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Inbox: You better believe it

It’s a tight-knit locker room that now has its leader back

QB Aaron Rodgers

Dan from Elizabethtown, KY

Wes, were you at the airport when Aaron Rodgers landed?

No, I figured the welcoming party was large enough. Plus, it was well past my bedtime. Good morning!

Doug from Union Grove, WI

I've been telling the Inbox comment section, for months, that Aaron Rodgers would be our quarterback this year. Can you convince the non-believers for me? Thank you, Wes.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, Doug.

Dennis from Beavercreek, OH

Wes, sorry but I thought I would break the ice on the next big question. How many series do you see Rodgers playing in preseason? Yes, I know you want Mike to come back early.

We might as well get it out of the way, right?

Scott from Hamlin, NY

What impact does Rodgers' return have on Jordan Love's preseason snap count?

Like I said earlier this month, I'd expect Love to play quite a bit in the preseason now that Rodgers is back. Rodgers didn't play in the preseason at all two years ago. If the Packers stick with that same plan, those three exhibition games will be huge for the development of both Love and Kurt Benkert.

Greg from Marquette, MI

Wes, thank you for your kind words in today's II. Please tell Jordan "Don't be in a hurry." I met Frank Abagnale Jr. ("Catch Me If You Can" is based on his life) about 16 years ago. He was in my hometown giving a presentation on his life. He said to me: "Life isn't short, it is long." I say to him sit back, enjoy the ride, and just learn as much as he can from one of the greats.

It's a shame fans haven't been able to watch Love yet, because he took a big step from this spring. The preseason can be mundane in many ways, but there should be an uptick next month when Love takes the field.

Green Bay Packers players arrived at Lambeau Field on the eve of the team's 2021 training camp.

Pete from Babylon, NY

Although my allegiance to the Packers would and will never waiver, my allegiance to football would take at least a one-year hiatus if Aaron Rodgers did not return as our quarterback. It means everything to me that he is part of our team. I have been a Packers fan for over 50 years and have never rooted for anybody else. Who else feels this way?

That's fair…but fortunately that's not reality. Rodgers is back in the fold for Year 17. It's onward and upward.

TK from Grafton, WI

How will the terms of 12's return affect his relationships with his teammates?

I don't think they'll have an adverse effect on the locker room whatsoever. It's a tight-knit group that wanted their leader back. Rodgers is back. Now, the focus can go back on what matters most – winning.

Thomas from Madison, WI

AR12 is back! Miraculously, the "pundits" can only report on how he won't be back...next year. Because the bologna never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There's never a letup, it's relentless! Just wanted to say I'm grateful for your level-headed and objective words amongst all the chaos.

We are the words we write. I know folks can get frustrated with the tone Spoff and I often take in this column, but a daily Q&A requires an even-keeled mindset. Otherwise, you're a flip-flopper with zero credibility who just reacts to whichever way the wind is blowing. I know there were some who thought this day wouldn't be possible, but I'm a man whose life is dedicated to saying things like, "Yes!" and "You better believe it!" Well…you better believe it.

Will from Milwaukee, WI

Boy, am I glad that's over. With QB1 and QB2 finally locked down (barring injury), how does the rest of the QB room show they deserve to be QB3? Is it even possible for a former first-round pick, with starts, to lose out to an untested younger QB while the team has such an obvious preference at starter and backup? This backup's backup battle in Green Bay is going to be beautiful to behold.

Um…yeah…so about that…

Rick from Medford, WI

And just like that, the rest of the NFC North lets out a big groan.

I'm sure all the chest-pounding we heard from Vikings and Bears fans about how they now have a better QB situation than the Packers was fun while it lasted.

Tom from Bend, OR

Hey Wes. I don't recommend Gorilla glue to fix the broken vase. It expands as it dries and would cause separation of the pieces. A couple dozen Crazy Glue tubes should do the trick nicely, but good luck removing it from your hand after. In your opinion, does Randall Cobb have any game left in his tank?

Cobb had a nice bounce-back year in 2019 with the Cowboys but unfortunately got nicked up again last year in Houston. Remarkably, Cobb is still only 30. With Cobb's versatility and willingness to go across the middle, I definitely think there's still some stuff left in the basement.

Keith from Dodgeville, WI

Insiders, can you tell what is the difference between Amari Rodgers and Randall Cobb, other than age?

Rodgers is the son of Tee Martin and Cobb was just coached by him. No…I kid, I kid. There are a lot of parallels between the two, including the fact they're good friends away from the football field. Rodgers is an inch shorter but roughly 20 pounds heavier, which lends itself to more backfield and motion opportunities. Cobb is an experienced and savvy route-runner. He's playing chess whenever he steps on the field.

Dylan from Houston, TX

Hi Wes, always appreciate the work you do! With some of the offseason questions being answered, one remains: When will the new historic jerseys be unveiled? Many of us thought the shareholders meeting would be the time, but we're left hanging.

Hopefully soon. Trust me, I'm as eager as all of you for the alternate uniforms to be announced.

Dominic from Chesapeake, VA

Wes, I am considering going to the October game against the WFT. It's my first noon game at Lambeau. Any recommendations or comments about attending at that time? What time would I need to be at the stadium to see the players warming up and any chance I can get any pics? Thanks.

Gates open two hours prior to kickoff. If you extinguish the coals in the parking lot a little early, you'll often see some cool stuff in pregame warmups. Sadly, however, Jamaal Williams no longer will be tossing the ball around with fans.

Mike from Baraboo, WI

Does the NFL have a contingency plan for attendance restrictions if COVID numbers spike in the fall/winter, or will that decision be up to each NFL team?

The NFL is keeping its eye on it, but it sounds like a lot will depend on individual clubs and their conversations with local health officials. The Packers have been in lockstep with medical experts in Wisconsin since the beginning. I don't expect that to change.

Scott from Palos Park

To build on the A.J. Hawk question from yesterday, I wonder if Hawk may have been a player in the wrong era. His ability in pass coverage was sometimes exploited. An inside LB who played in the '80s or '90s might have been less exposed. Do you believe AJ may have been a bigger success in a different time?

Hawk was a salt-of-the-earth player who was fearless in the trenches. It just so happened the NFL offenses made a big shift to the passing game during Hawk's career. To his credit, Hawk made the necessary adjustments to play as long as he did. But I do think he would've thrived in the more run-centric '80s and '90s.

Mark from Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

Hey Wes, I hope everything is good with you and the family! The burnout effect is very real and at times we don't know it's happening till it happens. I understand what Dave from Mazomanie is going through as my dad is fighting dementia and of course work is at times stressful and grueling so hang in there Dave were all in this together! And Wes we got your back bro! I Have a question but it can wait for another day! Cheers and as always "Go Pack Go!"

You the man, Mark. All the best to you and your pops!

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David from San Antonio, TX

Wes, will Rob Demovsky be posting pictures and graphics of Mike's return for you as he did with Aaron Rodgers?

He better.

Eddie from La Crosse, WI

Wes, I submit that running – not wrestling – is the world's oldest sport. Many thousands of years ago, the Inbox's ancestors had a simple but serious competition. When running from a cave bear, Caveman Wes always had to be faster than Caveman Mike, yes?

If we're going to get all technical about this, then we need to be accurate. I spoke with Cliff, and according to early Insider Cavebox paintings, Caveman Wes threw Caveman Mike at the cave bear before running away. So, that would put wrestling ahead of running, if only by a few seconds.

Joe from Dells, WI

Wes, how could you forget about Lavvie Dilweg's grandson? Uh...Mr. Dilweg.

As someone with a mint-condition Anthony Dilweg signed card in my binder, I'm very disappointed in myself.

Collin from Bettendorf, IA

Wes, I know you are receiving a lot of encouraging messages, but I'll throw mine in as well. I remember several years ago when packers.com was the last place anybody would go on the internet for any Packers-related content as it was mostly used for announcements and they were usually the last to announce signings. The team website is now a daily go-to. Packers.com has come a long, long ways. You and Mike do great work.

Thanks Collin. That's credit to a lot of people, both past and present. Duke Bobber, Joidon Jennings and Jennifer Brien are the behind-the-scene folks bringing this website to life. Matt Haberkamp, now in Seattle, also had a lot to do with our web advancements during my time with the Packers.

Tom from Keota, IA

Hi II – I want to thank Wes for being up front about "not being okay." I think we're seeing these days the importance of acknowledging mental health. Like Simone Biles at the Olympics being open about it, it shouldn't be a "hush-hush" issue. So, thanks. What mental health facilities does the Packers organization make available to players/employees? Counselors, clinics for rookies/vets? Being a pro athlete (or journalist) has seemingly never come with more pressure and attention than it does now.

I just felt like I owed readers an explanation for a subpar performance. The Packers offered employees access to mental-health experts and virtual counselors during the pandemic and I truly regret not taking the organization up on that. The football team has a great resource in Dr. Chris Carr, who is the director of performance psychology and team behavioral health clinician. Rodgers, Kevin King and several other veterans have been effusive in their praise of Dr. Carr since he came on board.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Enough with the baloney. Time to focus on football and what happens on the field. Enjoy Day 1, Wes.

If the Inbox MVP says enough with the baloney, then enough with the baloney. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, "It's time to talk real football again."

Chas from Phoenix, AZ

Welcome back to football. It's now Wednesday and the Rodgers story line should now be over? The Wes held hostage by the II situation is drawing to a close. All in all, you should feel proud of yourself for two weeks of fine writing, Wes. I am looking forward to camp reports and pictures until game day. Thanks for a stimulating two weeks of reading.

We did it. Somehow, someway, we made it through this dark forest of an offseason. Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride the past six months. Camp is finally here.