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Inbox: This is when the seeds for success are planted 

It’s time to get back to football


Markus from Aurora, CO

Good morning, Insiders! What's the hype this week?

I'm expecting another quiet week. Good morning!

Jack from Chicago, IL

Loved the pictures of players showing up for workouts. Best picture in my opinion is Mike Daniels walking in the building looking like someone spit in his cornflakes.

My favorite photo had to be a joyful JK Scott waving to the camera. You can't help but smile watching that. Davante Adams entering the building was pretty solid, too. I think the photos and videos give viewers a feel for the buzz in the building. It's April. It's time to get back to football.

Daniel from Los Angeles, CA

What kind of safety should we expect from Adrian Amos with Pettine's scheme? I thought he was going to be a free safety and just play a role to what Ha Ha did but I'm seeing he's more of a box safety; so like Morgan Burnett?

Matt LaFleur and Brian Gutekunst have said Amos can play either spot, but I'd expect Mike Pettine to use him like the Bears did – as primarily a strong safety. I don't want to compare Amos to Burnett, but the box appears to be his wheel house.

Joe from Harrisburg, SD

Good morning! Regarding our free-agent signings in Amos, Taylor and the Smiths, I couldn't help but notice that each of them played home games in outdoor stadiums that are subject to some pretty tough weather conditions. Do you think the Packers take that into consideration when evaluating free agents or possible draft selections?

That's an interesting question and not one often asked of defensive players. I'm sure it wasn't the primary factor for signing any of those three, but it is part of the equation. Playing off Lake Michigan for four years, Amos has seen the worst the Midwest has to offer. The Smiths have seen their share of snow games, as well. This won't be a shock to them.

Tim from Greensboro, NC

I cannot imagine what the players' union would have to give up in exchange for the owners giving up the fifth-year option. Like to hazard a guess?

I don't want to speak for the NFLPA, but you hear more players taking issue with the franchise tag than a fifth-year option. The latter was a compromise when rookie contract length went from five years down to four and can be used to negotiate a long-term extension. The former is what binds a former first-round pick to a team through Years 6 and 7.

Nate from Bowling Green, KY

Hey guys, so I saw that Jake Kumerow signed his exclusive rights tender the other day with the Pack. Can you explain what exactly that means? If he doesn't make the 53-man roster, how does that work?

Exclusive rights tenders are just for players with expiring contracts and fewer than three accrued NFL seasons. It's just a formality for most signing them. To get paid their contracts – outside of the offseason and camp per diem – those players have to make the 53-man roster.

Connor from Chicago, IL

Josh Jackson didn't live up to his expectations last year and made plenty of undisciplined plays. Do you think he will improve off his rookie mistakes this year?

Yes. Can we take a moment to appreciate Jackson has been a starting cornerback for all of two years? Sometimes guys jump out of the chute like Alexander and sometimes it takes a year or two to find your groove.

Andy from Verona, WI

Now that the team activities have started, what does a typical day look like for the players this week?

The only thing players can do these first two weeks is strength and conditioning. The head coach gets a chance to address the team, but then it's a lot of time spent in the weight room and the Hutson Center.

The first day of the Packers' 2019 offseason program included a workout in the Lambeau Field weight room.

Derek from Quincey, WI

Now that he's checked in for the first day of workouts, can we reopen the Cole Madison can of worms?

Yes, because we have something to talk about. I made you guys that promise. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to talk to Madison sometime in the near future about his year away from the game, but I was happy to see he reported to the facility Monday and rejoined the team. He's a talented young man and I look forward to watching him resume his football career in Green Bay.

Chris from Katy, TX

Happy to see Cole Madison back with the team. Could you remind us all where he stands on his contract? Does he still have a four-year contract left or did last year count as one of the years on his rookie contract?

Madison's contract tolled since he sat out last season, so he's still under contract for four seasons.

Nick from Emerald, WI

Considering the personal matter he had to deal with, it's incredible to hear Cole Madison has reported with the Packers this year. I totally respect him taking the time he needed to work through his loss. Any ideas on how Cole may factor into the O-line this year?

We have to get through this 10-week offseason program before we can start projecting where Madison fits in the grand scheme of things. I loved his versatility, though, coming out of Washington State. He has experience playing both guard and tackle. That's the kind of player the Packers need to develop behind that starting five.

John from Onalaska, WI

As I understand, this first part of the offseason program is just strength and conditioning, correct? When does the team start practicing the new playbook?

I believe they're permitted to start that during the second phase, which runs three weeks and includes individual player instruction, drills and group practices – just nothing that pits the offense vs. defense. Regardless, it's always nice to see these early stages of the offseason program. This is when the seeds for success are planted.

Nick from Theresa, WI

In regards to Davante Adams having double-digit touchdowns in 2019 and breaking records in doing so, don't you see that as an underlying problem? I miss the pick-your-poison days.

Was anybody saying it was a problem when Jordy Nelson had 98 catches in 2014 or 97 catches in 2016? Or when Randall Cobb had 102 touches in '14? Adams was at the peak of his powers last year and is only getting better. You feed the hot hand. If Adams is open, get that man the ball.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

With good health, I don't have any doubts of 'Tae getting double-digit TDs. I think, and wonder: Does he have the ability to get 20-plus? I think he does. Sometimes he burns the best corners in the league, and even makes it look easy.

I really do. It's not just the big plays, either. He also has a knack for finding holes in the defense inside the red zone.

Mike from Holton, MI

Is the WR corps we have good enough to not take a top WR in the draft?

I think so. There is room on the roster for another receiver after Randall Cobb's departure, but I also don't see it as a major position of need. Regardless, as I've said before, receiver isn't a position where teams often get a Day 1 impact. Whatever happens, the Packers are going to be counting on Geronimo Allison and those three second-year receivers to take a step.

Nate from Kewaskum, WI

Would you consider yourselves "highly successful NFL writers"? Good for McCarthy to stand up for himself during that situation but it will still never get old.

This is the most misconstrued quote of the McCarthy era. It's also something that came up when I did a one-on-one with him last year for the Packers Yearbook. He wasn't saying he alone is a "highly successful coach," but the program that's been established is proven and time-tested. He was 100-percent correct, too. This wasn't a fly-by-night operation. That foundation was built on 13 years of blood, sweat and tears.

Nate from Edwards, CO

I don't know. Rodgers has a brilliant football mind. He's witnessed the evolution of the game for over a decade from a vantage point that no coach ever gets to see. If I were coaching, I just might want to find a way to tap into that brilliance and give my QB a bit more freedom on the field. A delicate balance for sure, but perhaps the key to an unstoppable partnership.

McCarthy gave Rodgers a lot of freedom. Both parties have said as much the past two weeks. LaFleur has been around the NFL block, as well. He's worked with some of the brightest coaches and quarterbacks the league has to offer. He knows how to scheme to complement a player's skills and Rodgers will be no different. Rodgers said he's had great conversations with LaFleur after he was hired. He sounds ready to build something new with LaFleur.

Carroll from Madison, WI

I was impressed that Matt LaFleur took the time to review every single snap AR took over the past two years – a smart way to ignore the noise and evaluate AR's play for himself in preparing himself for the inevitable challenges of coaching a future HOFer and developing the (first edition of) the playbook. Your thoughts?

When LaFleur said that anecdote in Phoenix, he did so with a huge smile on his face. As a former quarterback who has spent a decade coaching the position at the highest level, you can tell how much LaFleur enjoyed going through Rodgers' film and jotting down notes about things he could do in his offense. It's an exciting time, man. It's not often you get to see a fresh coat of paint on an offense featuring an MVP quarterback.

Sam from Melbourne, IA

Aaron sounds pretty angry about the article. Honestly, I hope he uses this as a grudge for this upcoming season and uses it to bring home another MVP and Super Bowl.

I'll let Rodgers' words in his interview with ESPN Wisconsin speak for themselves, but yes, he's very clearly fired up.

Dave from New Franken, WI

Step into Matt LaFleur's shoes. Regarding the Bleacher Report article, is this something that you address in the locker room? Do you let the veteran leaders/the players mentioned address it? Does it go unaddressed?

Again, you can't move forward if you're dwelling in the past. If that's something those two want to discuss privately, that's up to them. But I don't think it does any good to address it in the locker room. If you start listening to outside voices, you've lost.

Neal from Ft Worth, TX

I attend the II school of how to run a good football team daily. Never miss a class. Y'all have taught me that drafting big men early is the way to go as good ones are hard to find. I have no doubt that a future Pro Bowl player could easily slip to pick 12. That being said, elite tight ends are also rare. My question is, should Gutey choose to go with an offensive skill position at 12, and is the draft deep enough with bigs to have one with a first-round grade slide to 30?

I could see it. As it stands right now, I don't anticipate a big run on offensive and defensive linemen outside of the top 20. If there is one, the Packers have the assets to move up a few spots to get a player they really covet.

Michael from Berrien Springs, MI

Tyreek Hill. Tarik Cohen. Darrell Henderson? Could be an exciting weapon, don't you think?!

I just love how fans will litter the Inbox the day after a Primer is posted with comments saying they want the Packers to draft that player. You gotta love that passion.

Rick from Atlanta, GA

"It's one thing to relay an opinion, but taking a single unnamed source's word on something that supposedly happened and publishing it without some level of corroboration reeks of sensationalism and tabloid journalism." Mike, would you mind building a high school curriculum around this quote? Seems to me a crucial lesson for today's reader.

Today's reader? I'd say it's a crucial lesson for today's human beings.

Dean from Peoria, AZ

With the new pass interference rule being reviewed in the last two minutes of a game, how will it affect a call of pass interference and the review shows the pass was uncatchable? Will they be able to overturn the call?

Yes. That's my understanding. Anything that pertains to offensive and defensive pass interference is reviewable.

Josh from Oshkosh, WI

I'm sure you guys will be doing a Primer on him, but I think Jonah Williams, OT out of Alabama is a guy who people should be aware of at 12.

The SEC is coming.

Sue from Tomah, WI

I have the rock-solid answer to the question of who to pick in the 12th: it MUST be either Wes or Spoff! 'Nuff said.

That's a good way to get fired real fast.

Blaine from Fennimore, WI

Wes, are you re-watching any "Game of Thrones" episodes before Sunday?

If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready.


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