Percy Harvin returned a kickoff 104 yards but did not score, and in 2018, the Jets' Marcus Maye returned an interception 104 yards but did not score. On a play from scrimmage, in 1972, St. Louis QB Jim Hart connected with rookie Ahmad Rashad for a 98-yard completion that was not a touchdown.

Ingrid from Forest Lake, MN

Mike, with all the posted entries this past Wednesday regarding the new kickoff rule, I thought of another question. If someone (kicking team or receiving team) moves early before the ball is caught, is it a false-start type penalty for 5 yards or? Thanks for all you do!

A popular query, and yes, and I assume early movement would be illegal procedure of some sort. But I haven't seen any specifics spelled out so I don't know if such an infraction would blow the return dead or if they'd still let it play out and deal with the penalty afterward.

Chris from Catawba, WI

With the new kickoff rules, will false starts be reviewable or subject to challenge?

Another popular one, and I haven't heard they will be, so I'm guessing no.

Craig from Green Bay, WI

A field goal goes high over the right or left upright and is a questionable on-field call. Can this situation be challenged?

Also no.

Ray from West Des Moines, IA

I know the weeks before training camp begins is a no-news-is-good-news situation, but based upon what you now know, what are the Packers' biggest health concerns?

In a nutshell, it's getting Zach Tom and Tucker Kraft back from their torn pectorals for the start of (or sometime during) training camp, and hoping the extra steps taken this offseason with Christian Watson and Eric Stokes pay dividends.

Austin from Manassas, VA

Can an IPP player on a practice-squad exemption be signed to another team's roster? What about gameday elevations for these players? I'm sure Kenneth Odumegwu has made a ton of progress and probably still has a ways to go before he is on the bubble, but there's a chance he makes that progress while still being eligible for exemptions.

I believe IPP players with exemptions are protected on the practice squad, and they are now eligible for gameday elevations.

Clipton from Pasadena, CA

What do you think about a QB salary cap? It's the most difficult position in sports and they should be paid for it, but with each new contract they hoover up larger percentages of cap space so that the best SB "window" is during a rookie QB's first contract. That's not a good business model. Trevor Lawrence's 55 mil/year is roughly 20% of the cap. Make that percentage a team's QB cap. The NFLPA shouldn't object because they represent all players and a QB cap means more money for more players.

We've been over this. The union is going to (strenuously) object to any limits on any individual's contract aside from the general salary cap itself. Proposals like these will never happen without a major concession, and I mean a whopper, in CBA negotiations from the owners. Salaries for top players at all positions across the board continue to rise, starting with QBs. That makes the union happy, because all players can aspire to those big bucks. The NFLPA doesn't care who wins championships or how teams manage their money. That's their problem, not to be fixed by an artificial constraint.

Jim from Bridgman, MI

Many thanks for all that you guys do to educate, entertain and inform Packer nation. With that said, can you give us an idea of how the QB rating is figured out?

That's too much math for this space, but there are two statistics that impact passer rating more than any others – yards per attempt and TD-to-interception ratio.

Mike from New Orleans, LA

Can you tell us about a player who wasn't a stellar interview their first year, but grew into a true professional?

My answer to this is always Nick Collins. He didn't like giving interviews and struggled with it early in his career, perhaps in part because at Bethune-Cookman he wasn't exposed to the same level of media coverage as other college prospects from major programs. I don't know that for a fact, just speculating. But as he developed into a Pro Bowl player and a leader on defense, he got more comfortable being a spokesperson for his side of the ball, and he was very informative breaking down good plays/games and bad.

Zak from Huntington Beach, CA

Are there any potential future journalists/analysts on the roster? I just looked through John Kuhn's Wiki page and was surprised to see that his college degree is in chemistry, rather than something more closely tied to his current job as a Packers commentator. During his playing days, did either of you ever have conversations with him about his desire to work in that field?

I did a story on John during his playing career when he attended the NFL's "broadcast boot camp" for players, which was held at NFL Films, I believe. He was definitely interested in the media business before he was done playing.

Dave from Lakewood Ranch, FL

I watched a replay of Super Bowl XI between the Raiders and the Vikings. During the broadcast Curt Gowdy mentioned that between PATs, FGs and punts the Vikings blocked 16 kicks during the season. Can you imagine any team coming close to that number now?

Not a chance. With special teams far more specialized than they used to be, teams devote the time and energy to film study, scheme adjustments and personnel to prevent any team from dominating in one aspect like that. Sixteen? Mercy.

Chuck from Richfield, WI

Spoff, lovin' your diverse mix of Q&As you chaperone us through the Dead Zone. I smiled at your reference to Bud Keyes, the Packer's 10th-round pick out of Wisconsin in 1988. Bud was our bouncer when I bartended at Madhatter's on University Ave. in Madison during the pre-NIL days of 1986-87. Humble guy, willing to do the dirty work, and had a knack for quickly quelling occasional brouhahas. To this day I've never heard an explanation of Don Morton's Veer offense. Your take on the Veer?

The results spoke for themselves. As much as the Veer prevented anyone from getting to see the Pride of Platteville, Paul Chryst, play QB for the Badgers (he was moved to TE), I look at Wisconsin's disastrous hiring of Don Morton as akin to the Packers' draft choice of Tony Mandarich. Colossal blunders that preceded the institutionally forever-altering hires of Barry Alvarez and Ron Wolf.

Adam from Madison, WI

While I am as excited as I have been for a season in a while, I'm hoping for progress but acknowledge it might not be shown in the record. How many young teams haven't played out as hoped? Buffalo? Cincinnati? Miami? It isn't always a straight line.

While I agree in theory, in the Packers' case I don't see how not improving on last year's 9-8 regular-season record could in any way be considered progress.

George from Kennebunkport, ME

The first eight games on our schedule feature three new offensive coordinators, four QBs with very little NFL game film, and seven teams with significantly upgraded offensive weapons. The potential for unscouted looks and tendencies seems pretty big. How much of a challenge is this as we install a new defensive scheme?

No greater than any other challenges any other schedules have presented. After the first eight games, the Packers face the defending NFC North champs twice, the No. 1 overall pick in the draft twice, the defending NFC champs, yet another playoff team from '23 … This is the NFL, and there is no shortage. All those other teams are looking at the Packers and saying, "They've got a new defensive coordinator and a young QB who looks like the real deal." Sounds like a daunting combo to me.

Joe from Liberty Township, OH

I will always remember the absolute joy of Reggie White and Charles Woodson winning a Lombardi Trophy before they retired, but I don't think I've ever seen a player so totally consumed with joy, and relief, as Jayson Tatum when the Celtics won the title. He wouldn't let go of the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

You remember Reggie in '96 but not Michael Jordan in '91? There was pure catharsis in those emotions, and he was 28 years old when he won his first one. Tatum is 26.

Jon from Tallahassee, FL

Good morning II, no question just two comments. 1. I got OWNED in Packers trivia. I knew all the people they were talking about but didn't remember the details. 2. Fun activity for dead zone: "Random day." Take all the emails you get, pick 20 or so at random, no weeding out the bad ones, and answer those. That would give us a good sense of the "average" emails y'all get before your careful curating. Sounds fun, huh?

Not in the slightest.

Greg from Sydney, Australia

Hi guys! Did you watch that googly on middle and leg get swatted to mid off for four? Welcome to cricket USA.

It is definitely time for me to go.

David from Janesville, WI

Gents, with Mike planning on heading to some Brewer games during the dead zone maybe he can get a guest appearance in the booth. If memory serves doing baseball play-by-play was one of his interests as a younger Spoff. Hey, if Snoop Dogg spent a couple of innings up there making calls they should make room for Mike!

Ha, no that's OK. I'm perfectly fine anonymously watching my team with my own scorecard. I'll be back late next week. Happy Friday.

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